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Tags : | Hip Hop | 7.13 MB | Has Lyrics | Reaper

Description : A download of a beautiful beat on Looperman hashtagMELOD with added acoustic guitar and of course the grreat Shamoozey vocal..... and.. well check it it out!
As the WAV format size is 47MB MP3 @ 320 is uploaded.

Tags : | Acoustic | 7.74 MB | FL Studio

Description : new acoustic track that I finished today
some of the loops from the MMJ
mastering on fl studio
hope u guys enjoy it

Tags : | Reggae | 8.91 MB | FL Studio

Description : hello everybody
reggae and acoustic track
hope u guys enjoys it

Description : hello guys lately I was working on an track that with acoustic sound but also energic...
its took me a while to mixin and mastering cuz its not an style that i used to make and I realy wanted to use vocal on it
hope u guys enjoy it
the vocal belong to
let me know what u think :)

Description : 180 BPM ambient drum n cell. Melodic electric cello playing over dnb drums (all fast except for one 30 sec section). Drums are all manipulated loops. No acoustic drums so also no cymbals, just for a change. Various synths, plus some interesting sample-based sitar parts in the second half. A fun, far out track that feels like it should be deeper and better. Let me know what you think, good or bad.

Tags : | Cinematic | 7.56 MB | Featured | Cubase

Description : Romantic track with soul,piano,string,acoustic bass & drums.

Tags : | Blues | 5.19 MB

Description : Rich from Filthy Rich and the Poor Boys stopped by my friend's Jim's Studio B and recorded an hour or so of acoustic music. This one is a cover of the great Doc Watson's classic performed using a Gibson SJ 200, we used an AKG C214 and an AKG Perception 220 to record it. Used another Perception 220 for the vocals. What a player, a real professional!

Tags : | Chill Out | 11.04 MB

Description : A slower even more chilled out mix of the last remix Euphoria More acoustic guitar more instruments. thought I might as well upload it as it sit on my hard drive.

Tags : | Acoustic | 1.32 MB

Description : This no copyright track is by *Yakuzee Beats* free to use, just exercising my vocals on this beautiful acoustic track.

Tags : | Acoustic | 7.93 MB

Description : Acoustic/medieval version of my track "Kuss der Sterne". Produced with Reason and Era Medieval Legends VST

Tags : | Acoustic | 1.76 MB | Reaper

Description : This beautiful acoustic loop belongs to *MINOR2GO* his tracks are AMAZING!! indeed.

I asked my other half to join me just singing something simple to this beautiful track, it's not perfect but it's beautiful still. My other half he agreed yay! baby thank you! xox Ya tebya lyublyu. Thought i'd post it thanks if you choose to listen :)

Tags : | Ethnic | 7.99 MB

Description : Dimelo - Manuel Malou - acoustic guitar - vocals - Bill (Bilbozo) Smith - lead nylon guitar - Neil Evans - acoustic bass - Kevin (Buddrumming) Marcy - drums - percussion

Description : In between trying to complete my latest project, i'm just playing around on this track,i'm just saying a bunch of words here it's not rap haha quick lyrics written, i heard this free Acoustic Guitar(No Copyright track) by ryini, i think that's right, if not so sorry. Thanks for the free track it's a beaut! All vocals by me, thnx if you choose to listen :)

Tags : | Electronic | 2.73 MB

Description : Really happy with how this turned out. Thanks to Bradosanz for his acoustic drum loop and a special thanks to Capmontulet for his loop that inspired the track. Much appreciation.

Tags : | Acoustic | 6.09 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : Minimalism, songwriting, melancholic, drama

Though the genre is set to Acoustic, it is totaly digital. The guitar makes the bill, I guess.

However: thank you for your time and ears

Tags : | Funk | 2.84 MB | Colab Request

Description : Back to my usual retro-funk, with some acoustic guitar thrown in. I hope you have as much fun listening as I had making it.

Tags : | Acoustic | 4.28 MB

Description : Produced by Pokermask (kompoz)
Lyrics - Jayesh Raikar
Acoustic Guitar - Nicola Offidani
Vocals - 2nick8, Fidlersongs

Tags : | Acoustic | 7.10 MB | Studio One

Description : Saturday morning Jam session with myself
not perfect but who care i enjoyed making it
playing my new acoustic guitar

Tags : | Acoustic | 13.26 MB

Description : Mostly acoustic track from my upcoming album.

Tags : | Rock | 7.38 MB | Colab Request

Description : Revised to shorten and improve quality. Hopefully!!!
wrote a while back on acoustic.
recorded using LMMS, audacity, PRS Tremonti SE
Enjoy. Also will soon be uploading some of the individual loops, if your interested

Tags : | Acoustic | 2.88 MB

Description : My track "Lo Simple" with my friend Iti Yati on vocals, the song's called "Bet On Me".
I'll upload the full band track later !

Hope you guys enjoy it !
Dont forget to check Iti Yati's soundcloud and looperman profile, she's amazing !

Tags : | Acoustic | 1.58 MB

Description : it's yours :)x

Description : Another track I created quickly after hearing Minor2Go acoustic Guitar loop yesterday 7-19-2018.
Time to relax your mind!

Minor2GO guitars-unlimited-summer-sun-75bpm-pop-acoustic-guitar-loop

Tags : | Acoustic | 2.79 MB

Description : Production and Vocals - 2nick8
Acoustic Guitar - Offthewall - James Fraser (kompoz)
Bass - JeanLbass (kompoz)

Tags : | Pop | 4.11 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : A story of love being reclaimed set to an acoustic number made from Sony Acid Music Studio Loops. I gamely “sang” the lyrics. I think it is one of my best tracks ever: Based on my lyrics, loop selection, use of the loops, my the clean sound and the mastering. I hope you agree with me.

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