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Description : A improvisation of drums & percussion rythm, played on my electronic drums Yamaha md10
Description : Was inspired to make something a little different so I made this Lo-fi type beat, I liked the way it sounded. There's some quotes in this taken from the movie "Good Will Hunting".

You can use this beat however you like.

BPM: 90

I'd like to see what you guys make from this,
Comment with a link so I can check it out!

The main sample dl is here:
Tags : | Chill Out | 6.18 MB | Featured
Description : Hope you enjoy, leave a comment telling me how you feel about it! :)

Used looperman sample:
Description : here is the version sung by JscottH who liked my instrumental and who wrote the lyrics for the piece the videoclip
Description : my last instrumental style Adele ,Sia.composed today but not perfect mixing and egualisation volumes
I changed the title for the sung version of JScottH that I loved
videoclip for the Fun ;
Tags : | Acoustic | 5.41 MB
Description : This song tries to make it relaxed and try to make a clean percussion. it´s no the big deal, i´m not the best at doing this type of song, i´m starting and i did in 1 whole day, i hope and like it.
Tags : | Pop | 8.79 MB | Featured
Description : “TheLeach”, bass player with the German group, How to Loot Brazil, recently posted several acapellas here on Looperman. These are the actual vocals from tracks that the band has released.

The acapella for “Box Room” caught my fancy. You can find the pella here:

I did listen to the band’s original version (, which I liked a lot. For some reason, though, I found it really difficult to figure out the chord progressions used in the band’s version. I think that is because it has a very complex electronic arrangement that, for much of the song, is more about providing interesting counterpoint to the vocal melody than laying down a traditional instrumental bed. Not sure if that description makes sense, but if you watch their Youtube video, I think you will understand what I mean.

I started trying to work out the chords using a piano patch, and that seemed to set the tone and style for my remix. I use Logic Pro and it was telling me that I was playing all kinds of crazy chords (11ths, and 13ths, and diminished). Had no idea what I was doing, frankly. Just searching for chord sequences that sounded right. Spent a bit of time chopping up the vocal and time-aligning it. Added a bit of processing. Dropped one whole section of the vocal because I just couldn’t find a way to make it fit with the style and feel of the remix. (It worked fine in the original and also in other remixes that have been done by Looperman members.)

So, this remix is very different from the band’s original version. And, I hope that TheLeach, who wrote the song, won’t be too upset with where I took it. He wrote it on an acoustic guitar, apparently, so it clearly evolved quite a bit to get to their recorded version. Anyway, doing something different is what remixes are all about. Right?
Tags : | Pop | 6.09 MB | Featured
Description : An acoustic version of an upcoming dance-pop song.

I wrote this song about a rollercoaster of a comedown week.
Description : Very Chill. Thanks to all for: 0111591-lankframpard-request-pendejo-2, 0102434-joneschr002-depths-synth, 0113528-lankframpard-too-soon, 0068609-ozzi-acoustic-piano-130bpm-gminor, 0114878-lankframpard-no-foolin, 0090266-kadoonthetrack-hip-hop-gated-synth, 0113900-lankframpard-consequences-of-the-bong, 0117642-silencekills-decaf-pad-128-gm, 0061057-minor2go-piano-deluxe-thursday, 0100137-danke-drum-loop
Key: G minor
Description : An acoustic mix for the amazing vocal Footprints by the outstanding singer Katrina Barr
Description : my last instrumental Composed Today But not Perfect arrangement
Video Clip For the Fun
Description : Quick song I made. Still getting used to recording and mixing my own guitar. But yea, have a listen and tell me what you think :)
Description : This is not a completed song. Its just a brainstorm looking for colaboration in order to create a song. Maybe some flute, violin, clarinet or some vocals. Are you inspired?
Description : my last instrumental composed today
Tags : | Acoustic | 1.78 MB
Description : Ügynökség - Valóság tud lenni (Khiflee Acoustic Version) --- A pillanatok boldogsága / Valóság tud lenni (remix) [maxi - 2017.11.12]
Description : free and simple
Tags : | RnB | 3.05 MB
Description : Acoustic guitar mix with electric guitar fade in with synth, bass, snare and a official kick..
Tags : | Acoustic | 6.55 MB | Featured
Description : Accoustic sample
Tags : | Acoustic | 1.74 MB | Featured
Description : Acoustic Song featuring Sehya, Great singer.
Description : bpm 100.
a little lullaby, I'm looking for someone to sing on it !
Thanks for your listening
Description : old ass song i wrote so sorry for the shitty recording, if you'd like to write and record some lyrics or whatever id love to hear anything y'all got
Tags : | Acoustic | 9.22 MB | Featured
Description : Fáma Himnusz 2,0 By Norbert Puzsár the King
Description : a little piano melody composed today
videoclip for the Fun
Tags : | Pop | 9.09 MB
Description : Hmm, just an ideea for guitar and acoustic drums.
Thinking at the 5th season of "The 100" :))
Genre is something like pop-folk, country maybe, whatever ... (108 BPM, Emin). As always, use it how you want.
Description : The last acoustic piece I uploded was quiet popular so I decided to make yet another. This one is for my new song (read title). Don't know if I'll ever get it done. But lyrics and all are done. If you feel inspired, send PM :)
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