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Description : I layered some more samples today to create another headphones moment. This time the samples led me in a much more psychedelic direction and this track was born. It doesnt really go anywhere or do anything, but it is very present in the moment.
Steelyvibe - Pineapple One
CallMeKing - Crash
Danke - Spacey
Fanto8BC - Niamey Downtempo
Hbsamples - HBS Empa C
Etoshapovalov - Mellotron Flute Type Loop
MansonProductions - Concord Drums
TonyRhodes - Minimal Reese Bass

Description : This track is the result of collaboration with Dmitry Milovanov, I made it a little modified

Description : the last mix for listeners who seemed to hear flies in the first one. my apologies.
xmixx 10162022

Description : Find us on youtube:

Description : Dubbish. Not sure about the genre.

Description : This sounded so crazy last night while on ayahuasca. I live in Peru where ayahuasca is legal. I have some in my refrigerator. Say NO to drugs and say hello to the psychedelic renaissance.

Description : A little homage to our home in the universe
Jynxz: concept / loops / synths
Micky: drum-/bass programming / guitars / synths / samples / vocals

Description : Comme quoi... je ne compose pas que du hip hop ;)

Description : ashesndreamsmix82522
shoegazing at the stars

Description : Another Jynxz/Micky collaboration
The scene is this:
A longingly walk through the large hangar of our mothership... the beautiful shiny steel-gray machines stand there and await their turn. At the other end you can see the universe through the huge exit opening ...

Description : William Shakespeare's sonnet to a dark-skinned girlfriend and music from Pnnywze

Description : Hertz like

Description : My remix of this unreleased song by Yeat

On Youtube and Soundcloud: SOBLESS

Description : Break up song of sorts lol. Vox, guitars and keys by Zootman. Beats and bass free Loopmasters demo. Words are (mostly) what I thought Damo Suzuki was singing on One More Night by Can, well worth checking out. Instrumental or stems avail if anyone wants to play with it.

Description : Psychedelic Popsong. Indie?
Looking for vocals ..

Description : Find us on youtube
Feel Free To Share it.
You have the permission to upload it somewhere
just post here the direct link.
Greetz to all!

Description : Find us on youtube

Description : Psychedelic / Electronic / Pop
Inspired by The Blue Man Group

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Description : for you
slomo / weekend / key lago / hh_beats / cybermad / ghosthack / always-waiting / ls / phonosupf / free-rush / inonu / movin / ahesndreams / 3048247 / mistakeless / eroika

Description : Acapella by Sergi Yaro
Production by Second Nature

Description : enjoy

Description : This is a 70/80's style Psychedelic track.


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Description : abstract mood

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Description : A co-worker heard me playing a draft of this track. He said it would be considered "Dirty South Metal" where he comes from in Scotland. He plays lead Guitar in a "Heavy Metal" band here. He also said I was; "a in the closet Metalhead". I assumed that was a compliment so I said thank you(I think, LOL). I'm not 100% sure of the genre. In my opinion its Psychedelic for sure but, I figured "Metalish" is close enough.


Tracks 1 - 25 of 204