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Description : 88 BPM... CLUB BANGER/POP MELODY
Tags : | House | 8.75 MB
Description : The song was made with the idea, to use instruments musicians play on the street. They join together, starting with a melody and finally playing a song together. Enjoy!
Description : If the old testimony had a club, this might be the anthem for it. Cheers! Many thanks to Shamoozey and the vocal I got from him. Big respect.
Description : Something a bit different from what I usually make. All synth work is done with Ravity. Features this vocal by Steelyvibe: Also uses one of my own loops from this site, Distorted Drums:
Description : club bangger
Tags : | Rock | 2.42 MB | Colab Request
Description : -Not a club song, but in my head i see a crowded disco dancing to this tune as the shy guy tries to make his way to the most dazzling girl.- Trying out my new gear ! As always, pure alternative rock from yours truly :) If anyone feel this song, feel free to lay the smack down on it ! For contact:
Tags : | Trance | 8.05 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : BaseTime is an emerging European dance and club music formation, inspired on 90's dance music from artists such as DJ Bobo, Real McCoy, Ace of Base, and even reaching deeper into the Italo Disco era in terms of sweet and smooth melodic approach. BaseTime prides itself on staying true to the roots of one of the best musical phases to date!
Tags : | Electronic | 15.26 MB
Description : Ügynökség - Sun Is Shining (Khiflee Club Mix) from "A m?vészet nem árt / Nem kell tovább várnunk (remix)" (2016.11.06)
Tags : | Dance | 8.68 MB
Description : Original Mix Feat. MrShammi
Description : Chicago / Club-House music style track I made and remixed for CHIS' Dance With Me acapella lyrics he has here on Looperman.
Tags : | Hip Hop | 6.46 MB
Description : Arrogants Ft. illbliss (prod. Ninstack) Hip-Hop / Trap / Afro-Trap / Rap / Club
Description : a new club banger hope u enjoy don't forget to leave a comment thanks
Tags : | Electro | 11.75 MB
Description : Club Mix
Tags : | Deep House | 10.37 MB
Description : New club track. It contains deep soul in a good vibe deeptrance box including a great voice by Patricia Edwards. Feel free, leave a message so you can download this song!
Description : Hip hop/club dance track. Thanks to danke, glenntherehbel, kaynine, and tywayne for their great loops! :)
Tags : | Electro | 9.27 MB
Description : Ügynökség - Minden (Martin Miller /Khiflee/ Modern Club Mix) from "Régi világ / Minden (remix)" (2016.07.03)
Tags : | Trap | 3.32 MB
Description : this is my remix for this great song of adventure club whit amazing vocal of yuna, I hope you enjoy :)
Tags : | Electro | 4.27 MB | Featured
Description : hey guys, hope you're all well. this is my first track for some time due to, well, life ! its my first attemptt at an electro swing track, take a llisten and as always comments are welcomed and enjoyed !
Tags : | Rap | 5.09 MB
Description : #Rap instrumental...
Description : A hip hop club sounding instrumental track with hook. Needs a rapper. If interested hit me up!!! :)
Description : Im new to making beats and I haven't a clue how to use the advanced features of logic, but I wanted someone to add a proper intro, bass breaks and all, i want it to end up feeling a like a club tune or a tactical I'm coming to get you for trying to fuck my shit up tune. all rights will be shared accordingly, without getting all serious
Description : What's going on everybody? I am back with a collaborative tune that I am currently working on with Kalamazoo-native ECG and instead of going the 140bpm route, thought we'd have this one go more on the 128bpm club/festival side. Check it out, let me know how my vocal eq'ing is, or just eq'ing in general! If you want to get in touch with me my SOUNDCLOUD is under the moniker: latinassassin Thanks again!
Tags : | Dance | 4.76 MB | Featured
Description : A club-type track with some dark undertones
Tags : | Dance | 11.01 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : Do you wanna Dance? Really? Let's go, because Kamal Supreme and Ayesha put it down on the remix! It has that Chicago House, That Soul, That funk and that Hip Hop! Let's Go!…17-club-remix
Tracks 1 - 25 of 1001
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