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Tags : | EDM | 3.88 MB | Featured | FL Studio

Description : I hope everybody enjoy it.I just try to get back at EDM.

Question for you: What keep you moving forward everyday at making music?

Description : Free for use, for whatever u want.
just give credits uwu

yt: senpark! Music
soundcloud: senparK

Description : Track is by Prod. BENJII YANG it's such a sweet track. I was going to just sing some lyrics off the top of my head which is what i do sometimes with my one takes but decided to write some quick/simple lyrics just to record my vocals on it, so, just me exercising my vox here, Indulging myself and enjoying every minute, not perfect but I'm Happy!! :)

Tags : | Electronic | 4.42 MB | Reaper

Description : Found a great acapella by 0Equinox0, can't hold me down either, so i dipped a toe into pop... Enjoy.

I made a quick music video using audio visualizations and royalty free images pertaining to the emotional content of the lyrics.

If you have 2 minutes, check it out here:

Feel free to leave a comment on the channel or here, let me know what you think. If you are wondering how I did it I would be happy to explain.

Tags : | Rock | 16.00 MB | Reaper

Description : Here's a 100% improv jam done a while back with a band called Before the Flood. It is utter whammy pedal abuse throughout. All effects were real-time.
This and a few other "songs" were cut from a much longer jam.

Bass - Rick Curry
Drums - Jason Little
Guitar - bringerofDOOM

I'm challenging myself by remixing live material. Any feedback/tips appreciated.
All "wrong notes" and happy accidents intact, absurdly funky... enjoy

Description : A song for the lovers who have once dived deep into the process.
Here's the Electromix of AAJ BHI, Sung by Vishal Mishra under VYRL where, I've given a new Vibe and Energy to the song.

Drop me a Thumbs Up.
Your support motivates me to create more music.
Cheers. Happy Listening.

Show me your love on Insta- xadai.music

Tags : | Hardcore | 4.24 MB | Acid Pro

Description : Taking Cues from D&B, Happy Hardcore, Gabber, EBM and Future pop comes this intense tune.

Description : This is a cover (not a remix) of “Please Don’t Love Me", a track by Devin Hoffman, R. Fisher and J. Easley. Original version is on Youtube, Soundcloud, and Spotify.
I can't sing, so decided to do the vocals for this cover with vocoders. If there are any Looperman members out there who would like to try their hand at doing proper vocals for this I’d be happy to provide the lyrics and, if wanted, I’d gladly help produce new versions of the cover.

Description : Didn't put as much time into this as I probably should have, but I'm happy with the result. This is basically a slow starting..I don't know, evil(?) or anti-hero composition. I keep thinking the beginning sounds French. lol.

Tags : | Cinematic | 5.67 MB | Cubase

Description : I have a very personal connection to this song, you could say it was therapy for me and helped me get through a tragic time. I never intended to release it but finished it up and it is the opening track on my 4th instalment of the "Cinematic Essentials" collections. It is quite grand and positive yet full of grief, happy and sad at the same time. I hope some of you enjoy it and I always appreciate any feedback.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 8.79 MB | FL Studio

Description : Hi Everyone this my my 3th Prod on FruityLoops
Happy Face
By Haze

Description : This is our first Song we finished together with my friend Mario. Its actually this song, that showed us, which kind of Music we fit in and we like to produce. We named it Ocean because at one point during production, we had the feeling beeing deep under the sea, because of the deep sample thats in the song. So we thought...why not call the song Ocean? :)
Hope u guys enjoy it.
Feel free to listen, comment and so on :)
We would be happy.

We Trance u ;)

Tags : | Pop | 6.84 MB | Featured | Reaper

Description : This is a remake of a song I did over year ago called Clickbait Cabaret Pop. I couldn't mix for shit back then. The tune is about the only track I've ever done that could be described as a "happy" pop song, so I really wanted to redo it with instruments that don't fight with each other & a mixdown that doesn't sound like it's coming from the middle of a goddamn swamp. Pretty sure I succeeded with that. Cheers.

Tags : | Cinematic | 3.14 MB | Cubase

Description : This track started out as an experiment to create something cinematic with no percussion at all, purely piano and strings. Anyway I ended up putting a little percussion right at the end and I was happy enough with it to use it as the final track on my last album (Sense - Cinematic Essentials Vol.3) It is also available on apple music, spotify, deezer etc as well as youtube. I hope some of you enjoy ;)

Description : UPDATE: Extended and revised version.
I produced additional sounds, reworked the vocals, cleaned the entire sound and mixed everything again. I would be interested to know whether I improved or worsened it.

Based on a old poem from around 1650 by Laurentius von Schnifis.

Everything played and mixed by myself. Parts of the drums by Joe Funktastic.

As always, I would be very happy about a comment.
- joe -

Description : Super happy sampled classic ish with a fat bass

Mac Miller, Ab-Soul, J Cole, wavey, summer time beat

Description : Happy upbeat and super chill perfect for a mixtape

Mac, old Cudi, Party and summer

Description : Powerfull remix !

I would be very happy to see your comments on this track !

Tags : | Chill Out | 3.79 MB | Sonar

Description : new age meets wah-wah guitar

Tags : | Rap | 6.39 MB | Has Lyrics | FL Studio

Description : an old beat enjoy happy trapmetals

Description : Hey ! I'm making a lot of music full of energy !

I really hope you guy swill like it !

I would be very happy to have your feedback :)

Description : Again a festival song, because we want to dance ! :D
I would be very happy to have your feedback

Description : Not Isolated, Happy Ice. All drums played by me except intro percussion loop. Guitars and other instruments samples from looperman users

Description : Super laid back boom bap style sampled beat with a Kendrick/Ab-Soul vibe to it - Spacey and wavy with an outer space/Alien feel

Mac, Dilla, Old School, Chill, Happy, Summer

Description : The title kinda spoils it

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