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Description : Metal guitar melted with electronic elements. Part of a project I'm working on called The "Subterranean Album". Far from being finished...

Tags : | Fusion | 7.45 MB | FL Studio

Description : NICE TO GROOVE TO.

Description : lots of other looperman loops too....got to give back..this song wont die...so here it is,,,enjoy

Tags : | Fusion | 8.89 MB | Garageband

Description : This one features my friend JYNXZ. He contributed his wonderful synth magic. Danke sehr!

Description : Simple, but très chic...

Original Mix

Tags : | Fusion | 4.41 MB | Logic Pro

Description : April captured as an emotional rollercoaster. A modern classical retro synth and electronic symphonic, atonal, rhythmic flow. Massive attack to NIN. Starts discordant classical jazz fusion flows to electronic. Deep loss and hope. April has been full of hope, dreams, thinking, learning, regret, sacrifice and loss. Horns play an emotional down and up. Just listen

Description : This track is me just exploring VST's and FX on a rainy weekend.

Tags : | Fusion | 8.00 MB | FL Studio

Description : Starts out very mellow but works its way into metal at the end.

Description : I got the idea for the name of this track from
I think this is a little avant-garde, with all the odd-ball rhythms.
I got the main drum track from "FunkRick",

Tags : | Fusion | 9.93 MB | Featured | FL Studio

Description : Exactly what it says, Baroque like Bach

Tags : | Fusion | 7.83 MB | Audition

Description : THE JINNI (feat. Jenny Mayhem & Jesse Taylor). Recorded in 2015

Description : I was writing this with the guy who recruited me into my first band.
He was battling cancer and died about a month ago before I finished this track.
Were it not for him I would have never gotten into music, which has been my love ever since.
I really miss my buddy. Handsome "Hamp" Carson.R.I.P.

Tags : | Fusion | 7.00 MB | Ableton Live

Description : This is my first track of the new year. I know it's already March.LOL

Tags : | Fusion | 7.89 MB | Logic Pro

Description : caraïbeen dance

Tags : | Fusion | 4.18 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : just a jam. welcome any comments/criticism on the mix; have next to no idea what i'm doing. use a ditto x4 to record and audacity to mix.

thanks to looperman.com user Alabafruit for drums.

Tags : | Fusion | 10.18 MB | Reason

Description : happy new year to all the looperman community!

here my last track! i wrote several tracks since my last passage in this place, i all published them on my soundcloud

Can follow me in this place here: soundcloud.com/bleep64/poker-life-joker-wife

Tags : | Fusion | 8.51 MB

Description : Dear Friends, this song is a source of great satisfaction for me, as it is a collaboration with Discipline that has done a wonderful job integrating its elegant and magical creativity with my electronic backing tracks. I really liked the result and I think it will be the first in a series. Comments are appreciated.

Tags : | Fusion | 6.37 MB | Logic Pro

Description : Afropop X Afrobeats Instrumental 2019 Tina X Hawa (Afrobeats Type Beats)

Description : (updated 13 nov 2019)Funky track evolving into housy ending..

Tags : | Fusion | 10.47 MB | Studio One

Description : A track that is mellow and takes you on fantasy trip.

Tags : | Fusion | 10.92 MB | Acid Pro

Description : Hope you will like it... Peace!


Tags : | Fusion | 11.35 MB | Samplitude

Description : A song of dedication...kind of a ballad thing and not really a fusion, at least not in classical sense...:)

Description : Romantic the Vocalist is adamms check her

Description : Another track with Mark T and me. It's a little long but I think you'll enjoy it if you're into Fusion.

Tags : | Fusion | 11.74 MB | Samplitude

Description : Enigmatically entitled and questionable in chosen genre...I hope it can't get worse than that..:-)

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