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Tags : | Weird | 5.02 MB
Description : progressive
Tags : | Weird | 4.27 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : free beat
Tags : | Weird | 4.71 MB | Featured
Description : hard...
Tags : | Weird | 3.77 MB
Description : Hubble
Tags : | Weird | 4.89 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : Don't think too deeply into my song titles, It's just something random I come up with that semi-fits the tone of the music/tracks I create. This one is just your average 95 BPM track, nothing too special, Take a listen. My father helped me with this track, So props to him, Shoutouts to Ageless, Check out his LooperMan profile.
Tags : | Weird | 5.43 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : A project I left in the dust a few years back, I decided to work with it a bit and turned it into something different. Check it out.
Tags : | Weird | 2.78 MB | Has Lyrics | Featured
Description : This is a totally different remix from the original song. I put some bwamp loops and a guitar solo plus added more drums fills and created a totally different groove
Tags : | Weird | 5.57 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : hello everyone I just wanted to thank you for the good work you are doing, allowing people like me to have fun composing pseudo tracks and feel good. I state that I am self-taught and I am going to ear thanks again to everyone
ps: I apologize for the audio quality
Tags : | Weird | 4.91 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : just a bunch of music that I done, that(me) have no love for.
Tags : | Weird | 8.68 MB
Description : Awesome vocal. Not so good VSTi guitar. Anyway...
Tags : | Weird | 6.37 MB
Description : dark eerie horror looming background something cinematic maybe idk 3am all alone sounds like this on a moonless night lol
Tags : | Weird | 6.12 MB | Colab Request
Description : New Update!Comments recommended!Again.
Tags : | Weird | 3.94 MB
Description : Drift Correction
Tags : | Weird | 5.05 MB
Description : free beat !!!
Tags : | Weird | 4.27 MB
Description : eerie dark evil spooky horror soundscape or drop some horrific violent evil lyrics its dark stay away from the light they will see you...
Tags : | Weird | 1.41 MB
Description : Made Sampling A Personal Loop Available Here On Looperman (Warm Harp Chords). The twist is that it is accompanied by a series of drum patterns arranged as a full circle over-all pattern through the track. Loops within loops man.
Description : most loops from this site
Tags : | Weird | 2.29 MB | Colab Request
Description : An experimental vocal track I made years ago recording the sounds of water dropping. I'd be happy if you remixed it or used it for your tracks and posted the link.
Tags : | Weird | 3.74 MB
Description : electronic madness using this drumloop. looperman-l-0111346-0048559-planetjazzbass-spunky.wav
Tags : | Weird | 8.73 MB
Description : Bicycle tour
Tags : | Weird | 3.29 MB
Description : idk reall similar to one i did other week maybe, cheers to jottaruizmusic-hip-hop-drums-old-school for sharing the drums loop, i messed with it a lil as everything lol, new bass wobble funk hop? lol :)
Tags : | Weird | 6.32 MB | Featured
Description : I was playing around with a loop I found at called "cliche-hypno" (submitted by freqman) and slowly came up with this somewhat creepy piece of silliness. The female whispers of "look into its eyes, it sees what we can't" also comes from and was submitted by Epanody. The piano and haunting harmonica loops come from Mhyst at All other loops are from various Acid Music collections.
Tags : | Weird | 7.16 MB
Description : i dont know what yall would call it, it came out while making music you how it is..... im happy with it after hearing it weeks later lol ... excited to post it, id love to hear your interpretation or something.
Tags : | Weird | 8.35 MB | Colab Request
Description : Original - The Sound of Belgium. - 126 BPM
Description : One of those tracks you put your headphones on and your off too fantasy land for bit.Its all over the music spectrum on this track.*no foul language but does have lyrics that contain adult language
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