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Tags : | Rock | 8.31 MB
Description : Old one ..
Description : This track need a songwriter, if someone is please to do let me know
Tags : | Pop | 1.98 MB | Featured
Description : A little quasi Art Rock.
Tags : | Rock | 10.05 MB | Has Lyrics
Tags : | Rock | 6.80 MB
Description : Track from my first DEMO record Made of Universe.

Tags : | Fusion | 3.49 MB
Description : Fusion of funk rock and new wave
Tags : | Rock | 1.12 MB | Featured
Description : Hard Rock
Tags : | Rock | 3.91 MB
Description : Track from my first DEMO record Made of Universe

Description : https: //
check my work ^^
Tags : | Rock | 7.88 MB
Description : Track from my first DEMO record Made of Universe
Tags : | Rock | 2.10 MB | Has Lyrics | Featured
Description : I downloaded the drum loop from here, and the guitar mix and edit are me. I get bored.My best and my favorite.Thank you.
Tags : | Rock | 4.16 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : when I was truckin down the line
Tags : | Rock | 5.57 MB
Description : My track from first DEMO record.
Tags : | Rock | 4.79 MB | Featured
Description : I wrote and recorded this song today about my new relationship. Ive just re-recorded the vocals on this one with some harmony. Its all played and sang by me apart from EZdrummer.
Tags : | Rock | 1.65 MB
Description : Rock
Tags : | Rock | 6.14 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : All kind time of day!Ladies and gentlemen!I did a sketch and would like to hear critics about it!If you don't mind,listen to the sketch and Express your comentry to this post)))also I am on Facebook-
Sincerely, Thomas!
Description : Testing a riff on my New Les Paul. Please rate one to 10 and comments if u have a moment.
Tags : | Rock | 3.23 MB | Colab Request
Description : needs guitar and vocal
Tags : | Rock | 2.70 MB | Colab Request
Description : looking for vocalist and a second guitar
Tags : | Rock | 10.71 MB
Description : the snowman is fading away
Tags : | Rock | 8.94 MB
Description : buddha eats cannabis because his bong is broken
Tags : | Rock | 9.74 MB
Description : Indie Rock
Tags : | Rock | 6.00 MB | Featured
Description : This track is a new direction in my music for 2018. Life Goes On is the conclusion i had come to, after looking at my life and what i have failed to achieve or failed to make others understand me. I got to the point in life where you cannot make everyone happy and that not everyone will like you, for who you are and what you stand for. Happiness is only achieved when you make others happy, and not just trying to please others and leaving yourself unhappy. So i wanted to write a track to show my love of life and how i like to enjoy it. Good friends, positive people and positive thinking, good food, fun, laughter, girls :) and respect amongst each other......
Tags : | Rock | 4.75 MB
Description : Based on my real played drum loop This train wont stop. With loops from SlapJohnson,Rootch, ZacWilkins, Rasputin, Crownest, Rhodesy and Megapaul. Claude Barbotte plays the Hammond and an incredible solo. Laurent Schwaar plays the slide guitar and some rhythm guitars.
Description : Here I have something you can not classify quite right (at least I find it difficult).
This time everything is quite animating and a bit dynamic but also a bit hypnotic.
Probably the term -language singing- fits quite well, because it says nothing about the music. In any case, it has something of world music with a touch of rock.
No matter. Just listen to it and let it work on you. Since I sing or speak all the time, one or the other might want to know what I'm singing about. The English translation can be found in the Lyric folder.
used loop: looperman-l-0159051-0119033-minor2go-synth-power-checkmate.wav
Have fun listening.
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