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Tags : | Blues | 5.40 MB | Pro Tools

Description : A swing blue groove with Philblues guitar sample on my music productions and Ms P Ewards vocals.

Tags : | Jazz | 10.79 MB | Reaper

Description : Swing drums, synth bass, piano, crunchy guitar, and diminished and whole-tone scale lead with auto-wah over diminished and augmented chords, hence the name... enjoy.

Tags : | Jazz | 5.13 MB | FL Studio

Description : Swing Jazz ish Sorry, always confused on genre

Tags : | Pop | 3.68 MB | Mixcraft

Description : Artist: DJ Alvin
Track: DJ Alvin - Electro Swing
ISRC: ITSY42000036

Description : Something for your evening cruise. Enjoy and give feedback. Good or bad.

Thanks for listening!


Description : i try this swing electro song with the unique acapella from 3v3sound, i hope you ll enjoy it!

Tags : | Electronic | 3.95 MB | Reaper

Description : I haven't recorded anything since Oct 12. My 98 LB weakling computer croaked so I bought a high powered one to replace it. I had 2 hip replacement surgeries in that time as well. This is me just getting back into the swing of things.

Tags : | Rock | 7.93 MB | Has Lyrics | Cubase

Description : A swing inspired vaudeville rock song about a wrecked ship.

Description : A No Copyright track which can be used for non-commercial use.
Song made by me using Ableton 10. Still needs mixing and mastering and few extra things to finish it up. If you like the idea let me know, maybe we can work on something together :)

Tags : | Trap | 8.24 MB | FL Studio

Description : Dj Albeats

Tags : | Rap | 10.00 MB | FL Studio

Description : Dj Albeats

Description : My remix of "Other Friends" from the Steven Universe movie. Electro swing!

Tags : | Hip Hop | 7.14 MB | FL Studio

Description : Swingy looped beat with one of my loops I posted here before.

Links to my channels on my profile page. Click my avatar!

Description : I've been watching the charts and I've noticed Latin music has taken over and it's crazy. So I thought I could take a swing at it and make something happen.

Tags : | Ambient | 3.75 MB

Description : A quick track to get back into the swing of it, been out of the game a while.

Thanks to ofekz83 for the amazing loop.

I think this comes under Ambient but if you think otherwise let me know.

Description : music igor smirnov

Description : That's something i worked out lately
a swing 3/4 hip hop Chill ?? Don't know how to describe this kind of music.
So if your interested to try something contact me

Tags : | Dubstep | 2.00 MB

Description : A preview of a genre I created called Swingstep.
Combines 50's swing with aspects of modern day dubstep.


Tags : | Blues | 8.21 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : I asked Ed (Tumbleweed) to sit in on this blues number with some lead guitar work and as always, he did not disappoint.
This is a fun, laid back blues boogie woogie song.

Tags : | Electro | 9.58 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : Electro swing song, big fan of sampling stuff, so a big portion of the song is cuts from loops taken from looperman. Song can also be found on YT and SC

Tags : | Rap | 6.73 MB | Colab Request

Description : Instrumental that i made alone.
Tell me your opinion about it please :)
If you use it or any other of my tracks pls made (prod. by CaptainBrams)

Tags : | Electronic | 4.35 MB

Description : Boredom is essential to music production- it annoys you and pushes you to find an interesting beat or sound for your song.

Inspiration: Dire Straits - Sultans of Swing

Check out my SoundCloud:

Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.44 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : LOL...dont even know where to start with this... obviously this is created from loops here on this page.. the Flinstone sample was from youtube.. I thought it was weird that the Flinstones did a cigarette commercial, but i guess anything is possible!!! the swing boys harmonizing at the beginning an throughout was my start point.. i heard it on here (sorry cant remember whos it was, i use this site sooooo much).. and was determined to use it in Hip Hop.. not one of my greatest beats, but kinda cool i guess..

lemme know watcha think

Description : Greetings mon! A little sample of a beat I made that needs a guitar mon!

60 Bpm, Key G, 35% swing (if you are into it)

Tracks 1 - 25 of 108
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