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Description : Bells...
Description : R&B I guess
Description : heavy very
Description : One Short riff repeated
Description : yeahh
Description : this trash
Description : scrapp
Description : weeho
Description : Made with Banjo V2, using a piano roll to adjust and place notes.
Original by Oldrockandroller (use as you wish!)
Description : ........
Description : Lets go France !!! World Champs
Description : throwaway sample
Description : ........
Description : .........
Description : a sunny afternoon by the river fishing with his dog
Description : The drums weren't coming out right so here it is.
Description : maybe someone use it
Description : This loop goes with "Banjo Picking 501A".
This is the 2nd loop made to match and be played after 501A.
Original by Oldrockandroller; use as you wish!
Description : Starts out slow and progresses to faster.
This loop goes with "Banjo Picking 501B".
Notice the Key progression of both loops.
Original by Oldrockandroller; use as you wish!
Description : Wondagurl type drums 120bpm, not the best but I tried :')
Description : ........
Description : ........
Description : extended
Description : A guitar electric chords progression with a little melody.
Hope you can use it !
If you want a custom loop, you can send me a private message or leave a comment.
Description : Realized with Fl Studio and Technics SX K700. Please, send me a link of your work if you use my loop ;) Thanks !
Loops 1 - 25 of 91710
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