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Description : Rockni
Tags : | Garage | 2.86 MB
Description : Vocals Miper
music composed by JP Vignes
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Description : Uk Garage track. I thought I didnt like much UK Garage until I became hooked on 'People Just Do Nothing' here in the UK on one of the BBC channels. Saw a track list and realised I had or liked most of the tracks, so here is my tribute to UK Garage.
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Description : Test in style, enjoy.
Description : Winds buzzing the tower in a capricious flyby, metachronal waves scurrying through the reeds.
The surface of a lake soon returns to normalcy, as do the fronds. Ephemeral as its form, is its effect. It takes a storm to do anything more than make the flora perform a fleeting dance.
Tags : | Garage | 11.79 MB
Description : Even with covering fire from the garden, one steps on his(?) words, and still manages to make a fool of himself. Both got that bead drawn on the balcony, neither quite hitting the mark. A face and a voice too disparate. Swaying to borrowed words like a mantra.

redux of stray but fleshed out as per the original notes
Tags : | Garage | 3.60 MB
Description : Churning and cutting a path to nowhere, given color and form by the surroundings it has destroyed. Paying lip service to the skies, my personal landlocked hurricane, quietly making its way to where no one can see. Turning itself inside and out. Whiling and whirling away in the throes of night.
Description : just a happy little melody. i would enjoy hearing YOUR opinion,on any of my tracks
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Description : this just popped out one night!
Tags : | Garage | 6.84 MB
Description : Martin Miller (Khiflee) - Cold Street / Ground Floor from "Expanded Universe EP" (2016.07.24)
Tags : | Garage | 5.71 MB
Description : Hi to all. Garage is not a genre i already worked in but i liked the original track so i tried something. I got the stems from this thread
The original song is here
I only changed the drums and edited the stems (cuts) and mixed it.
Thanx to Virginia Slimm for sharing the stems and for the performance. Edit : Updated master - another version is currently under construction :)
Tags : | Garage | 7.11 MB
Description : Still working the kinks out. Im going for that garage sound. Any criticism is welcome!
Description : A song about the bad things.
Feel free to comment.

Vocal stem here:


Remix Stems Here:
Tags : | Garage | 3.60 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : none none none
Description : This is a new track i'm working on...
I need female vocals on it! so if youre interested contact me.

Description : there isn't any

This is the unfinished (yet almost completely arranged) version of the track! It's for my new UK Garage / 2-Step EP!
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Description : UKG REMIX
Tags : | Garage | 5.12 MB
Description : Im new here and just thought i would get some feedback on this. Ive been working on this for a while and have finally got a sound im happy with.Everything is raw except the midi pimp leads at the end. Dont mind the drums, some parts are way out of wack. But i tracked them just to get the idea down. Im going to re-track them in a couple of days. Any criticism is appreciated!
Description : And then I saw the Congo creeping through the black.
Description : Here's the UK Garage / Chill Out Edit of the Acapella Dancing In My Dreams, sit back, relax and enjoy!
Tags : | Garage | 8.03 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : Ok, this is my song for the "Loop Challange" started by FreeRadikal Maybe you cant hear the 3 loops i had to use (in any way) BUT i realy only used this 3 loops and a drumline, my voice and just a 4th loop (the chello or string one). All in all it was a real fun to work with - not chosen- loops and the result is something i realy didnd done the last 20 years. A kind of a punksong .... it´s a genremix i believe something punky, powerfull and strange with a touch of the 80´s and with electrostuff and guitars ... --- jetzt geht es los - means something like - Here we go -and- Now it beginns - have fun
Description : old school remixed
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Description : somewhere deep down in the mountains
Tags : | Garage | 4.18 MB | Featured
Description : Remix of my little ponys winter wrap up
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