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Description : I had a vocal melody stuck in my head, which is not how I usually start a song. I also realised that I never seem to use the vast wealth of loops on this site. So I used a beat by laurentwertz. I ended up with something that feels to me like melancholic chill-out. Thoughts? looperman-l-2054129-0106165-laurentwirz-captain-cool-beat-78-bpm
Tags : | Trap | 4.37 MB | Has Lyrics | Featured
Description : A beat by me (Chained Beats) The track includes: Melody - Piano, 2 Plucks,Lead. Drums - Kick, 808, 2 Snares, Hi-Hat, Open Hats, Crashes.
Description : Listening to the wonderful melody of the great loop of my good friend Martin (Minor2Go) and the capella "Home going" by the amazing artist Shawnlat, I wanted to create a musical piece that would harmonize them and I hope to give the "environment" of this wonderful choices. So I added all other instruments and voila!Good Hearing my friends. Every comment you make is important to improve this musical composition.ChrisK.
Tags : | House | 10.71 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : The second track off of my debut EP, 'The Spooky Place' I would like to thank several looperman members- I made this track using a lot of little drum samples and one very cool melodic sample from thecosmiceffect (TC5)! Credits for the looperman samples used are as follows: ~~~~~Loop [Artist];~~~~~ melody [the cosmic effect(TC5)]; drum [corruptionedm]; drum [lolboy356]; claps [haidarjasem]; fx [alexisescalona]; drums [tmandjievdo0]; fx [dextdee]; fx [acrylic]; fx [wilobowski]; fx [assassinbeats]; thunder [djfredval]; fx [djbirdie]; drums [skipyofficialmusic]; fx [theofficialkatechism]; fx [sintheticrecords]; fx [eos].
Description : 110 bpm This is a voice melody made with harmor in FLstudio 12 demo version
Tags : | Trap | 3.16 MB
Description : loops by minor2go callmeking troysgone immrnoobheadfu1 arkzyy- jackdoeslof
Tags : | Trap | 4.05 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : Shout out to JosephFunk for the original Latin Piano Sample. Check out his page!! He is an animal when it comes to melodies!! I took his melody and shook it up a little bit!
Description : I don't listen to these music genres (i guess this should be metal?) as I'm deep in EDM, but I came up with a nice melody while improvising on a piano so i thought i could give a shot with it in FL.. If you want to extend this, or make a remix, or make your original track with this melody - leave a comment down there
Description : The main melody is recorded thanks to an external sound card, when I recorded this track, I planned to make heavy rock or metal, but that's what happened in the end.
Tags : | Breakbeat | 4.21 MB
Description : Best beats of using any trap,sound anyway downlood
Tags : | Breakbeat | 2.96 MB
Description : new type of melody sound beats
Description : My Brain was getting fried with all this music theory vst's and MIDI, so I had some fun just throwing together a bunch of loops again. Thanks to all for the following loops: looperman-l-0672759-0112523-sushilbawa-your-genre-synth-120, looperman-l-2279000-0109538-dripchord-young-thug-piano-loop, looperman-l-2279000-0109791-dripchord-dope-big-sean-melody-loop, looperman-l-0672759-0110476-sushilbawa-soft-piano, looperman-l-2134168-0108894-peajae-small-dipper-synth, looperman-l-0672759-0109679-sushilbawa-piano-peg-2, looperman-l-0672759-0110529-sushilbawa-piano-circle-82-rnb. Comments always welcome. I have a lot to learn :) Key: C#m
Tags : | Rap | 7.37 MB
Description : Some oldschool beat (well to me it sounds like an oldschool) I've made. Enjoy ?... Btw - wanna hear advices and comments :) PS: Shout out to dripchord cuz it's his melody. (Ye I'm lazy to do my own for now)
Description : Please listen with headphones , sounds horrible on speakers ... I try and try but cant find a melody .. Any Ideas maybe ? Would be very thanksful , thanks a lot ;-))
