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9th Jul 2015 06:41 - 8 years ago
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Search Rating : 19.20

Description : This song is my first attempt at trap(?) and was made ENTIRELY with Looperman loops in honor of this awesome site and also to demonstrate what you can do with Looperman loops :P. Compiled, edited/processed, mixed and roughly mastered in about 16 hours. I am collaborating with a Looperman rapper right now who will lay some verses on this and I will do the hook. In other words this is not a finished product just yet, but wanted y'alls opinions on it.

I was attempting to create a high-energy trap(?) beat with a blend of wubbiness. Let me know what you think.
SPECIAL THANKS to MODUSMusic (, Spivkurl (, danke (, Eli426 - (, 7venth12 (,smokyleopard (, UltraCryptik ( and Megapaul ( and xXSniperXx ( There was one more guy who had the rise loop that I used but I couldn't find him anywhere when I went back to search for him. Anyhoo, thanks to him too :P

I will update this when the vocals get laid on the track and I remix/remaster it. Cheers!
21st Jul 2015 19:56 - 8 years ago

Search Rating : 16.80

Description : This track contains only free loops from several Looperman artists. Enjoy!

Applied loops (fully or partially):

CENTRIST: 0079105-0057561 (Leaving a Legacy - Main Strings Build), 0079105-0057560 (Leaving a Legacy - Main Strings),0079105-0057559 (Leaving a Legacy - Final Strings),
XXSNIPERXX: 0798480-0081769 (TRAP PACK No2 Hat Loop), 0798480-0083534 (TRAP PACK No4 Bass),
DRMISTERSIR: 0208341-0073663 (offpoint), 0208341-0073326 (stay bizy trunk thumper),
THEOFFICIALFROSTBITE: 0797099-0065711 (That Generic Trap String), 0797099-0065712 (That Generic Trap Trombone),
EBCOTT3: 0626891-0069594 (Dark Piano and Synth Trap Loop), 0626891-0079497 (Deadly Drums),
SHORTBUSMUSIC: 0500098-0072481 (Tokyo Lights Polophony),
LOOPFREAK: 0531700-0073756 (Stuck in the Dirty South - Tubular Bells),
SEANKH: 0677589-0069246 (synth while you work),
KRISTIJANN: 0711069-0071946 (LOOK AT ME),
BDENNEY: 0805869-0068329 (Wild For The Night INTRO DRUMS),
STREETSBEATZ: 0959110-0062623 (Ratchet Gutta - Ride),
NEURO: 0674084-0075917 (Fingers Crossed),
KRITEX: 0823832-0076627 (Normal Trap Beat),
YGPRODUCTONS: 0754277-0081190 (Im Back Clap),
STEVEJAZ: 1118799-0069952 (Jazz loop in F),
SINTHETICRECORDS: 0403648-0051082 (Sinthetic - Sub Bass),
3RDNIPPLEMUSIC: 0609523-0068579 (nv flpluck ethereal 90),
ULTRAMEADOW: 0242823-0014943 (Electro Dirty Loop),
TECHSEEKER: 1107241-0073336 (5 Seconds Only - Delayed Percussion Fill),
NEEZLE: 0689209-0077281 (Squeaky Trap Lead),
BLAZINS: 0321894-0028473 (Low Blow),
BUG: 0067564-0001416 (Minimal),
ANDULAH: 0267062-0074744 (Celt Islam Future Bass),
DOZYDEVIL: 0668753-0057186 (Class Wobble Loop),
DUBTEK: 0831304-0060241 (Dubstep Skittish Bass loop),
DANKE: 0671112-0082860 (Ghosty drum),
REFL3XDUBSTEP: 1045829-0068786 (braken-to-the-stars-melody-synth) - deleted user?
19th Mar 2024 18:01 - 3 months ago

Search Rating : 9.60


prod v3rsitile


dark trap beats, trap type beat , dark type beat , nardo wick , nav , the weekend , future , hard beats , hard trap beats
20th Jul 2015 00:12 - 8 years ago

Search Rating : 9.60

Description : loop - 1181253-0085891-psikologic-hard-trap-drumz; 1406288-0085642-ckdbeats-trap-melody; 1312598-0085591-ricobeatz-trap-piano-from-heaven; 1394937-0085870-totallytwiztedbeats-trap-drums; 0925595-0085144-capostipite-huge-edm-drop-lead;
25th Feb 2024 18:52 - 3 months ago

Search Rating : 7.20

Description : just a South Park hybrid trap drop

Warning: This track contains swearing!

