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Tags : | Garage | 1.70 MB
Description : Yes I do sing. Straight-up '60's garage rock. One of the first songs I wrote many moons ago.
Tags : | Rock | 5.96 MB | Featured
Description : A cover of Steve Earle's folk song. I was inspired by the awesome Johnny Cash version. I did a Social Distortion/Ring of Fire rendition. Follow that? Rhythm guitars, drums, bass, singing. Cleaned off my Fender Squire Strat that hasn't seen the day of light for a dozen years. I played through a Fender Bronco amp.
Tags : | Rock | 4.70 MB | Featured
Description : Post-Wave.
Tags : | Pop | 2.76 MB
Description : I have so many projects on the go and to complete but i heard this beautiful track by "AjLowry" couldn't resist writing very quick lyrics & singing something, was going to get my other half to sing with me but his voice is more ROCK, so just indulging myself, it's far from perfect very rough draft but boy did i love singing to this track all vocals by me.
Tags : | Fusion | 10.76 MB | Featured
Description : Jazz/Rock Fusion
Tags : | Rock | 7.09 MB | Featured
Description : Aaand, after a "short" half year, i have a PC again. :D
Another guitar practice... Still basic and lame, but this time i pay some attention to the guitar settings. :)
Used some loops of Mhyst (2), Minor2go, Ferryterry and Nocturnax, guitars by me.
Tags : | Rock | 4.90 MB | Featured
Description : rock track
Tags : | Rock | 3.88 MB | Has Lyrics | Featured
Description : made this short track out of bass and guitar loops that I made with guitars and electric bass you can find and download these guitar and bass loops in my loops page im only using recent guitar and bass loops as of oct 9th 18 no fx im using magix drum plugins that's it I like too layer every thing that's what makes it sound like its singing at times this sampler kinda shows how my loops can be used
Tags : | Rock | 4.11 MB
Description : My little version of Randall822 and Patricia Edwards tune. Same intro but different harmonies for the verse and chorus.Laurent Schwaar, guitar. Alex Richard, bass. Laurent Wirz, drums. Claude Barbotte, Hammond. Guitar solo by Mik Korinec. With excellent loops from Zac Wilkins, Rhodesy.
Description : Instrumental Prog-Rock looping composition using drum samples edited to fit the loops.
Guitars were later overdubbed over the top of the loops.
I would like to create a version of this track with a live drummer.
Description : Haven't posted anything for a while. Here's a little somethin. Check out some more stuff at
Tags : | Psychedelic | 1.27 MB
Description : Art-rock with a new wave dance beat.
End of the night so it's short. Drink up.
Tags : | Rock | 942.86 KB | Has Lyrics
Description : I am Vkontakte- greco_standart (id)
SoundClound-Thomas Forsters (EZBT Time)
Tags : | Rock | 4.18 MB | Featured
Description : I started on this version before hearing the original, and this is what happened, I've never really made a rock/indie rock type song before im not really sure what genre this is, but I like it and hope you do too. Let me know what you think in the comments.
Description : From Time to Time I need to step away from all the Rock stuff I work on. This is the result of one of those times. Lyrics need to be fleshed out. Right now I just have nonsense lyrics aimed more at finding a feel for them.
As always feedback is wanted.
Tags : | Rock | 4.16 MB
Description : A short and sweet tribute to The Ventures and Dick Dale. My playing wouldn't be the same without them.
Tags : | Rock | 6.84 MB
Description : im using royalty free loops here loops from every genere and difernt bpms to show how every thing comesfrom and too rock loops im using is a fracktion of my 4 tb collection I like too layer sounds when I make loops they are made too be layerd these loops however are not my own homemade loops they are from different royalty free loop packs genre is electronic rock this is me as a producer rather then a musician lot easyer and less exspensive and probly gets more apreshiation
Tags : | Rock | 8.59 MB | Has Lyrics | Featured
Description : this is like the 6th or 7th song that i used my own vocals in it (its probably cringe/ meme worthy) but i liked how it went and would like to see how this fine community thinks of it? pls no mean comments XD

(i know its labeled as rock but i dont really know what genre to classify it as) sorry

looperman user credits

Vwdubber for drum beat
Description : Hey guys I'm back after a very long time ...and this time I'm not uploading any loops but instead a track which I made with LUI hill ( vocals ) it's a kind of grung or dark postrock track ,, hope you guys like it :))
Tags : | Rock | 6.13 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : I had the bass, drums and a doubled scat vocal track sitting around for a couple months. The vocals had the feel I wanted so I kept them although they don't mean anything. I added some guitar and some keys this week. Surf, punk, rock idea, been in that mood lately.
Description : A track dedicated to my love for 70's exploitation cinema and well... weird cinema in general.
Please note: Some may find the sample offensive. And back in the 70's it was made to be so. The film was written by a gay man and the lead was played by the worlds first modern drag queen, Divine. They dared to challenge the world and this is my tribute.
Tags : | Rock | 4.16 MB | Adult Content
Description : Album Shit Life Syndrome
Tags : | RnB | 4.19 MB | Colab Request
Description : Any Beat inquiries Contact me
Instagram : dc_johnns
Tags : | Rock | 16.00 MB | Has Lyrics | Featured
Description : The slowed down voice of Jimi Hendrix, lifted from a home recording improvisation for Voodoo Chile (Cherokee Mist-album). All guitars and musical layers added and mixed by DjoeGio.
Tags : | Trap | 7.95 MB | Colab Request
Description : I've tried to mix rock drum and trap drum kit sounds. Hope that it's pretty emotional beat.
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