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Description : all songs except for covers are for download on bandcamp, if you guess if it's Bootling, you are right

Description : A drum and bass beat with 4 different melody's made in FLstudio

(you may download but only for personal use)

Description : a song I made in a one riff challenge

Description : uno cafe con leche por favour...

Description : This is a song that i used bass loops and logic drummer

Description :

Description : My attempt at drum'n'bass. Made of Cymatics free loops.
I don't like the idea of tracks made of loops, because they lack creativity.
But that was a challenge for myself, because I was just interested, what can I do, if I was using loops only. I want to give a challenge to @ferdelar just because he(she?) does cool things and he(she?)'s mighty.

Description : Relaxing jazz drum and bass needs Guitar

Description : A new drum and bass track i created in fl studio i used a range of vst synths and drum hits to give the tune depth. this is just the first draft a better version will follow soon

Tags : | Drum And Bass | 3.55 MB

Description : DNB 174 bpm

Description : bit steppy bit funky bit deep

Description : My friend asked for something a bit different for his first dance at his wedding, he likes Andy C and she likes Celine Dion and this is what I came up with. It gets interesting at 3.00 minutes

Description : Nerofunk song! It was alot of fun making this one. I gathered scrapes from my old unfinished projects and combined them to make this. The squaresound really put this together. Once I upload The Secrets of Saturn you guys will recognize the square sound.

Description : Description

Description : Drum and bass inspired by the Bladerunner universe. Produced and Engineered by AK47OG.
Massive thanks and respect to : Slidemaster and Kusmi. Peace.

Description : Just a small track I made earlier.

Credit to StephanieKay for the Acapella.

Description : A kind of liquid Nero song I made. I use FLstudio 9 and 11 along with NCH Wavepad. The Nero bass sounds I made with NIMassive. My mics are all busted up, so I used my cellphone to record my lovely wive's voice and together we achieved this one. This is my 1st track for my "Riding the Dragon" album enjoy ; )

Description : Something I never finished, from 7 months ago.

Get a hold of this song and make sure to contact me if you do something!!! I'd love to see or hear it.

But if you don't credit me...


Description : I like to experiment with a lot of different genres and mix them into my own unique sounds, hence why it's hard to put my music into a specific genre. I thought i'd try my hand at something resembling Drum and Bass. Any feedback is appreciated. Enjoy.

Description : Song - Phir Se Kal

Album - Upgrade

Artist - Yor Yugh Verma

Lyrics - Yor Yugh Verma

Mix & Master - Paarth Snap & Vaibh

Comp. - Yor Yugh Verma

Music - Polar B x Oncearro

Description : dnb darkstep

Description : NO LYRICS

Description : Simple DNb track

Description : Our first original mix featuring the voice of 'eSoreni'.

Description : I wanted to write a loop, and it turned out that I made a track :-)

Tracks 1 - 25 of 3807
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