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Tags : | Cinematic | 6.01 MB | Featured
Description : I was going for a spooky Halloween track. Let me know what you think. Almost every sound here is by DesignedImpression except for the base which is Nightingale and the 'bum, bum, bum, bum, bum' which is from Dimuro.
Tags : | Dance | 5.06 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : Acapella and lyrics is by steelyvibe.
Description : Mario/Bowsers castle... thats all Maschine / Protools12
Tags : | Rock | 6.38 MB | Has Lyrics | Featured
Description : this is progressive rock that was done some time ago, it is a very tight nice piece of cinematic music and some lovely vocals, truly inspired by Genesis and Rush and Pink Floyd, this is the raw take, and there is some silence/white noise at the beginning for about 5 or 6 seconds, so hang in there with it.I played guitar on the track. Bands name was Le Sabre from California,USA, it is relevant music still today.
Tags : | Dance | 5.20 MB | Featured
Description : Fusion of dance and soul
Tags : | Dance | 4.57 MB | Featured
Description : Guys, I did this track for one of my project which I might add I had a good response for it. I do hope you’re going to like it. If you do then please leave me a feedback.
Tags : | Electronic | 3.42 MB | Featured
Description : My first track using the new and cool VST Arpology...
Tags : | Jazz | 3.12 MB | Colab Request
Description : Featured Bass Solo
Tags : | Cinematic | 9.31 MB | Featured
Description : It is fun to be able to play with the sounds. This time again on the film note. Various Artists.
Description : a deep chill Trap. simple beat with some smooth Snare Effects. I wanted to put some Wolf Howlings in that Track but intead i used a different effect. Almost done with the lyrics. I´m looking for a Collaberation. This is just a Instrumental Version.
Description : Looking for rappers, HMU via email:
Tags : | Hip Hop | 5.72 MB | Featured
Description : Fresh Simple Hip Hop InsTru...! Made on MixCraft 8Pro...! Keep on PLAY!!! ;)
Tags : | Cinematic | 3.71 MB | Featured
Description : did this on keyboard hope u like it :)
Tags : | Pop | 9.31 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : A fresher song than I usually do, I think, with a vintage sound (well, as I usually do...), a little bit "60's pop music".
Description : Sampled from Miper999. Sad/Happy, you decided. Rap or sing on this! Just let me know so I can hear(:
Tags : | Rap | 7.10 MB | Colab Request
Description : Need some rappers email me
Description : Pretty heavy song about someone who is trying to make my life a misery at the moment. My therapy? Make a song.
Description : Hip Hop Beat. Free to use. Youtube link here :;
Tags : | Dub | 6.49 MB | Has Lyrics | Featured
Description : Here is my most recent song, and one which I considered keeping under wraps until my album was released. With the Halloween thread, I thought this may be a chance to raise up the "funny ha ha" or "funny strange" vibe, and tuck under the nervous laughter. It was not made for this holiday or the related thread, but simply to express something which I think about regularly. I'm sure you'll get the impression! Any masking, distortion or cross modulation is entirely intentional. This is, after all, intentional electronic brain manipulation.
Description : Tell me what you think about it?
Tags : | Trap | 3.74 MB
Description : Loops from sushilbawa thebestaroundism immrnoobheadfu1 hbsamples dripchord
Tags : | Ambient | 13.17 MB | Featured
Description : Indie Ambient
Description : i mixed my style mrs music with daddys song and i used loop reggaeton beat downloaded from looperman this song singing cheb bkr siner from libya i used drbuka and dof libyans rtms if this song good pleas tell me thanks soory for my englesh
Description : This is a trap, house song. lot's of mixing gone into it. Would appreciate if anyone could get vocals on this. Contact me -
Tags : | House | 8.63 MB | Adult Content
Description : My first upload on here. You can hear my other stuff on featuring and special thanks to TheCosmicEffect
Tracks 1 - 25 of 100949
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