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Description : Got some bad news 2 days ago about my older cousin. He has a Brain tumour that's Malignent and grew rapidly since Thanksgiving. He is going into surgery on Tuesday and is fully aware of the odds and his mortality. He went to Woodstock and is a fan of Zappa. So I put together this Psychedelic Jazz-rock epic tune to let him know I am thinking about him in this trying time.
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Description : Just a song
Description : (Full song with vocals from 'Valkyrie' and myself + lyric video )
Hi guys ! The instrumental im most proud of these days. Hip Rock style song , high energy and good feeling vibe.
I got to collab with a DJ for the scratching of this piece wich made it stand out.
On the full version i even sing and rap a bit ;).
As always, im open to collab with anyone :)
For contact:
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Description : Song by a band in which I'm the singer - Splintered Puppets. I hope ya's dig it. It was recorded through a Behringer Xr18, 4 mics on the drums(Bonham style), mesa boogie/sm58, bass direct, vocals using a Sterling ST77. Mixed and mastered in Sonar Platinum with various plugins from Waves, Izatope etc. No overdubs on the instruments. Band was tracked live vocals redone afterwards.
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Description : rock track with new master
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Description : Check out this EP I recorded and produced for the band "Wings Over Society!" Find them on Spotify:

or check them out on Facebook.
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Description : Jim added a clean Fender Strat track and some thicker sounds with a custom ES-339 Pro(Epiphone) semi-hollow bodied. Both were mic’ed using my Fender DeVille. I added the bass, the acoustic guitar, the singing and a bit of keys. Jim helped out with the drums and the guitar arrangements. The song... the Drive By Truckers do a song, Guns of Umpqua that inspired this one being written, same subject matter. In America we’ve averaged a mass shooting every day this year. It needs to stop. Now. I hope none of us ever have to get caught up in any of that. Peace.
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Description : Various artists. Organ melody plus guitars super riff and choir in my rock creation.
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Description : Just another guitar practice. Hope it suites the rock category... Guitars by me, drums are from the site. Warning! You will face with terrible gitarplay. Listen at your own risk only... But the sun still shines on the sky (actually, no, it's snowing recently). :)

Applied loops (fully or partially):
THESHIVAEFFECT: 1461246-0082711 (Chill 7),
WCKD: 1718863-0091986(Pegboard Nerds Just Like That Drop Drums),
SAINTKUZ: 1082159-0092917 (Chill Out Drums),
EBABY8119: 1059144-0069352 (ROCKER DRUM ONLY LOOP),
RICKMASSACRE: 0853544-0066365 (Rock Drum Loop 2),
WEAVERBARD: 0629931-0049455 (RockDrumz-03).
Description : My first time uploading here. This is a song I just made, I experimented with some new sounds. It's a mixture of indie rock and electronic. Hope ya enjoy!
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Description : I am looking for a producer/multi-instrumentalist to collaborate on a Christmas Tune I have extracted the lyrics from a poem that is now in public domain, and have created a melody for it. We'd both share rights, but the proceeds will go to feed the hungry, namely The Chicago Food Depository. I like to have this song wrapped up and released by the Second Tuesday of December. If you are interested, please get at me ASAP to discuss the project. Pop-Country-Rock Flavor.

P.S. This is a rough vocal, especially as I'm singing with a congested chest! LOL ... I am also searching for real instrumentation, no midi/beats.
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Description : Song I produced for the band "Wings Over Society" from their upcoming EP, Harbor Knights. Give it a listen and share your thoughts! Check them out on Facebook!
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Description : An instrumental for now but will try adding some lyrics sometime soon, if anyone would like to try putting some words to it or mixing it please feel free, would love to hear what can be done with it. Not sure what genre it is so picked one I thought it might fit in, appologies if wrong haha

Peace out people

Description : Edit 11-26-17 Added some Synths and rough vocals. Something I have been working on, off and on. Guitars and bass myself. Drums AD.
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Description : Tribute track to the Gran Dador,the great giver here at Looperman, Joseph José Funktastic. I came across this killer acoustic guitar loop of Joes that really grabbed me:

So I worked up this track to participate in a thread initiated by Crucethus to show a little appreciation to one of our super talented and most gracious loopers. It also features 2 other loops of his: looperman-l-0630386-0055794-joefunktastic-mrf-house-explosion-ghost-pad-128a and looperman-l-0630386-0069255-joefunktastic-funktastic-rnb-pad-85c that I manipulated to fit with my music here which is more Latin rock that I put together to work with Joes loops. Its not as tight as I wish it could be but I wanted to get it up while Cru's thread is still fresh.
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Description : You can choose your friends but not your family..
heavy song .. personal lyrics. Recorded using Studio One, Ezdrummer, Ez Mix. My Hamer guitar. Its all played and sung by myself.
Description : Old School Hardcore , Samples from The Natural Born Chillers.........UPDATED 10-11 ..........

Percussion by Loopermanmembers Dj Robert G ,
Rasputin, AlabaFruit , Symetric
Synths made by JeroenTia BakOven..
EnJoY !
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Description : rock/metal
Tags : | Rock | 8.15 MB | Colab Request
Description : Description : Instrumentals is a series of compositions in search of their singer. Here is my universe, if you want to take a few steps inside and work with me, you are welcome ! The structures are simple and can be adapted according to the song. #70 : bpm 155, almost rock and roll for an danceable song. Thanks for your listening.
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Description : I search for female voice
Description : a super rock dubstep fusion from the inner dimensions of the dungeon of my bedroom
Description : first track, alt-rock/alt-pop, looking for emo/angsty-type vocals if anyones interested in a collab. jikansama on soundcloud.
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Description : Lets Goy 3 Patch version
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