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Tags : | Rock | 5.50 MB | Featured
Description : Similar to what I've been posting lately, bass, drums, acoustic guitar and a string synth. Folk rock I suppose. Enjoy!
Description : FARISHA - Stay Genre: Rock Vocals Farisha producer / remixer : Mauricio Brodka
Tags : | Rock | 13.10 MB
Description : Produced by. SMOOTH 808S i own legal right to theses beats
Tags : | Dubstep | 4.33 MB
Description : Another dubstep creation. Various artists with super rap by Richie Sykes.
Tags : | Rock | 10.91 MB | Featured
Description : Rocking out hard while doing some shredding here.
Tags : | Rock | 7.02 MB
Description : Rock Instrumental
Tags : | Rock | 1.93 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : i downloaded the drums from here, and the guitar, mix, and edit are me. thanks.It gets better as the song progresses.
Tags : | Pop | 5.32 MB
Description : Wibbly wobbly kind of growling rhythm thingymebob Bluesy/rock/pop Starts soft ends hard
Description : Jazz-Rock thing. Mo Bounce. Egad! Keep it within the bounds of common British decency young lady. I used the following voice loops in this music track -- jzv / get up on this beat zsb410 / robot voice 5 all night long zsb410 / robot voice 7 here I am part 1 hardstylerythm / cool vocal rise Thanks guys! ~Ron
Tags : | Ambient | 6.86 MB | Featured
Description : A little post-apocalyptic feeling electro-ambient-post rock. Hope you will like it... (Made in Fruity)
Tags : | Rock | 4.42 MB
Description : Thanks to Dsears!
Tags : | Rock | 5.35 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : I want to invite to like my page
Tags : | Rock | 4.68 MB | Colab Request
Description : mix of evrithing,vocal samples are from samplepack i was given as a gift,so i dont know names,i give them all credit, hope i dont violate copyrights
Tags : | Rock | 6.02 MB
Description : There's nothing like living near the ocean but the water can be dangerous, too. There are many shark attacks where I live and catch a wave the wrong way and you are tossed around like a rag doll in shallow water. Plus the riptides can be deadly. That's the loose inspiration behind the title, taking on a wave and losing the battle. I threw some drum loops together, picked up my bass guitar and played 3:30 worth of bass in the key of Am, 1 take. I removed about 40 seconds of it that was dull and thought it was pretty cool with the bass and drums alone. Trying to figure out the first rhythm acoustic track(left in mix) was a bit fun because I just rambled all over the place with the bass. The second acoustic rhythm track(panned right) was 1 take so warts and all are featured. Tambourine makes an appearance along with a synth and piano in the latter part of the track. No structure whatsoever, just a bass jam inspired idea for mixing purposes only. Enjoy!
Tags : | Pop | 2.72 MB
Description : This pop song is one i have always loved and here i am singing with my other half who i have been trying to persuade to join this site, he is a super, duper creater of music and an awesome super talented rock singer (I just about got him to sing this, strictly rock man) it's beyond me but to no avail i can't persuade him yet haha, plus he is too busy with his work...anyways this is a cover i sung with him, it's also called the Romeo and Juliet song, such a hauntingly beautiful song, i loved singing this. I have been singing forever with no formal training but i guess when something feels as natural as breathing you you just have it in you, it's innate i guess, for me music is the elixir of life and i do not limit myself, i love all genres. I have heard some awesome tracks here that i'd like to sing over, you guys are so talented, glad i stumbled across looperman. Thanks if you choose to listen :)
Tags : | Rock | 5.73 MB | Featured
Description : This is another of the several psychadelic collabs my good friend Maynard and I did on our revisit to the 70s session. Lyrics , vocals and vocal mix by M.C. James..He was into a vocal panning technique when we did this one..sounded a bit different but as always I defer those decisions to the vocalist...Music and final production was done by myself....And again...done without chemical assistance other than the usual domestic variety...Cheers....Ed
Tags : | Rock | 1.76 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : Everything about this track is original. The song was created by accident over time and now I have a couple piano and a couple guitar versions.
Tags : | Rock | 3.30 MB | Featured
Description : Live instruments and vst drums.
Tags : | Rock | 6.97 MB
Description : I had to think of something to do with this vocal. And it happened. I think you'll like it.
Tags : | Rock | 6.93 MB
Description : Kinda sorta a song. Drums, bass, acoustic git and a Rhodes/piano mixed and a small horn part. Just another quick idea, second mix, keeping things simple to work on mixing. First track where my interface and Ableton were set to record at 96,000 hz rather than the standard 44,100. Uses up a lot more cpu but my mac handled it with no problem. Also started grouping tracks in Ableton, that also helps the cpu usage. Not sure of the genre, acoustic rock, pop....? Update: Made adjustments on the master channel. Enjoy!
Tags : | Rock | 4.40 MB | Featured
Description : Re-cut this song with my new band.
Description : I put a heavy evolving beat and got a pretty nice sync with the acapellas rock that shit by cause and pointreazon,venom,gladiator,reaktor,reason recorded onto a Korg D16XD multitrack
Tags : | Pop | 4.19 MB
Description : Basic kind of pop/rock thing. I need a rock chick!
Tags : | Industrial | 5.65 MB | Featured
Description : A short, hard and heavy merger of metal riffage and extreme synth madness. But you can also move to it due to the fat beats. Perhaps it's a bit like Nine Inch Nails if they were more metal and also used hip hop drum loops. Lots of heavy, wild guitar playing which is all recycled and reused parts from when I was a much better guitarist. I didn't play any new guitar parts for this track, just chopped up and layered parts recorded a few years ago from some of my other heavy tracks. A couple of synth basses and then two other synths, one of which goes really mental in a few different sections. Not many instruments but a massive sound. Is it too massive, too extreme? Drums are mixture of hip hop loops and two programmed hard rock/metal kits. It's a short, sharp shock to the system so watch out for your speakers and your ears and try not to die listening. If you survive the onslaught, come back and let me know what you think and what can be improved...
Tags : | Rock | 6.81 MB
Description : My crazy variation of rock.
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