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Description : credit me and show me what u made

Tags : | Chill Out | 7.16 MB | Mixcraft

Description : Next two tracks are made up of loops from here and myself enjoy. Forgot to mention some of these loops are from 2012/13 and some uptodate ones.
TyWayne psuedex2 HarmTN SuperStellarMusic

bass rhythm guitar melody
scottsims1970 johnny808
lead guitar loop placements and manipulation

Tags : | Rap | 4.62 MB | Has Lyrics | FL Studio

Description : Diamonds Melody Dm 200 BPM By Drop

Tags : | Chill Out | 9.64 MB

Description : Round and Round we ago
Chill Lo-fi Ambient beats with small melody lines swinging in and out and glitches - Another track from a few months remixed tonight while still in lockdown. MPC
Comments and feedback appreciated

Description : if there is harmonic matter you've got please any one let me know

Description : I am seeking remixes for this track to be released on streaming/download outlets later this month as part of a remix bundle.

Produced by Gareth Shortland, who was recently recruited to remix hits for Steps and Will Young, the track wears its influences on its sleeve – Chicane and SASH! can be heard in the pure ‘90s production, while the infectious melody is reminiscent of Pet Shop Boys.

Description : Made with the samples and loops of these lovely people :)

1. Dark bell Uk drill - Carsten by carstenprd

2. Pop Smoke x 808 Melo Type by SousakOnTheTrack


Thank you carstenprd, SousakOnTheTrack and JupiterWave for the lovely loops.

Let me know what you guys think :)

Description : RNB track/ piano melody

Description : Tried the Monte Booker drum kit on this one with some Violin melody that I made and edited.

Tags : | Trap | 2.64 MB | FL Studio

Description : I made a beat from scratch using guitar melody and little bouncy drums

Description : Simple strings melody. Didn't want to add too much to this track.

Description : Piano hiphop melody.

Description : This is a selfmade Hip-Hop Rock Music (82 BPM). Would like your thoughts on it. I Hope you enjoy :)

!"If you want to use this melody please tag my Instagram account or my name " nurcankurt_music " and let me hear or see what you make with it :)"!!

Description : Melody with Piano, Acoustic Guitar and Bass Guitar

Description : Took the melody and build a beat around it. Tell me what you think.

Tags : | Trap | 1.14 MB | Featured | FL Studio

Description : XXXTENTACION SAD type loop. Send me the link of your beat after cooking a beat with this melody.

Tags : | Trap | 6.94 MB | Featured

Description : idk i tried to create those generic chill type beats didnt bother too much, i had the melody in my head and just wrote it, IF YOU WANT TO USE THIS DM ME

Tags : | Trap | 5.87 MB | Soundtrap

Description : This one is a combination of HipHop and Rock..
with piano and guitar, I've tried to balance the melody with a blend of emotions and angriness
if you want to use it the plz share it with me too in the comments
i'd love to check out new things
Hope you like it.

Description : Doing a collaboration project and getting myself warmed up by making this!

All sounds are from Nexus3 except percussions and sampled vocals. I worked more on the melody than the drums, focusing on 90's retro style Kirby's Adventure music. Still putting an effort!

Lastly, this is downloadable. Please give credit where it's due.

Description : This is a track which was inspired by Godzilla! The aggressive drums and the distorted melody reminds me of the giant beast himself. Add some bars to it or sing with it, just post the link in the comment so I can hear what you guys came up with it! Enjoy.

Description : I put a lot of distortion on the lead and bass. The main chords are super saw layers and the guitar melody is from a sample pack.

Description : ᅠ
BeatTemplate#1330 , some kind of Metal Drill stuff, Pulse & Pvnex Type Beat (Carnage X Panzer).

Melody sample:
"UK Drill Melody" by Nvpxebvh

(Not meant to be rapped over, not up for sale)

Description : ᅠ
BeatTemplate#1330 , some kind of Metal Drill stuff, Pulse & Pvnex Type Beat (Carnage X Panzer).

Melody sample:
"UK Drill Melody" by Nvpxebvh

Meenlower (Aka Дьюморпис) - Rare Tribal Cabin

(Not meant to be rapped over, not up for sale)

Description : Let me know what you guys can do with this simpel loop that i make.Its (173 bpm)
Connect me

Description : music composed by David P
you can see the video with vocals on you tube..Divady

Tracks 1 - 25 of 1755
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