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Description : I used M1 sounds to create this music. Hope you enjoy it

Description : This one is influenced by 90's wax trax industrial...enjoy.

Description : Synthwave, cyber, and industrial mixed with psychedelic. Dystopian vinyl album intro, outro or flip from A to B side to get this filler track. The idea is to create a helpless feeling and vibe that distresses as the progression has epic feels that you really want to repeat again.
Looking for generic feedback to improve it

Description : industrial electronic metal track, :D feel free to leave your thoughts, im open to collabs

Tags : | Industrial | 4.84 MB | Reason



Description : This is the follow up track to ''The Climb'', that can be found here in my track list.

Description : A track i based around the famous Art Bell frantic caller. I always believed there was truth in this.

Description : Starts slowbut the bridge & chorus v. good. An industrial NIN, UX cyberpunk, glitch 90-20's cross over. Plays more with rhythm than chord progression. End version will have vocals and I'll kill tracks. Looking for feedback what you like and kill :D Be cool and brutal! Cheers

Description : with delicate of my guitar playing

Description : My feelings on the powers that be.

Tags : | Industrial | 6.65 MB | Acid Pro

Description : Track done in old sony acid pro.

Description : Big beat industrial rock style track. I would like to see someone put vocals to this one.

Description : Gang5tarCycles
featuring Edge of Knight
Much Love-EazyBeatz1250
Sounds of Kino Der Toten
Pippens Song
Alt-Right RSVD

Description : My band\LP style\Old-recording
project my crew

Description : My crew, LP style
Old recording
Old project

Description : Glory to Ukraine!

Description : cinematic industrial, rework...

Description : industrial metal track

Description : industrial metal

Description : a short industrial metal piece

Description : industrial metal, metal step or something

Description : Acapellas used:
Nabilkhazzaka - Its Hot Vocal Verse 1 - 17592
Nabilkhazzaka - Its Hot Vocal Prechorus 1 - 17594
Nabilkhazzaka - Its Hot Vocal Verse 2 - 17593

Loops & Samples used:
FJX - Industrial Area - 276122
SerialChiller - Sprung Spring - Alpha Echo - 106604
Krolbeats - Glitch Drum Loop - 123356
KlownBeatz - Glitch Hop Beat - 64654

Description : Another of the re-uploads. Originally uploaded in 2014. This is all done with Sylenth1, Massive, Kontakt's Vintage Organs and EZ Drummer. This is back when I was experimenting with all synth industrial metal type tracks. From a creative standpoint, I think it worked. Mixing could have used some work, but hey, I didn't know what I was doing then. Enjoy.

Description : mix of loops with me adding guitar and bass

Description : Another weird blending of genres I am working on. Track was all composed by myself using some sampling and an old 1983 Memphis Strat of which I am totally rusty on due to a serious left hand/wrist injury several years back.

Tracks 1 - 25 of 802