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Tags : | Acoustic | 2.72 MB
Description : It's the first song I recorded with my Yamaha MOX6. I hope you like it
Description : very easy acoustic song with only 3 instruments (plus an organ for the end...)
Tags : | Folk | 5.30 MB | Featured
Description : Acoustic guitar rhythm, 2 acoustic git fill tracks, bass, drums, cabasa and some glockenspiel. Has a folk/rock/Southwestern flavor, enjoy!
Tags : | Cinematic | 15.43 MB
Description : Film piece with dominant chorus line in the background plus acoustic guitars in different sounds. Fresh production for you.Various artists.
Tags : | Funk | 4.60 MB | Featured
Description : I had this very funky track online a couple of years ago but it was 9.5 mins long. I've now split it in two and this is the more hip hop sounding second half. Instruments: electric guitar, bass guitar, synth bass and a few other synths. Also some vocoded guitar in the intro. Drums are a mixture of drum loops and programmed acoustic kits. This has some fat grooves, basslines and funky wah guitar to nod your head and bounce to. Short, fun and uncomplicated. Let me know if you like my shit. Or if you hate it. It is shit, after all...
Tags : | Acoustic | 7.40 MB | Featured
Description : Lead Guitar : Navid Aminkhani Harmonica : Sid Aimar
Tags : | Acoustic | 2.79 MB
Description : acoustic..with my vocals
Tags : | Acoustic | 8.21 MB | Featured
Description : Relaxing/Upbeat Tune from The Wine Fellers
Tags : | Acoustic | 2.95 MB
Description : A little acoustic song by divady with a Native American style flute melody over it. So sweet! Thanks for the listens and favs.
Description : I liked well compromising on this a cappella, I opted for a music rather acoustic
Tags : | Acoustic | 6.41 MB
Description : Canada's Sweetheart
Tags : | Rock | 6.56 MB
Description : This one is more finished, more going on musically and mixed a few times more. Acoustic guitar rhythm and fills, bass, drums, horns and a little bit of pad near the end. Southwestern feel but along the lines of what I've been doing lately, folk/rock. Lots of finger squeaks on strings and I forgot to tune my guitars...Update: Finally got around to a remix. Enjoy!!
Description : little update but i work always on this instru
Tags : | Rock | 4.11 MB | Colab Request
Description : Lately I've been pumping out short quick ideas to work on making changes to my mixing techniques after getting a new interface and monitors. No sense in adding extra instruments that will only get in the way and thus making it more difficult to hear the basic rhythm tracks. That would only defeat the purpose of what I'm trying to do which is get the basic rhythm tracks to sound as good as I can before marching on to more elaborate lengthy productions. Plus I believe that adding more doesn't necessarily make a musical idea better, sometimes less is more. I'm taking a few steps back to work on the basics so I can then move forward from that point. I used two drum loops from Ableton's packs which instantly I knew what pop song the loops were modeled after and bonus points for those who can guess the song. Acoustic guitar, cocktail shaker and bass complete this one. Anyone interested in adding a featured instrument feel free to contact me. I'm beginning to like the quality of my tracks after all these years of learning to record so I encourage everyone to take pride in your musical ideas. Enjoy!!!!
Description : Here is a demo with a rhythm and harmonies with the beautiful voice of 3v3sound who wrote and sung on the melody I just copy pasted the piano / song part on the arrangement of my piece so the result is not perfect
Tags : | Acoustic | 3.96 MB | Featured
Description : Here's a track I wrote the lyrics for in High School and then finally got around to finishing the song. It's more acoustic/pop I suppose but was still fun to do. I feel it's versatile enough to adapt into various genres.
Tags : | Rock | 4.30 MB
Description : Bass, drums , acoustic guitar and I've added 2 electric guitar tracks to make it a little more interesting. Enjoy!!
Description : My last instrumental composed today but the mixing remains to be seen as well as the arrangement helas I am not good at it
Description : Indie mellow kinda mood. i wanted to get a message out there. made the background with some loops.
Tags : | Chill Out | 12.98 MB
Description : Chillout and uptempo cello-based track. A mixture of 160BPM ambient drum 'n' bass (drum 'n' cell) and 80 BPM deep groove sections. The main lead instrument is electric cello, supported by a load of far out synths. VSTs include: a lyre, a glissando harp, a plucked harp, a choir synth, two synth basses and a few synth pads. Drums are a merger of drum loops and programmed acoustic kits. Quite a few cello techniques used: bowing, pizzicato, spiccato and harmonics (both plucked and bowed). This took many hours to make, over a couple of months, hence the title. It's not a great track but it has a positive, uplifting, summery vibe so should be fairly enjoyable. Or at least some inoffensive background music. Have a listen and let me know what you think. Interesting and/or intelligent feedback is always appreciated...
Description : A special time asks for a special song. Great news is that I'm 3 months pregnant! Unfortunately this first trimester has turned my entire life upside down. I'm trying to stay grateful and devoted, so I poured my heart out in this song. Thanks to the amazing loop by the talented Divady!! (
Description : just an instrumental composed for my darling Deborah
Description : instrumental by david p i have used my instru in other version with sample The Matrix elle est le monde
Description : instrumental by David P
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