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Description : In between trying to complete my latest project, i'm goofing around on this track,i'm just saying a bunch of words here it's not rap haha quick lyrics written, i heard this free Acoustic Guitar(No Copyright track) by ryini, i think that's right, if not so sorry. Thanks for the free track it's a beaut! All vocals by me, thnx if you choose to listen :)
Description : my last instrumental compose this week with fl studio ,kontakt alicia key piano and nexus for pads violon and bass
Description : my last instrumental composed with fl studio and kontakt alicia keys piano and nexus for the pads and synth lead violon and addictive drums and fx sound avec pack vengeance
Tags : | Acoustic | 3.07 MB
Description : The medicine for pain pr2 - youtube
Tags : | Acoustic | 1.82 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : pr.1
youtube pr.2
Tags : | Acoustic | 6.94 MB | Featured
Description : ok so I recorded a jam session the other day .. now ive rearranged it and recorded the song like I usually do.
Tags : | Electronic | 2.73 MB | Featured
Description : Really happy with how this turned out. Thanks to Bradosanz for his acoustic drum loop and a special thanks to Capmontulet for his loop that inspired the track. Much appreciation.
Description : my last instrumental composed with fl studio
Tags : | Acoustic | 6.09 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : Minimalism, songwriting, melancholic, drama

Though the genre is set to Acoustic, it is totaly digital. The guitar makes the bill, I guess.

However: thank you for your time and ears
Tags : | Acoustic | 5.15 MB | Featured
Description : Guitar and bass! Don't need much...
Description : my last instrumental in work
Tags : | Funk | 2.84 MB | Colab Request
Description : Back to my usual retro-funk, with some acoustic guitar thrown in. I hope you have as much fun listening as I had making it.
Description : Psychedelic, electro track based around acoustic bass and pizzicato strings. No live instruments - all programmed synth and sample-based instruments, plus a few acoustic drum kits/loops. Synths, fat beats + complex layering and effects work but with a mild acoustic feel. My first track since March, not my best work but it's decent and quite energetic. Feedback appreciated. Do you have a favourite section? The title is also an interesting word...
Tags : | Acoustic | 4.28 MB
Description : Produced by Pokermask (kompoz)
Lyrics - Jayesh Raikar
Acoustic Guitar - Nicola Offidani
Vocals - 2nick8, Fidlersongs
Description : my last instrumental
Tags : | Acoustic | 5.54 MB
Description : Enjoy!
Tags : | Acoustic | 7.10 MB
Description : Saturday morning Jam session with myself
not perfect but who care i enjoyed making it
playing my new acoustic guitar
Tags : | Acoustic | 13.26 MB | Featured
Description : Mostly acoustic track from my upcoming album.
Tags : | Acoustic | 4.40 MB
Description : listen, and I flew)))
Description : my last instrumental composed today
Description : Credit MajinKeith
Tags : | Acoustic | 8.23 MB
Description : I probably didn't pick the right time and season to upload such a thing, but since my musical life is full of paradoxes anyway, I decided to stay true to myself...-:)
Tags : | Rock | 7.38 MB | Colab Request
Description : Revised to shorten and improve quality. Hopefully!!!
wrote a while back on acoustic.
recorded using LMMS, audacity, PRS Tremonti SE
Enjoy. Also will soon be uploading some of the individual loops, if your interested
Tags : | Acoustic | 2.88 MB | Featured
Description : My track "Lo Simple" with my friend Iti Yati on vocals, the song's called "Bet On Me".
I'll upload the full band track later !

Hope you guys enjoy it !
Dont forget to check Iti Yati's soundcloud and looperman profile, she's amazing !
Tags : | Acoustic | 2.68 MB
Description : Instrumental
Tracks 1 - 25 of 2212
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