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Tags : | Rock | 5.93 MB | Featured
Description : space rock
Tags : | Rock | 4.98 MB | Has Lyrics | Featured
Description : My first attempt at a new style of music. Please share your thoughts, comments, etc. I had a lot of fun recording this with my older brother. Guitar parts are done by him and me, vocals by me, bass by me, drums by me (built in Superior Drummer 2.0). Any questions about amps, guitars, mics used, etc. feel free to ask in the comments section.
Tags : | Pop | 14.44 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : This song has a different atmosphere, it's more a pop-rock ballad with less electronic sounds ... except the unavoidable synth solo !
Description : digging around in the hard drive and found this lil gem. enjoy made in FL Studio 11
Tags : | Rock | 6.33 MB | Featured
Description : A pop-rock song dedicated to Jelena Ostapenko
Tags : | Rock | 2.49 MB | Has Lyrics | Featured
Description : I downloaded and manipulated the drums. Guitar, mix, and edit are me.
Tags : | Rock | 2.16 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : Fuckin women man, what can I say? I downloaded the drums and tried to clean them up. The guitars, mix, and edit, are me. Thankyou.
Tags : | Rock | 4.07 MB
Description : Song goes out to all the Mercury astronauts who have all now passed away, heroes all of them. Raise a glass of Tang in their honor. Actually just made up the word, no connection to them at all, only needed a working title. :) Musically - SSDD. Update: Mix 2, evened out things in mix, enjoy!
Description : Hello guys. I'm back with this new track. I made it in a lounge spiritbut it's just a rush! i think the final version will be around 5mn... i'm waiting for a collab with Nightingale from who i took the electric guitar sample you can hear in this song. I asked him if he will be agree to write me variations since the actual sample... If he doesn't answer me, if anyone will be agree for this collab? I'm looking for spoken words from a woman during the break time. If a girl is interested too... loop link:
Tags : | Rock | 3.73 MB
Description : My old fashion rock creation.
Description : This song started out years ago as the bridge to another song, but the bridge demanded to be expanded into its own song, and so here it is. With vocals and guitar by the great Sunny War on top of that powerful gospel piano (or slow rock ballad piano chords, as rasputin1963 calls his loop). The song is just 3 verses joined by musical interludes, no chorus or bridge. I think of this track, and the video I created for it - - as a peaceful moment amidst crazy times. I hope you like it.
Description : Indian singing over techno beats, funk, alternative rock and metal guitars!
Tags : | Rock | 4.63 MB
Description : pop/rock
Tags : | Pop | 4.43 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : It's only rock n roll but I like it like it yes I doooo.
Tags : | Trap | 19.58 MB | Adult Content
Description : hi present you remixy of new5ense vokals . 1 rock this city 2 somebody help me
Tags : | Rock | 12.75 MB
Description : fROM MY NEW EP VICTORY.
Tags : | Rock | 9.96 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : Written & produced by moi, vocals & guitar by Sunny War. This is on our protest album, BURNING. One of the 55 songs we completed in the Sunny Sessions. You can check them all out at which I just created this week. Made a video of this song on youtube, please check it out here:
Tags : | Rock | 8.57 MB | Has Lyrics | Featured
Description : Anyone who has ever experienced the freedom of riding a motorbike on the open road, will understand where I am coming from in this song. It's fantastic. I tried to capture the mood of riding in the song and words. This song has some of my best harmonica and guitar playing to date. So hop on your bike and come along for a ride on the neon highway.
Description : I want to invite to like my page All songs you can download here !!!!
Tags : | Rock | 5.33 MB | Featured
Description : Drumcomputer, bass, guitar and vocals on a multitracker. Maybe a bit like the Clash
Tags : | Chill Out | 5.80 MB
Description : Gritty slow bluesy pop rock thing
Tags : | Rock | 5.50 MB
Description : Similar to what I've been posting lately, bass, drums, acoustic guitar and a string synth. Folk rock I suppose. Update: Remixed it, addressed drum issues, eq'ed the acoustic guitar, made some adjustments to the master channel. Enjoy!
Description : FARISHA - Stay Genre: Rock Vocals Farisha producer / remixer : Mauricio Brodka
Tags : | Rock | 13.10 MB
Description : Produced by. SMOOTH 808S i own legal right to theses beats
Tags : | Rock | 10.91 MB
Description : Rocking out hard while doing some shredding here.
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