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Description : Instrumental By David P pop/slow/ballade/piano/orchestral/mélodic
Tags : | Rock | 5.50 MB | Featured
Description : Similar to what I've been posting lately, bass, drums, acoustic guitar and a string synth. Folk rock I suppose. Enjoy!
Description : just piano mélody of my song "Ghost"
Description : This song is for my daughters. I wrote it about 10 years ago when I was living in Florida and they in LA. Now I'm living in LA near those two daughters but my youngest is teaching in South Korea. No matter where I am, or where they are, I think about them every day, throughout the day, imagine what they're doing, having conversations with them, cracking a few jokes, and that's really what this song is about. Finally after 10 years, I got an opportunity to record it right, with the great Sunny War. It's part of our album called RISING. (In one app I play it on there's a glitch at the start, but only in that app. I haven't been able to find what's causing it. I hope you don't hear it.)
Description : instrumental David P my song divady Elapsed Time pop/slow/ballade/piano/orchestral/mélodic
Tags : | Acoustic | 1.97 MB | Featured
Description : I have never talked to you, nor do I know anything about you. You seem pretty smart though. Farewell fellow.
Description : based on a heavely proccesed acoustic guitar,an experement in a field of sound
Description : instrumental composed by David P my tracks my song pop/slow/ballade/piano/orchestral/mélodic
Description : Second version of my instrumental the world can love again with a different piano but I kept the melody that I had composed pop/slow/ballade/piano/orchestral/mélodic
Description : A more personal instrumental composed. Not really adaptable for vocals purpose just to listen to relax my song
Tags : | Acoustic | 5.20 MB | Featured
Description : Song about the Orange One
Tags : | Rock | 6.02 MB
Description : There's nothing like living near the ocean but the water can be dangerous, too. There are many shark attacks where I live and catch a wave the wrong way and you are tossed around like a rag doll in shallow water. Plus the riptides can be deadly. That's the loose inspiration behind the title, taking on a wave and losing the battle. I threw some drum loops together, picked up my bass guitar and played 3:30 worth of bass in the key of Am, 1 take. I removed about 40 seconds of it that was dull and thought it was pretty cool with the bass and drums alone. Trying to figure out the first rhythm acoustic track(left in mix) was a bit fun because I just rambled all over the place with the bass. The second acoustic rhythm track(panned right) was 1 take so warts and all are featured. Tambourine makes an appearance along with a synth and piano in the latter part of the track. No structure whatsoever, just a bass jam inspired idea for mixing purposes only. Enjoy!
Tags : | Acoustic | 8.43 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : Wenn you go home, and thinking the live.
Description : instrumental By David P my song
Description : instrumentale composed by david P with Fl studio 11 vst nexus ,kontakt,motif xf my song
Description : instrumental composed by David P with Fl studio my songélodic
Description : An instrumental composed in the hope that one day a singer sings on my music 3 version come my song pop/slow/ballade/piano/orchestral/mélodic
Description : Key of E. BPM 95. Mainly 3 guitars, 2 pads, bass and drums. Can anyone put vocals thanks. Remix it if you want.
Tags : | Rock | 6.93 MB
Description : Kinda sorta a song. Drums, bass, acoustic git and a Rhodes/piano mixed and a small horn part. Just another quick idea, second mix, keeping things simple to work on mixing. First track where my interface and Ableton were set to record at 96,000 hz rather than the standard 44,100. Uses up a lot more cpu but my mac handled it with no problem. Also started grouping tracks in Ableton, that also helps the cpu usage. Not sure of the genre, acoustic rock, pop....? Update: Made adjustments on the master channel. Enjoy!
Tags : | Acoustic | 5.00 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : Wow, i would like you listen.
Description : Instrumental composée avec Fl Studio , real Guitar ( vst ) Nexus , Kontakt ,Addictive Drum and yamaha motif xf ( elect guitare ) style : pop/slow/ballade/piano/orchestral/mélodic pop my song
Description : An instrumental composed in the hope that one day a singer sings on my music my song pop/slow/ballade/piano/orchestral/mélodic
Description : instrumental composed by David P style : ballade /accoustic piano/slow/pop my song
Tags : | Acoustic | 1.95 MB
Description : In my heart...
Tags : | Blues | 3.83 MB
Description : Acoustic Blues track, E, B and A. Waltz beat, nothing complicated, just something to mix. EZ Drummer, me on bass, 2 acoustic guitar tracks, lead fills I added tremolo and for percussion I tapped on my acoustic body here and there. Update: Added mandolin and remixed. Second update: There was a lot of room on the master channel to push the compression, saturator and limiter a bit, did a little work on each track. Enjoy!
Tracks 1 - 25 of 2106
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