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5th Oct 2009 11:35 - 14 years ago

Search Rating : 22.33

Description : // alternate universe version of this one

every place i leave behind that can't come up
but if i start, u know i can't get enough

even though time seems to be stuck on a shelf
it's a matter of the times and of health

sometime soon these days will slow to a stop
so in this minute i give it all that i've got

if you're feeling sad, get good your last chance
as we'll be left behind when the cycles advance

i pray to go to the future
dancing into the future my god

i ask to be there when the future
aliens and angels and the humans and god

when can I die? when the future end
am I alone? my alien angels are not your friends

do you love me? more than anything else
that's why for you i have put time on the shelf

i can not die, eternity feels like a dream
after forever the end of everything
2nd May 2017 22:14 - 7 years ago

Search Rating : 17.86


All started with a Future Bass Drum with Reverb at 140 BPM. It sound like Dubstep and then all go fast. A very Deep Synth Flute with Reverb as Bass. Hig Synth for the Melody. High Flute with Reverb for other. And High Wobbling Synth with stereo Phaser. Many Crazy Snares and lite Stick Hits as Percussion with Reverb. End a Pad with the same Stereo Phaser effect. Yeah thats it. I work 4 Hours at this Track. Sounds Like Future Bass or Dubstep with a lite Happy EDM touch. Please leave some Feedback. Which genre is this? Whats good , Whats Bad? You know what I mean :D
27th Aug 2023 05:58 - 9 months ago

Search Rating : 13.40

Description : this sounding too crazy

bpm 170

im starting to have to have to delete good shit at this point. we gotta get this audience on a platform that dont limit uploads fr

future type beat , future , lil baby type beat , dark beats , trap beats , dark trap beats , playboi carti , trippie redd , travis scott , destroy lonely
30th May 2020 19:24 - 4 years ago

Search Rating : 13.40

Description : Hey! So I made a new song, I don't think enough people make songs here on looperman with Live. The name isn't that good (I'm not good at naming lol). I think it's future bass, as I based the drums off of a future-bass-sounding arrangement. The only thing that wouldn't be future bass is the hats in the drop and the beginning, which I would say sounds like trap/hip hop (yuck.) Give me feedback! :)
30th Nov 2018 13:44 - 5 years ago

Search Rating : 13.40

Description : It sounds like shit rn, but I hope you people like it! I only used native fl studio plugins and a hi hat samples, has some future bounce or future house vibes to it.
30th May 2024 01:18 - 2 weeks ago

Search Rating : 8.93

Description : Future Type beat real simple but gives the rapper a chance to go crazy lol.
10th May 2024 15:24 - 1 month ago

Search Rating : 8.93

20th Feb 2024 20:14 - 3 months ago

Search Rating : 8.93

Description : Just a future bounce drop
16th Dec 2023 09:59 - 6 months ago

Search Rating : 8.93

Description : Dark Future / Paploviante / Open Collaboration Offer

Paploviante: Bass, Composing, Arrangement, Mix and Mastering

BPM 92

Free Download

If you want the track different ... contact me!

The track is downloadable as a Wave file!

You can complete what you want!

If you publish it, you have to mention me in the description and title!
15th Nov 2023 03:54 - 7 months ago

Search Rating : 8.93

Description : Lil Baby And Future (remake) Beat for sale
26th Oct 2023 17:17 - 7 months ago

Search Rating : 8.93

Description : slower intro than usual , beat change towards middle

SZA, future , sza type beats , future type beats, drake type beat
20th Sep 2023 07:42 - 9 months ago

Search Rating : 8.93

Description : Maik Rave-The Future
5th Aug 2023 20:14 - 10 months ago

Search Rating : 8.93

Description : believe it or not made in like 2017

trap type beat , future type beats , beast mode , dark trap beat , 21 savage , 21 savage type beat
5th Jul 2023 00:35 - 11 months ago