Tags : | Electronic | 8.66 MB
Description : UPDATED 27/08: added vocals (not my vocals, a friend made them), better mix and some other crap haha Still actively working on this to flesh it out more, especially in the middle section also need to add alot more variation to the melody and stuff. Looking for some thoughts on it :). Not had a means of making music for a few months so im alittle rusty, plus i have very little stuff so had to remake all my synths and get new drum samples e.c.t its been a pain in the ass haha anyways.. hope you can comment with your thoughts and ideas if not then i hope you enjoy even at this early stage. Thanks
Description : dark,simple melody with strong presence
Tags : | Heavy Metal | 8.77 MB
Description : I know it's more fusion than metal, but still put there... :) Some lame guitar notes by me, everything else is loops from the site only. Enjoy or hate it! :) Applied loops (fully or partially): PLANETJAZZBASS: 0111346-0014685 (MrGlitchy), 0111346-0035717 (Zoombie Grass), 0111346-0026143 (Choral One), GUITARJOCK: 0353199-0026553 (guitarjocks punkish lead gtr chorus 2), 0353199-0026550 (guitarjocks punkish lead gtr rhy 1), BUTCHEROFNORMALITY: 0234230-0014373 (Metal Siren), ISHIMIZU: 0259745-0032168 (Virtual Guitar loop), CLINTHAMERMUSIC: 0409755-0031558 (Perky Beat), NEMESIS1979: 0096007-0035046 (resistance), STEINAA: 0214983-0034769 (Irreversible drumz), HMNN: 0073162-0024186 (HMNN Orch5), DEXTDEE: 0116269-0015590 (whistling celestial), SLAPJOHNSON: 0067443-0012880 (Garage 50), GUITARGURU: 0057331-0003622 (Robot Song), ARIXXONSC: 1264531-0079772 (170 Funky Bass Melody), ALEN9R: 0379853-0057899 (MMS FULL Drums 85 Bpm), KEDAL: 0308983-0022318 (Evolutive 4), BLAZEBEATSOFFICIAL: 0748303-0083177 (arp dance loop), KLEVRAH: 0406855-0060757 (One that got away), NEEZLE: 0689209-0083666 (Metallic Groove), SGN: 0383306-0040705 (Did I Stutter Part 1), ALIVIDLIFE: 0158799-0049750 (alividlife Insomnia Drums2 125), BENTLEYRHYTHMACE: 0000014-0000098 (Bra Dirty Echo Beats 1), SHORTBUSMUSIC: 0500098-0061360 (Hip Hop Piano in Dm-G), SINTHETICRECORDS: 0403648-0055960 (Sinthetic - Tick Tock Drums and Percussion 100), DESIGNEDIMPRESSION: 0592478-0068836-designedimpression-we-rise-hold-synth (deleted loop), WATERMIND: 0071369-0005244-watermind-077-harmonica-echo-1-a (deleted user?).
Tags : | Pop | 8.62 MB | Featured
Description : This song took forever to do. I'm not even sure if the original artist had this genre in mind when he recorded this. But I decided to put my spin on things like I normally do. Also I want to thank the user LankFrampard for the main melody. This is my first time using this artist's vocals to make a song. I hope this is appreciated. The artist is Without My Armor.
Tags : | Acoustic | 2.95 MB
Description : A little acoustic song by divady with a Native American style flute melody over it. So sweet! Thanks for the listens and favs.
Tags : | Hardcore | 359.25 KB
Description : Contact:
Tags : | House | 7.72 MB | Colab Request
Description : My friend made a melody and some chords a while back, I took them and made this track. I feel a good vocalist would complete it. Any takers? Anyone know any good vocalists? Let me know.
Tags : | Hip Hop | 611.80 KB
Description : Melody/Loop. produced with Fl 10. HipHop/Trap type, you can use it ONLY for Mixtape purposes. share it here for the world to hear ! check my soundclou . expobeatz and promote expobeatz for more loops !
Description : Here is a demo with a rhythm and harmonies with the beautiful voice of 3v3sound who wrote and sung on the melody I just copy pasted the piano / song part on the arrangement of my piece so the result is not perfect
Tags : | Trip Hop | 625.58 KB
Description : A quick throwup! credit to Alabafruit for the main melody. Just added drums and a small twist.
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