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Tags : | Rock | 8.51 MB
Description : Double layered Drums, Guitar, and Bass.
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Description : A rocky little track, enjoy
Tags : | Rock | 11.56 MB | Has Lyrics | Featured
Description : A stab at a James Bond theme...
Tags : | Rock | 3.45 MB
Description : Only rock music plus little surprises. Various artists.
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Description : I posted a short piece of music a few months ago in which Jim played some cool guitar and gave me a bunch of 45 second clips of rhythm and lead guitar parts in the process. Both of us wanted to work the song out but Jim's been busy playing across the state of Florida with a few bands he's been playing in, his talent is in great demand I guess!! So I decided to go through the tracks we recorded that day and with some bass and some vocals I added, put together a track. I added a little tambo, a phased wurli and lots of delay. I took one of Jim's guitar tracks that was noticeably different than the others and made it a guitar interlude to begin the track and then from :30 to 1:10 is the track I uploaded a couple months back. Decided to write this one about what is happening politically in America as it's a strange and worrying time in my country's history.
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Description : this is progressive rock that was done some time ago, it is a very tight nice piece of cinematic music and some lovely vocals, truly inspired by Genesis and Rush and Pink Floyd, this is the raw take, and there is some silence/white noise at the beginning for about 5 or 6 seconds, so hang in there with it.I played guitar on the track. Bands name was Le Sabre from California,USA, it is relevant music still today.
Description : Pretty heavy song about someone who is trying to make my life a misery at the moment. My therapy? Make a song.
Tags : | Rock | 4.93 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : progressive rock from my former band Le Sabre in the style of Rush and Genesis,with a gothic vocal style, I'm the guitarist here and it's an inspiring song and is nicely produced, I am posting 3 or 4 Le Sabre songs because it is still relevant music
Tags : | Rock | 10.34 MB | Featured
Description : Something new. Working on Lead guitars. Guitars, Bass and Keyboards: me Drums:Samples
Description : Sorry I've been gone so long...I made it up to ya with this new tune! Hard dubstep with rock elements...I think. Eh whatever. Enjoy!
Tags : | Rock | 3.70 MB
Description : This is a rock song about my Friday nights in a local bar. All parts are played by me apart from the drum track which is EZ drummer. Recorded and mixed in Presonus Studio one. My one man rock band is called " Spring Machine " an Album is on the way then hopefully live shows and videos.
Tags : | Rock | 5.22 MB
Tags : | Ethnic | 13.58 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : A tribute to a country which I know a little bit, with words in french, english and amharic. A rock ballad sandwich with a slice of traditional ethiopian-sounding music ...
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Description : The Nibiru myth that a theorized mini solar system consisting of a sun, planets and moons lurking on the edge of our solar system has really grabbed some attention, especially in the last few weeks. Nibiru believers are convinced the "rogue system" is on an orbital path around our sun and is making its way from outside of our solar system inwards. The closer it gets to Earth, the worse things will get, wreaking havoc on us as it passes about four million miles away. The gravitational pull could possibly cause great magnetic disturbance to Earths poles. Sparking everything from extreme weather conditions to catastrophic events such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Is there any truth to the myth or is it all a hoax? Many places around the world has already been subjected to storms and earthquakes at historic levels. And then there is the question of what type of life may exist on Planet X ? A little Space Rock (based on QOTSA Song for the Dead) to raise everyone's fear-mones, just in time for Halloween !
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Tags : | Rock | 5.26 MB | Colab Request
Description : Been trying to incorporate Vocals into my tracks which honestly slow everything the fuck down. This track is about 50 percent done. Obviously needs more lyrics, a verse section, and maybe a bridge. This is pretty much the Chorus section extended a bit. It's what I have so far. Next, up is adding the rest. Unfortunately, I have no idea right now of where to go for the missing parts. Figured I would share anyway and maybe get some feedback and or ideas. Thanks in advance. Drums are AD. Guitars are me as well as Vocals. There is also some Trillian Bass in there.
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Description : Rock music.
Tags : | Rock | 3.16 MB
Description : Wow its been a real bummer these past few days with the tragic shooting in Las Vegas and then Tom Petty dying. I felt the need to free my mind of sad feelings. So I plugged the guitar in and started playing. After a few minutes I got something up beat going so I hit record on the DAW. Its a cool night here in Texas so I opened the back door and as I was playing I noticed some glowing eyes along the back fence. Thought it was a dog or maybe a fox or coyote. It just sat out there listening to me play for about 20 minutes. I decided to turn the back lights on and when I did he bolted. Whatever it was it wasn't a dog,fox or coyote. I think it was a Chupacabra! Its supposed to be a mythical creature but there have been many similar sightings here in Texas and Mexico. It was the size of a large dog, real lean and muscular with no hair. I hope my music was enough to sooth the savage beast! Anyhow here's what I was rocking him with. Guitar only at this point, rhythm and lead. If anyone is interested, maybe you can finish this track by adding drums, bass, keyboards, horns,(didgeridoo?) whatever ! Give it a shot.
Description : Third is a charm; singing in dutch is growing on me,.... so ... you probally dont understand a word that's said. It's about life being repeated over and over again and sometimes (most times) it's diffucult breaking away to something new. keys, bass, guitar and vocals by me drums from plugin
Tags : | Rock | 9.52 MB
Description : Rock Instrumental
Tags : | Rock | 3.93 MB
Description : A little rockin' in The House of Frankestein. Crank the power levels to maximum and make sure your well grounded ! Happy Halloween boys and girls !
Tags : | Rock | 4.74 MB
Description : My synthrock.Various artists.
Tags : | Rock | 5.85 MB
Description : pop/rock song
Tags : | Rock | 10.08 MB
Description : A cover song by the great singer songwriter Townes Van Zandt. This one is about his heroin problem he had. Rocked up his folk song a little. Drums, bass, classical guitar and 3 vocal tracks. Here is the link to his song:
Tags : | Rock | 1.83 MB | Colab Request
Description : just after sundown, after a hot summer day in the california desert. that's the feeling this one is trying get across
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