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Description : first actual song w/ lyrics I tried to make! would really appreciate some feedback, like anything .. "I like this one part" or "i hate this one part" or you could just tell me I suck! that works to

E minor 92 bpm everything from scratch beat vocals mix master all me

Description : Since the first one was basically a throwaway because I got frustrated with it, even tho people seemed to love it. Decided to scrap it entirely and started over from scratch.

Description : my first ever song I created myself all from other loops and scratch in Magix. This is also free to download on youtube.

Tags : | Reggae | 8.50 MB | Has Lyrics | Reaper

Description : This ones for Cyberflares who just made the coolest utube vid, search six foot six cyberflares and you'll find it. Music cooked up entirely from free Loopmaster demo loops and a Scratch interview. Arrangement and added fx by me. Hopefully I don't upset the upsetter.

Description : Made from scratch using Odarka's acapella

Tags : | UK Drill | 3.76 MB | Samplitude

Description : working on some stuff build everything from scratch, ruff mix. feedback is welcome!

Tags : | Trap | 3.68 MB | FL Studio

Description : first beat i made from scratch

hope you like it, im going to sleep now

check me out on soundcloud -bloobeatz

Tags : | Trap | 2.64 MB | FL Studio

Description : I made a beat from scratch using guitar melody and little bouncy drums

Tags : | Pop | 3.59 MB | Studio One

Description : This is a very scratch vocal (suffering from bronchitis) idea for a tune titled "Just Love," by divady.

Description : A dark D&B track made with Massive, Serum, Sylenth1. All percussion, bass and synth loops created by me, from scratch. Let me know what you think. Hopefully it doesn't sound like crap on your system.

Tags : | Boom Bap | 5.34 MB | Acid Pro

Description : Made from scratch on Maschine mk3

Description : "Le pluriel ne vaut rien l'homme et sitt qu'on
Est plus de quatre on est une bande de cons." G.B

prod : DurbanPoison Beatmaker
Cuts/Scratch : Sharky
Rec/Mix/Master : Arobaz Studio

de lalbum Dfaites de fins damns, ce titre est sorti le 27 dcembre 2020 et disponible sur Bandcamp

Description : It has been a while since I posted anything
So I made this from scratch and I like it
A melodic rapper, Casanovablue that I've been working with wanted to sing on it so I think we're both gonna release this as a single.
I'm making an album and I want a lot of genre diversity, so if anyone wants to collaborate, please email me (email in bio)

Tags : | Trap | 4.26 MB | FL Studio

Description : Rod wave type beat made from scratch

Description : Beat I made from scratch.

Tags : | Trap | 7.92 MB | Soundtrap

Description : Im a begginer in beatmaking, exerything is made from scratch and you can use this beat for free and also if you're a rapper you send me your link so I can enjoy your freestyle or song!!!!

Tags : | Rock | 3.14 MB

Description : This is a tune we are currently working on which will be my next single release. We started working on it well before the World began to descend into chaos. Given the current state of affairs it seems very relevant. You'll be listening to a snippet of the scratch demo we used for a teaser lyric video which you can find on YouTube. Enjoy!

Tags : | Trap | 2.35 MB | FL Studio

Description : Just made this track today enjoy. I just throw it out cuz I know probably on my laptop no one will listen to it lmao.

Question: What is your process when it comes to making a beat from scratch for yourself or an artist?

Description : Some chill triphop mac miller or summer type vibes bein tossed around on this one, might be wack af I normally sample, but here's one from scratch prod by kidvoyage

Description : Beat a scratch

Description : Everything you need to know is here in the description so read carefully.
I love composing music, but at the moment I can't sing, I composed this instrumental with chilling beats, I created my own crazy effects.
Everything was built in 90 beats per minute, I have a lyric for that, but I prefer that you write a new lyric from scratch.
If you are willing to face this challenge, go ahead, download and enjoy this generous project.
I hope for a collab.

Description : New money man type beat I made this past weekend , really loving my progress with making stuff from scratch rather than using loops & midis. Lemme know what you guys think , all feedback appreciated good or bad.

Description : Rap beat, and hit me up if you like it. We can make it a full song if you can rap decently! Your lyrics.

Description : This was made from scratch.
Guitar played by me (Fender Stratocaster).
Bass and keyboard sounds made using MPK Mini.
Drum loop downloaded from here.
All via Studio One Artist 2.
Hope you like it.
Comments welcome.

Description : If you would like permission to change it, rap over it, if you are an artist, just write me here

Si eres artista or grupo y quieren permiso para usar la cancion con rap/vocales me pueden escribir aqui

"Evil Ice Cream Bass" by user SilenceKills

"140 bpm Trap Dj Vinyl Scratch FX" by KiestyleProductions

"A T T A C H M E N T" by renegadeonthebeat

Tracks 1 - 25 of 476