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Description : bass kick low

Description : hip hop music lo fi

Description : Eletronic guitar and metal fusion

Tags : | Weird | 5.38 MB | Adult Content

Description : This is a rough cut of a dark comedy song/skit that started from a voice character i created when joking around with my ex girlfriend. This was the following tangent that followed.

Description : .........

Tags : | Weird | 2.15 MB

Description : Just a sample track. Find me and follow me on

Description : Here is a new song I've been working on for a good while now and thought it would be a good time for feedback. yes I know my voice sucks but its about the artistic expression. the song has no meaning honestly or I don't know what it means I just had the idea in my head and added to it.

Description : (ft. beta max)

Description : trap bass hip hop

Description : Instrumental track I just finished.

Tags : | Weird | 4.18 MB | Has Lyrics | Cubase

Description : Experimenting with a positive mood

Tags : | Weird | 3.55 MB | FL Studio

Description : some shit

Description : Abstract sound art that has a sassy "melody" in there. It's as vague as a memory and very selective in what it reveals - don't trust it.

Description : it sounds weird...

Tags : | Weird | 7.77 MB | FL Studio

Description : Self-release. My first try to create a Witch House track.

Description : huh???????

Tags : | Weird | 8.10 MB | Cubase

Description : This tune is an ode to al Looperman users for having skills and being generous to share their work!
Seven minutes long at 100 bpm.
On request I'll give the list of the 28 samples I have used.
I hope you enjoy listening to it at least as much as I did creating it.

Description : oooooooooooooo

Description : Chillin to it

Tags : | Weird | 5.73 MB | Has Lyrics | Reason

Description : Think for yourself......Question authority......

Description : ........

Tags : | Weird | 6.55 MB | Colab Request

Description : it's a follow up to a track that i montaged from couple of samples from here.lirycs wrote to someone

Tags : | Weird | 9.62 MB

Description : had an urge to sign this,found beautifull piano finger cover and that's judgemental opinions please;-)i'm singing only for pleasure and many times i feel like i didn't put enough effort

Description : Made this over the weekend, let me know what you think. Not sure what to classify it as..

Description : justmessingaround.... upbeat type of song with heavy synth and guitar

Tracks 1 - 25 of 1373
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