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16th Mar 2024 22:25 - 4 months ago

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Description : Update: 04/10/24: ready
Song about a young woman who left her family and now thinks wistfully of her homeland.

Composition: Angelica Schwanitz
Text: Claudia Boekels
Vocals: Manuela Boekels

Guitars: Peter Schninkel, Ben Perl
Keys Angelica Schwanitz
Bass: Paul Scherner
Drums: Ulli Stein
the great Pete Townson (Sax solo)
Erhu: Tim Balten
Pipe: Klaus Wagner
11th Sep 2022 21:43 - 1 year ago

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Description : With this track my goal was to use sounds from around the world. I’ve used samples of instruments from Australia, northern and southern Africa, India, China, Japan, the Americas, and various parts of Europe. Vocals by Snowflake.
29th May 2021 22:23 - 3 years ago

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Description : A little Africa
19th Jul 2020 20:35 - 3 years ago

Search Rating : 10.05

Description : afro beat uptempo sound Any use of Acapella

1 Name track as (my Africa )

2 Name music by { Geemandrummer}

3. Post link to track back here at Looperman

hope you guys can move to the beat turn the sound up

Would love to hear raps/freestyle over it, leave them in the comments.
16th May 2019 00:47 - 5 years ago

Search Rating : 10.05

Description : Used Kora fro West Africa and some Asian Lutes.
Feedback welcome.
14th Apr 2014 12:28 - 10 years ago
Tags :

Search Rating : 10.05

Description : Need a singer or maybe a rapper.

It was one of my first tracks.
Tracks (6)