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Description : Future Bass
Tags : | Ambient | 4.37 MB
Description : I haven't posted in a while, so I decided that I'd catch up a little bit. This is an stripped instrumental version of a song that will be on an album called "My Heart Is An Island" in the relatively near future. This one is meant to be a spacey intro to the piece.
Description : first official track im uploading to the community, special thanks to the looperman users making these super dope loops. be on the look out for more tracks in the near future......always looking for features
Tags : | Deep House | 1.27 MB | Featured
Description : Future Funk Style, or Vaporwave? I don't really know, tell me what you guys and gals think ;) Inspired by Throttle
Tags : | House | 4.12 MB | Featured
Tags : | Chill Out | 3.62 MB
Tags : | Dance | 9.04 MB
Description : 100BPM upbeat chillout dance music with lots of lead electric cello. One fat synth bass throughout, a soaring filtered violin VST, a funky organ, a couple of vocal samples and a bit of electric guitar towards the end. Drums are fat and you can dance to them - a mixture of various loops and a few programmed drum kits. Between 2:50 and 3:22, I think the lead cello part really sounds like blues harmonica so let me know what you think about that. Kind of a minimal instrument lineup for me but hopefully the relative simplicity is effective. It's supposed to be a clean and smooth track but with some added attitude when it goes a bit heavier and more intense. Have a good listen and then consider leaving me some fascinating feedback. Criticism, praise, ideas - whatever you think is appropriate. Happy grooving...
Description : Drum and Bass Jungle produced and engineered By ak47og. Thanks and respect to Future analysis, djrobertg and joneschr002 for their work.
Description : Just something I made with a lost in the desert kind of feel, looking for a fresh artist to collab with for now and the future, I don't care if it's rap, singing, screaming, I can work with anything, but I am also looking for someone quite particular, someone artistic and creative, e.g. no rappers rapping about gang banging, no singers singing about how awesome it is to be Friday, I'm looking for someone a little edgy, male or female
Tags : | Electronic | 7.59 MB
Description : my attempt at making a future bass song, hope you enjoy!
Tags : | Electronic | 10.26 MB
Description : Hello! I have been silent on the site for a few weeks. I had some studying to do, unfortunately. I have tried to make a song that a vocalist could use. Maybe to make some money to pay for the Korg Volca FM that I want to buy. Any feedback on what could be improved is highly appreciated! (For now I will not allow downloads, if this track cannot be sold, I will open up downloads for the song) The style is a combination of future bass, vaporwave, trance and I guess a bit of sleep deprivation.
Description : Sup guys, this is a new style of mine. I really don't know what to call it, future bass? Future trap? Trap? Or electronic? Well, hope you guys enjoy. Feedbacks are always welcome! Thanks for NATEMONOXIDE for his awesome vocals! https://www.looperman.com/acapellas/detail/8621/not-an-mc-by-natemonoxide-100bpm-rap-acapella Cheers EDIT: GENRE IS TRAP LOL
Tags : | Electronic | 8.51 MB
Description : This is my most recent future bass/chill trap song! If you enjoy it, please leave a comment. :) Thanks for listening
Tags : | Rock | 15.43 MB | Featured
Description : In the future the worlds population increase may force humans to develop alternative off- world living and working environments aboard satellites and space stations in orbit above Earth. Its easy to imagine a possible daily commute with a bit of Pink Floyd style soundscape. This track arose from a few jam sessions with a keyboard playing friend of mine. Keyboards were made on a Korg M3 and the Arturia Minimoog Prophet V vst. I did the guitar tracks on a strat using various effects- EQ, compressor, Blues Driver, Vibe, Delay, Phaser, Flanger and Chorus and my best efforts to emulate the Gilmore sound and style. Very simple and limited programmed drums and loads of cinematic sound effects that I either created, borrowed from HALO, or downloaded from the internet. I guess this could be listed as Cinematic or Ambient since its not really much of a song. The ending slide guitar was provided courtesy of fellow Looperman PhatKatz. Thanks Burt ! This is the longest track I have made to date. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride up to the...Orbital.
Tags : | Deep House | 1.07 MB
Description : I need help. I've been trying to create a Mike William type track (so future bounce), but I need feedback from you people to see if I should even continue or not. Thanks. I'm not too sure if I'll make it into an actual song, but if you want me to, I can.
Tags : | Chill Out | 3.70 MB
Description : Future Bass
Description : Contact Aroma Mob for the version without tags: or on twitter: aroma_mob If you want to use the beat for a non-commercial purpose you can use it as long as you keep the Aroma Mob tags and you mention it is Produced By Aroma Mob. Also, put a link in the comment with the video where you used the beat or e-mail us.
Tags : | Deep House | 9.01 MB | Featured
Description : This is my new future bounce/deep house track, PONG. I hope you enjoy! Like and share this track! And follow for more great music! My socials: Twitter: twitter.com/ECTO_Music Soundcloud: @ecto-music Snapchat: ectomusic
Tags : | Trap | 1.83 MB | Colab Request
Tags : | Deep House | 9.01 MB
Description : This is my new future bounce/deep house track, PONG. I hope you enjoy! Like and share this track! And follow for more great music! My socials: Twitter: https://twitter.com/ECTO_Music Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/ecto-music Snapchat: ectomusic
Description : nice little time sig, future-lowfi are the inspiration
Tags : | Drum And Bass | 2.66 MB
Tags : | Deep House | 8.84 MB
Description : Still just me experimenting and trying new things. I enjoyed making this one :') No idea on the genre. Future bass?
Tags : | Electro | 4.75 MB | Featured
Description : I made my first future house track.Do you like it?I hope yeah.If you want,you can promote/publish this on your youtube channel or other platforms.
Tags : | Cinematic | 2.20 MB
Description : Welcome, this instrumental track is the beginning chapter to my soundtrack instrumental cues for the series I've worked on called "The Quest of Shadow Moor" a future retro dark times scenario that shines hope throughout these ages of darkness.
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