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Description : A song with synthesizers and electronic drums. A strong and determined mood.
120 BPM - Bm

Available for remix at no cost. Ask the conditions.

Tags : | Techno | 8.31 MB

Description : original production

Description : As usual a mish mash of sample from a number genre's. I think this has more of a house sound to it. But what do I know? I just bang some samples together. :))

Thanks for listening :)

Description : Usual Mix Of Whatever. Could be techno, could be trance could, be house and possibly could be a mouse?:))

This is a dedication track.

Anyway , as always thanks for listening :)

Appreciate the people you love, as we find out, they aren't always going to be around.

Peace and seasons greetings.

Description : Getting bored with house again so I made this deep dub techno track. Hope some will like.

Warning: it is repetitive. so might not be for everyone. just in case.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 1.54 MB | FL Studio

Description : IT'S MY FIRST SONG!

It's a hip hop song with a bit of techno and it's a good thing

If you have questions, contact me with my email ,it's a joke hahahaha

Description : Who Knows what type of track this is?

I will put this under techno?

Thanks for listening :)

Tags : | Techno | 7.87 MB | Acid Pro

Description : Starts off full-on Cock rock and ends Full on Italian club. Completely full of Toxic masculinity which makes a point as a song, as a techno song ehh?.

Description : I'm in a bit of a slump so I decided to not post anything new and go digging in my old stuff. Found this track from a year ago. It's a melodic techno sort of track. Hope some of you will like it ;)

Description : no idea, house/deep house /techno its what i felt

Description : Techno Track

Thanks for listening :)

Description : I've always liked heavy techno, so I've been working with the track Nodog

Tags : | Techno | 8.20 MB | Acid Pro

Description : Sort of a House tune and a techno tune. Its weird and percussive.

Description : Techno / Dance Track. Also a little Raveee and whatever else.

Thanks for listening :)

Description : Who Knows what kind of Track This is?

Techno, Hip Hop, Latino Fusion type mix.

Thanks for listening :)

Tags : | Techno | 6.00 MB

Description : PANSPERMIA (Original Mix)

Techno 140 ish bpm

Tags : | Trance | 3.49 MB | FL Studio

Description : Just a basic melodic trance/techno song I made. I've changed the beat since it was uploaded to a more trance like beat. Feel free to use it but remember to give some credit ;).

Tags : | Techno | 5.82 MB | Acid Pro

Description : A thin slice of music lightly fried over a bed of Floyd and a drizzling of EDM and a side order of 90ś techno.

Description : Techno Track

Thanks for listening :)

Description : Gan_Beat-Melodic Techno

Description : this track is a new track written on the MPC Live in stand alone mode.

Its a mixture for drum & Bass and Techno.


Description : Techno Track

Thanks for listening :)

Tags : | EDM | 11.23 MB | Acid Pro

Description : instrumental dance track house/techno beat

Description : Techno Track

Thanks for listening :)

Description : EDM/Techno Disco Track

Thanks for listening :)

Tracks 1 - 25 of 1314
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