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Tags : | Trap | 6.66 MB | Featured
Description : i used these vocals on this track ...looperman-a-0522916-0010759-consciousentitysound a legacy to leave...
Description : Iv put vocals from Family tree ,bbk and big narstie on one of my beats ... This track is also on my mixtape on my site ... https://richieprice7.wixsite.com/trickie-recordings
Tags : | Rock | 7.56 MB | Has Lyrics | Featured
Description : I posted a short piece of music a few months ago in which Jim played some cool guitar and gave me a bunch of 45 second clips of rhythm and lead guitar parts in the process. Both of us wanted to work the song out but Jim's been busy playing across the state of Florida with a few bands he's been playing in, his talent is in great demand I guess!! So I decided to go through the tracks we recorded that day and with some bass and some vocals I added, put together a track. I added a little tambo, a phased wurli and lots of delay. I took one of Jim's guitar tracks that was noticeably different than the others and made it a guitar interlude to begin the track and then from :30 to 1:10 is the track I uploaded a couple months back. Decided to write this one about what is happening politically in America as it's a strange and worrying time in my country's history.
Tags : | Rock | 6.38 MB | Has Lyrics | Featured
Description : this is progressive rock that was done some time ago, it is a very tight nice piece of cinematic music and some lovely vocals, truly inspired by Genesis and Rush and Pink Floyd, this is the raw take, and there is some silence/white noise at the beginning for about 5 or 6 seconds, so hang in there with it.I played guitar on the track. Bands name was Le Sabre from California,USA, it is relevant music still today.
Description : This is a trap, house song. lot's of mixing gone into it. Would appreciate if anyone could get vocals on this. Contact me -
Tags : | Pop | 4.70 MB
Description : song by JUMP composed arranged and lyrics by mixmuz miha pataraia vocals anya this song is about digital word and how humans are effected by it and how they are in love with this magical creation
Tags : | Trap | 5.86 MB | Has Lyrics | Featured
Description : Something dark. A kind of a poem. Maybe not really music, maybe not really spoken word. In a trap style but no real trap. Hypnotic for sure. With a nice dark self made pad. I done this one for this Halloween forum thing but it is not really something just for Halloween ..... mmmmm .... maybe you just listen to it and maybe you understand what i wanted to say :) ---- you can find the translated vocals under the lyrics folder. Have fun
Description : An instrumental track I made today while up at daft o'clock, if anyone wants to try add some vocals please do, I would love to hear the finished track :O) Peace out people
Tags : | Reggae | 3.80 MB
Description : after big party song about filling lazy to go to work composed by mixmuz miha pataraia anya vocals natalia back vocals arrangement and lyrics by mixmuz miha pataraia
Description : This is a track iv made and looking for vocals if you think you can work with this track il send the file to you
Description : I'm open to receiving vocals for this song. Interested, send the vocal to the email:
Tags : | Dance | 7.94 MB
Description : A Deep House-ish/Electronic track I made using Miper's awesome vocals. All rights to the vocals belong to Miper. All original production and arrangements by myself.
Tags : | Rock | 5.26 MB | Colab Request
Description : Been trying to incorporate Vocals into my tracks which honestly slow everything the fuck down. This track is about 50 percent done. Obviously needs more lyrics, a verse section, and maybe a bridge. This is pretty much the Chorus section extended a bit. It's what I have so far. Next, up is adding the rest. Unfortunately, I have no idea right now of where to go for the missing parts. Figured I would share anyway and maybe get some feedback and or ideas. Thanks in advance. Drums are AD. Guitars are me as well as Vocals. There is also some Trillian Bass in there.
Tags : | Pop | 10.57 MB | Featured
Description : A song I wrote with the music of Divady here on Looperman. It's piano, synths and vocals, so I went with pop. It's a bit different, and I was in two minds whether to upload it or not, but here it is. Original instrumental: https://www.looperman.com/tracks/detail/186826
Description : One of my first beats I'm comfortable enough to upload.. even though it's really standard and unoriginal. Feel free to give some honest feedback! (If anyone want to add their vocals to the track or build on it more hmu!)
Description : Third is a charm; singing in dutch is growing on me,.... so ... you probally dont understand a word that's said. It's about life being repeated over and over again and sometimes (most times) it's diffucult breaking away to something new. keys, bass, guitar and vocals by me drums from plugin
Description : Produced this track using clips, loops, and vocals found on the Loop. Interested call 314-629-0274. produce all day every day.
Tags : | Chill Out | 3.58 MB | Featured
Description : Made with FL Studio 11 and with the great vocals of eSoreni. It's my first finished song, so I'm happy for feedback.
Description : All vocals belong to beta max and all original production and arrangements by myself. Click on https://soundcloud.com/betamaxtapes for more beta max and https://soundcloud.com/darkhorsebeats for more sounds.
Tags : | House | 3.86 MB | Featured
Description : New track the vocals come from Anja Enerud
Description : GadManDubs. feat . Virginiaslimm - This Time loved the feel of Virginiaslimm vocals so created this sweet tune to ride under it, enjoy, thanks once again to Virginiaslimm for sharing this vocal...
Description : This is a song I've been working on and hoping someone would like to compose an instrumental backtrack for it. I'd love to collaborate with y'all so feel free to reach out! YOU MAY NOT USE THESE LYRICS/VOCALS WITHOUT CONTACTING ME, THANKS!
Description : Hello there Looper ones ! How's going ? Refreshing my side of the site with some new material. This is a piece of a full song, short enough so you dont get bored ;) Hard hitting style with some arpeggios on the verse, so anyone can lay some vocals or anything on it. Here's the full version i did with a good friend of mine, Vale "Valkyrie" Fida. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wh_Am_Wr1po If anyone wants to collab, let me know ! Hope the sun is on your side people, see you soon ! For contact:
Tags : | Rock | 9.40 MB | Colab Request
Description : This song about searching answers who we are and what for we here. Looking for vocals! BPM 110, A standart tuning
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