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Description : I using a waltz beat with a blues progression to tell another sappy love song story. Acoustic guitar, harmonica, drums, shaker, bass and a few singing tracks. I love the sound of this Slingerland Rolling Bomber kick drum!

Description : Genre: Acoustic; Psyhedelic, Rock

The music has free rights, but I want to ask you if you use it movies or games, please write the author name, and the sound name. If you want changes or the best quality, please contact me.

More music on my youtube channel.

Music by Misterbates

Tags : | Pop | 7.09 MB | Ableton Live

Description : Acoustic cover of the John Mellencamp classic song. Acoustic guitar, harmonica, cocktail shaker, tambo and me singing lead and backups.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 11.60 MB | FL Studio

Description : Contains:

nofuk - cold-heart-jack-harlow-roddy-part1-nofuk-free-194bpm-trap-acoustic-guitar-loop

calebclarkmusic - ballad-top-drums-150bpm-trap-drum-loop

MotbProd - drum-loop-pierre-bourne-x-playboi-x-cochise-free-160bpm-trap-drum-loop

Reeskiee - omg-ronny-type-drums-x-three-claps-free-150bpm-trap-drum-loop

DiabloProductions - distorted-808-em-133-bpm-133bpm-hip-hop-bass-synth-loop

renegadeonthebeat - b-o-n-g-o-b-o-n-a-n-z-a-98bpm-hip-hop-percussion-loop

Description : Collab. Hi guys, so his Maj(esty) sent me an acoustic guitar piece hacienda My inspiration came from that word immediately ask Maj. This is how I see it, the great house looked at its most splendid, the feast had ended, the lord seeks the attention of his guests as the music starts by tapping his crested ring against his glass and right on queue, the siniorita starts singing, let me know if the song reflects that thought.Maj done all the mastering too.

Description : Description : Thanks a lot for all the kind comments and support.

Description : Folk rock, EZ Drummer, bass, acoustic guitar, me singing, keys

Description : One of my favorite recordings I did with my brother from 2019. Never released, but this song still gives me chills! I hope you enjoy it.

My brother did the main vocals and the main acoustic, I did everything else.

Description : I found this wonderful pella by Odarka and was compelled to do something. It's pretty simple, just an acoustic guitar, bass, drums, and a synth to accompany her wonderful vocals. I hope I did them justice. Do yourself a favor and check out her pellas.

Description : Acoustic drums, some flutes, cellos, bass.

Tags : | Techno | 5.57 MB | Pro Tools

Description : Tech house type track with a Latin Flavor!

Looperman loops used in this track:

1) Piano: looperman-l-2890882-0261098-cuban-guabachoso-piano-part-120-bpm-e

2) Acoustic Guitar: looperman-l-1352219-0079577-jensmuse-ornaments-for-guitar

Hope you'll like my track!

Tags : | Chill Out | 8.21 MB | Pro Tools

Description : I would like to thank all the looperman users whose loops I've used to complete this track.

Guitar Loop: looperman-l-2550836-0229758-personal-electric-guitar-loop

Vocal Sample: looperman-l-3822046-0256329-questions-lil-uzi-vert-vocals-part-3

Drums: looperman-l-0769063-0053149-toloache-70bpm-strong-acoustic-drum-loop (although I actually sampled the kick, snare, closed hat and toms from this loop to create my own drum pattern)

Description : Have you ever known someone who earned 2 or 3 times what you did but never chipped in when your friends ordered pizza or never bought a round at the local pub, never brought food to the party.... You know the guy. When is enough, enough? Drums, bass, me singing, and yes, that's my acoustic guitar.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 6.89 MB | FL Studio

Description : Kyle Beats Challenge (WZRD Mix)

Loops used:








Description : A couple weeks ago Apple announced that they would be going through people's data to look for sexual predators. Made me think of how often they scan your devices without letting you know. A song about how companies use or not use your data. Acoustic guitar, bass, EZ Drummer, shaker, tambo, and some singing.

Tags : | Folk | 8.02 MB | Ableton Live

Description : Cover of Buddy Holly's classic rocker but done with acoustic guitar, harmonica and singing.

Description : Thats classic lofi acoustic n electric bass, guitar sound.
Youtube link:
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Description : A song about a gunslinger and his gun. Got the idea from a line in a Minutemen song. Rock/folk/country/pop. Acoustic git, harmonica, egg shaker, bass, EZ Drummer and a few singing tracks.

Tags : | Folk | 10.49 MB | Ableton Live

Description : This is my take on Janis Joplin's song but from a man's perspective. Acoustic git, midi accordion, some harmonica and a couple vocal tracks.

Tags : | Pop | 5.50 MB

Description : By AAP

Featuring Leo Valentine

One of the best guitar samples on here and fantastic singing/lyrics makes a powerful combination.

Early Demo, no mastering yet.

My favorite thing I did was live record a bassline for this to support the acoustic guitar and vocals.

Description : A very simple, catchy, acoustic song.

Tags : | Folk | 8.00 MB | Ableton Live

Description : My cover version of Townes Van Zandt's song about addiction. One of my favorites by him. Acoustic guitar, some singing and some cello.

Description : Greetings community, I have created a new acoustic song. Also i was talking about developing a new mix technique. And good news, i have finished that project and it is implemented in this song. So iam curious if the volume is right this time. Because i had some constructive criticism about it which is good though. So i listened to the community this time. So let me know in the comment section what you think of this song this time. Thanks for your support all. Have a good one, Verdi

Description : A song about mischief with someone who seems to not be able to separate themselves from it. Acoustic guitar, mandolin, a pad and some bell.

Description : I couldn't get the sound of Acoustic Guitars out of my head after hearing "The Spanish Shade/DijamMusic", so I wrote this "Chillout" track with Acoustic Guitar in it. I also got help from "BringerofDoom" on making it "slightly louder".

Tracks 1 - 25 of 948
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