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Description : Hope usable

Description : Send me your beats :D

Description : link to twitter in bio follow me there if you wanna collab

Description : you was never there from the start

Description : So, I just found out Derez Deshon (if people know who that is) dropped Pain 2 awhile back. It made me remember the first Pain, and my favorite song of it, P.I.L(Pain Is Love). Remade the piano part of it for fun n thought I'd share it, though its not that good and doesn't sound like the original

If I tell you I loooove youu don't play with me

Made in Keyscape

Description : originally made in garageband in 2015 but i recreated it on logic. pretty ominous vibes, do what you want with it, drop links or feedback as always.

Description : Send Links

Description : Enjoy.

Description : made a basic melody, then sliced it up.

Description : Comment if you want your beats you made with the loop! Appreciate it.

Description : Some chords I made with a guitar or ukelele preset in Xpand2. Gave me some chillin on the beach in Hawaii vibes

Description : Arpeggio with some maaly raw vibes

Description : Just a regular sounding piano with in arp in the second half of the loop

Description : Lil melody that makes you feel like flying in space

Description : Just some chords with a piano and flute preset. Second half of melody with just the piano

Description : Enjoy :P

Description : Reversed PlayboiCarti x Pierre Bourne type melody

Description : Old loop I made. Don't know the key

Description : house funk cool

Description : Piano loop that I constructed inspired by DP Beats.

Description : a way to make an.... classic?

Description : leave a comment

Description : Just a few simple chords made with the XPand2 Vst

Description : CHORDS: Emaj7 - Fm7 - G#m7 - Amaj7
Emaj7 - Fm7 - G#m7 - Fm7

Moody guitar chords. I recommend it on R&B, Trap, or Lo-Fi.

(DM me if you want the MIDI)

Description : gravy

Loops 1 - 25 of 116390
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