Search Rating : 8.93

Description : Trippie Redd Future Doe Boi Remake (Beat For Lease or Sale)
22nd Jun 2023 17:53 - 12 months ago

Search Rating : 8.93

Description : The lyrics of the song describe the singer's personal experiences and emotions. It seems that from the beginning of his life he feels misunderstood and does not feel the fullness of life. He wants to achieve great goals and be like a mountain that soars high. However, swimming in a sea of ​​uncertainty and fear makes him feel lost and immersed in loneliness. Despite the difficulties and lack of faith of the environment, he finally realizes that the future depends only on him and can shape it.
21st Jun 2023 18:04 - 12 months ago

Search Rating : 8.93

Description : Dark Piano like NAV, Lil Baby, Metro Boomin, Future///
Hit me on IG to work and send me anything u make with this mel/!
Hard Dark Melody
Dark NAV
Dark Piano Melody
20th Feb 2023 14:01 - 1 year ago

Search Rating : 8.93

Description : Travis scot type x Future x don toliver type beat
22nd Jan 2023 20:50 - 1 year ago

Search Rating : 8.93

Description : Remix W FUTURE! Enjoy:)
12th Oct 2022 19:03 - 1 year ago

Search Rating : 8.93

Description : Heavy drums , link what you create below

BPM 156
LOOP BY - rjpasin
ALL SOCIAL v3rsitile

tags 4pf, type beat, r5 homixide, lil kee, madmarcc, luh loaded, yung mal, dirty tay, lil baby, future, drake, lil durk, atljacob, lil rez, 1504 mutebaby, noodah05, lil jairmy, nav, gunna, young thug, wheezy
31st Mar 2022 14:19 - 2 years ago

Search Rating : 8.93

Description : New Future type beat Hard Trap Hiphop
17th Nov 2020 10:08 - 3 years ago

Search Rating : 8.93

Description : Future house type beat,need vocals bpm -140

hit me up on Instagram if you are interested

23rd Apr 2019 11:27 - 5 years ago

Search Rating : 8.93

Description : if anyone needs an future bass track filled with some very old sound effects.... there you go I guess. Its royalty free and (of course) free to use, so feel free to use it. Anyways,

150 BPM, b-Key in minor scale

enjoy :D
28th Mar 2017 14:07 - 7 years ago

Search Rating : 8.93

Description : Sup guys, this is a new style of mine. I really don't know what to call it, future bass? Future trap? Trap? Or electronic? Well, hope you guys enjoy. Feedbacks are always welcome!

Thanks for NATEMONOXIDE for his awesome vocals!


25th Feb 2017 20:25 - 7 years ago
Tags :

Search Rating : 8.93

Description : I made my first future house track.Do you like it?I hope yeah.If you want,you can promote/publish this on your youtube channel or other platforms.
17th Sep 2015 17:08 - 8 years ago
Tags :

Search Rating : 8.93

Description : This funny little track contains only free loops from several Looperman artists. Not sure about genre, but i think it's a child's song... NYAAAAAAAN! :)
Applied loops (fully or partially):
7VENTH12: 1528225-0084065 (Future Bass Lead 1),
1528225-0084066 (Future Bass Lead 2),
NILOOY: 1133527-0070652 (Nilooy Guitar Rhythm Gm ASharp Cm),
NICLAS199: 0104618-0038253 (Dubstep drums),
KAZM: 0148541-0011627 (Dubstep Drumbeat 1),
SLAPJOHNSON: 0067443-0007309 (McSylva trust loops flute solo),
RELLZIBEATS: 1370471-0083736 (Dark Panned Trap),
JENSMUSE: 1352219-0087018 (REGGAE Feeling),
CKDEPAUL13: 0878670-0084292 (Bass GITAR 130bpm),
ENSAM: 0605220-0048621 (Bass Harmonics),
DANKE: 0671112-0082642 (Dirty war drums).
Tracks 1 - 25 of 203