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Tags : | Rap | 4.83 MB | Adult Content

Description : Beat by: Franko 75 Heard this awesome beat, went to the well of rhymes and drew this one out. Had some fun with it. I liked how they matched up. What do you think?

Description : Beat by: Jazzed Montage The story of how rhyming/rapping all started for me 15 years ago. A Karaoke Machine, a Microphone & a Dream

Tags : | Rap | 3.37 MB

Description : beat: judgement no drums instrumental by zacongpow heard this powerful instrumental, went through the old notebook and found some powerful words to match it.

Tags : | Funk | 7.37 MB | Adult Content

Description : a fun record, that I had a blast working on. Funny ish, killing them with comedy. Got that classic P funk / G funk type feel

Description : The final song from "Blue Paper View".

Description : Just one of those that wrote itself on the spot with that really inspired feeling.

Description : This is a very dear song to me. It's about growing up in small town Minnesota and my relationship with my amazing grandparents who helped raise me.

Description : Tired of the cheesy love songs about how one sidedly amazing love is. It's not all lovey dovey all the time. It is at times difficult, challenging, as a writer, dare I say, unexplainable. People do a lot of crazy things for love. Living with someone for a long period of time, you'll notice every flaw of the other person. . .sometimes you'll even question the absurdity that 2 people could possibly coexist in a relationship. Fortunately enough for me and my wife, our love has lasted. Everything gets old, but it's keeping it fresh, almost falling in love all over again with them, or realizing why you love them so much. . . "there's just something that, makes me fall in love again"

Description : the fallow up to "What U C", with a slowed temp and vibe to it

Description : Had a lot of fun putting the music mix together for this one. High paced energy, something like I've never done before. Kind of a part 1 of sorts to the next song from "Blue Paper View", a slower "What U Get" my old comp saved everything by #, so if you hear something thats yours, let me know so credit can be given

Description : So tired of all the sappy break up / love songs. Something real, we all go through in relationships with others. My personal reflections of mine at a hard time anyway. Made it through those times and we're still together a couple years later, smiling and raising our children the best we can and still arguing here and there, but who doesn't. Love.

Description : Another one where the chorus best fits to describe the song as a whole "Yes today, feels just like yesterday, thought that things would never change, except since they've never been the same, they never been the same" reminiscing on life and friends and how we all kind of grew apart, but it's needed to become who we are as individuals

Description : I was sitting at a bench one day. . .struck by inspiration and deep thought. . .all from sitting at a bench one day, thinking about this dead girl that I didn't even know because that could be any of us

Description : that first line of the hook explains it all, Looking back at me then, looking back at me now. drum loop from: Omar Dope Drum Loop 1 by omar_s., piano snippets from DustHill, all beats on this project were put together using a collection of loops from my collection as well as incorporating loops from looperman. My old comp sucked and failed to save the file name, so if you hear anything you recognize let me know and credit will be given. Thank you looperman.

Description : Life is manic. If you hear a sample you recognize, let me know, been trying to hunt down the artists so they can hear the finished product.

Description : we are lucky enough to have been blessed with these amazing brains that we have, unfortunately many let them go to waste and simple attempt their best to blend in and fit in and do what their told. this one touches on a bunch of topics and I get deep again and on some of that conspiracy shit. Again, the beat is a mixture of loopman loops and ones from my personal collection, my old comp sucked, so if you hear something thats yours let me know, so I can give credit and hopefully work with you again. Many great talents reaching out together to make beautiful art for the sake of the art, it's beautiful. I love looperman. credit: Strings Beat by logicfly

Description : another one of them, just getting real deep, sitting up in the AM like I do most nights just writing. the beat was put together using a mixture of loops from looperman as well as my personal loop collection. my old comp sucked, so if you hear something you recognize, let me know. Want to give credit to the real musicians who created this beautiful music and in hopes we could further collaborate. Thanks to all you out there in looperman land, I love this place. Feels like we're really a part of something special here, able to share our talents for the love of the art. Hope you enjoy, more to come. Was going to get some accapellas up when I can.

Description : Redefining the definition of hip hop, utilizing the roots and keeping it honest. Too many liars have given hip hop a bad name. Mixed a couple loops from looperman for the beat, but was unable to track down who's they are. So if it's yours, give me a shout so I can give proper credit. Thanks, and hope you enjoy, this is one of my favs off the new record.

Description : First song from my new album, Blue Paper View, most of the loops are from looperman, mixed with others I've acquired over the years as well. My old comp saved downloads numerically so if you hear one of your loops, let me know and I'll gladly give credit where credit is due. It is because of you true musicians that I was able to put together these loops. As I search for new loops on this great site, I'll keep an ear out for ones I've mixed into this album as to credit you all. Thank you and I hope you enjoy. I'm really trying to bring something new to hip hop.

Tracks 1 - 19 of 19
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