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Description : This was something to occupy my weekend. Too lazy to put guitar strings on my guitars and I looked at the bass in the corner feeling lonely. So this is a bass track with some piano and drum loops. This is what happens when a guitar guy plays bass. Just a 2 minute funky chill. Not sure was genre it is.

Tags : | Trap | 4.49 MB | Featured | LMMS

Description : Beat chill / trap / rap

Description : My house track. You can use it for your own rap or singing ideas. Let me know if you did some cool stuff with this track:3 My instagram - zenform_

Description : I'm really just lost and wanted to see what people could do with it

Description : A chill Rap song in the works.

Description : A sample of a chill beat similar to the style of method
Please leave any feedback!

Tags : | Lo-Fi | 3.49 MB | FL Studio

Description : Hey guys, one more beat, now on LO-Fi, Hope you like it, take it free (put my name in credits)
ASK ME ANITHING: Instagram : @titogarciask

Description : Chill beat

Description : Chill Hiphop. Comment link if you use it :)

Only for non-commercial use.

Description : The classic disco song of the 70's done from a man's perspective, in a mellow semi-accoustic chill version. Original artist, Gloria Gaynor did this song in 116 bpm, I am doing it in 94 bpm. If I'm granted permission to post the acapella on this site, I'd love to hear what you guys can do with it.

Key : A minor

94 bpm (slowed down from the original 116 bpm)

Tags : | Chill Out | 3.24 MB

Description : Chill chop of some loops from here as usual

Description : Chill hi-hat and even Min. Japan atmosphere

Description : a chill song about nangs.

Description : mega chill sampled hip hop with a lofi vibe

Description : This is a snippet and an unfinished demo of track 6 I am working on on my upcoming album called Acerbus 3.

On the final version I would like a vocalist either a man or female or both.

If you would like to help me out, check out the details how at

Description : chill ish, smooth trip

Description : Super laid back and chill sampled hip hop with a mac miller or j cole type feel to it and maybe some west coast, very smooth

Tags : | EDM | 4.64 MB | FL Studio

Description : chill house


I have produced this base with the intention that people send me their lyrics, the best will be promoted on my youtube channel, soundcloud and spotify.
You can send your projects to my instagram:


--- FREE USE ---

Description : My new chill, atmospheric deep progressive vocal house. Enjoy....

Tags : | Electronic | 9.31 MB | Cubase

Description : Another chill-out type electronicy thing, this one based around a guitar and bass track with piano, drums, organ and violin added - everything played through live i.e. no loops. Speech added is from Tony Schwartz interviews with the Jewish Blind Guild on their favourite sounds (not sure of the era but sounds like 40s-60s to me) and interview with Woodstock attendee on Happiness

Tags : | Chill Out | 4.12 MB | FL Studio

Description : Follow iheb :
Instagram : iheb_meftah
Facebook : iheb meftah
Old Days HIPHOP Jazz old school Chill Beat

Description : New track with Xbrodie!
Out now on every platform!
Links in bio!

Went for a more mainstream trap style with this one. Got 2 more tracks coming soon which have more chill vibes.

Check out my insta @CxrterBeats for more info soon on that.

Thanks for listening, let me know what you think!

Description : Used some loops from cymatics packs and added some drums

Description : Some chill triphop mac miller or summer type vibes bein tossed around on this one, might be wack af I normally sample, but here's one from scratch prod by kidvoyage

Tracks 1 - 25 of 1992
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