Note: This is the first time making Hybrid Trap.
24th Jan 2021 11:59 - 3 years ago

Search Rating : 7.20

Description : I bought an 808 bass plugin. „Sales Time“…
I wanted to create a hard Trap beat but somehow
I completely failed !! Maybe I should sell everything and start making pottery ?
what you think ?
Please rate it!!
10 means best Trap Beat 1 means worst trap beat
9th Dec 2019 11:36 - 4 years ago

Search Rating : 7.20

Description : Found the acapella, sounded like trap to me and I felt like making trap. More of an edm hype trap!
20th Jun 2018 23:09 - 5 years ago

Search Rating : 7.20

Description : Hey guys,
this is a very moody dark trap beat i made in fl studios.
Really looking for a collab rapper on this on, or in general. Just HMU then tho.
it is als on youtube where you can find a free downloadlink, just type in: "Movin`Fast (prod. by Lil Nap) / Dark trap beat instrumentals"
and you find it
13th Mar 2018 05:08 - 6 years ago
Tags :
10th Mar 2018 03:36 - 6 years ago
Tags :

Search Rating : 7.20

Description : Original Piano: I made this trap beat in 97 bpm Also check it out on SoundCloud LINK:
25th Feb 2018 18:34 - 6 years ago

Search Rating : 7.20

Description : Playing around with the new brass sounds in Logic Pro x 10.4. I also grabbed a dope trap beat created MjKonrad (trap-drums-by-mjkonrad-free-140bpm-trap-drum-loop) for foundation. I created this track with some chilled organ, piano, brass, 808, and a few other sounds.
9th Apr 2017 18:22 - 7 years ago
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Search Rating : 7.20

Description : One of best loops i found here by far, thanks!
28th Mar 2017 14:07 - 7 years ago

Search Rating : 7.20

Description : Sup guys, this is a new style of mine. I really don't know what to call it, future bass? Future trap? Trap? Or electronic? Well, hope you guys enjoy. Feedbacks are always welcome!

Thanks for NATEMONOXIDE for his awesome vocals!


15th Mar 2017 02:42 - 7 years ago

Search Rating : 7.20

Description : I wanted to make another chill trap.
I also wanted to make an ambient trap.
Ah, who says you cant have both?

[This is a WIP. Minor flaws will be fixed in the final version. Title may also vary.]

Producers: Zivon

DAWs used: FL Studio 12

Other things: I used the spoken word "Always on my mind" by Eshar. (Thank you Eshar!)

[Update] Took sever suggestions. Added reverb to the intro bells, Changed attack times on the piano chord progressions, added sever downlifters and Rev cymbal FXs. Ditched the "Chill trap sound" I was going for. Now i'm pursuing "Chill" with this little number. Made the ending a little easier to handle. More suggestions appreciated! :)

[Final update] Mar/25/2017
Smoothed things out. Made the riff in the middle just a little more immersive and spread out the twinkley melody in various parts.Put some more voxes at the end. More tracks coming very soon! Please stay tuned!
7th Apr 2015 16:07 - 9 years ago
Tags :

Search Rating : 7.20

Description : My YOUTUBE Channel:

Hard Epic and Aggressive Trap Beat
Drums, Piano, Voice, Violin, Orchestra, SFX, Pad, Guitar and Arp

27th Mar 2015 13:34 - 9 years ago
Tags :

Search Rating : 7.20

Description : Second Trap Aggressive and Hard Beat
Please comment, download and share for more beat.

Drums, Piano, Acoustic Guitar and Eletric Guitar, Orchestra, Violin, Voice Pad, SFX.
8th Jun 2024 17:50 - 1 week ago

Search Rating : 4.80

Description : Key D#m 167 BPM Trap
29th May 2024 04:12 - 2 weeks ago

Search Rating : 4.80

Description : Heater???????????????????? trap , fusion of Miami bass and Alt Trap. Sampled from Splice. Please comment share!!!! SoundCloud Hindo Drell
21st May 2024 13:26 - 4 weeks ago

Search Rating : 4.80

Description : I tried to make good use of loops that are found within the looperman site and I came up with a song. I am not quite sure though if it should be considered a trap song. Your opinion is welcomed. I worked with the zenbeats DAW by Roland.
The acapella comes from Macrazy and is called Rowdy.
The trap rhodes piano loop has been kindly uploaded by Stefanccino
5th May 2024 02:44 - 1 month ago

Search Rating : 4.80

Description : First ever Trap beat I ever try. Some people told me it was pretty good so yours to grab and use. It's short cause it was part of a contest.

Feedback welcomed as well ! Enjoy.

156 bpm
15th Mar 2024 19:21 - 3 months ago

Search Rating : 4.80

Description : just simple trap beat with a chill sample
13th Feb 2024 00:42 - 4 months ago

Search Rating : 4.80

Description : An attempt at trap
Link your work, please!
If you use this, make sure to credit me by adding (Prod by Valentinoisevil)
22nd Dec 2023 03:04 - 5 months ago

Search Rating : 4.80

Description : Ending the year w this joint , I peep everyone who listens. thank you guys for listening across the globe fr

SZA , Young Thug , Future , Moneybagg Yo , GIVEON , Rod Wave , Soul trap , Trap soul
25th Nov 2023 12:28 - 6 months ago

Search Rating : 4.80

Description : 2 Step Trap, classical, orchestral
23rd Nov 2023 19:35 - 6 months ago

Search Rating : 4.80

Description : Orchestral Trap Beat
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