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Tags : | Rap | 8.24 MB | Featured | Pro Tools

Description : Just a little record I did the vocals and wrote the lyrics on.

Tags : | Pop | 5.73 MB | Featured | FL Studio

Description : Music and Vocals by me.. Acapella will be up soon

Tags : | Rock | 2.59 MB | Featured

Description : a first try at a nirvana cover on guitars and vocals not perfect but somthing to build on

Description : When my mind isnt right! I wright!!

Beat composed by looperman member Stylish Culture Productions

Vocals by Joey Bonez
Striking Daggers 2022

Description : is looking for some vocals..

Tags : | Fusion | 8.78 MB | Ableton Live

Description : This is a progressive fusion flavored jazz number with background vocals, strings, and other instrumental goodies. I called on DISCIPLINE to season this composition with that FIRE GUITAR and he did! Let me know your thoughts on this one. Enjoy.

Description : Vocals Common Ft Sadat x-Talib kweli
And Delirium
A time ago i made this beat and also diddnt know what to do with it.I forgot it and today i found it back and put vocals on it.

Description : shout out to these people for the loops!
Drumwrestler - High Vocals Ohs
FreetiBeats - Dark Violin FEAR
Alabafruit - Old School Boom Bap Hip Hop Drums 90bpm
Prodmac10 - Shiloh Dynasty Vocals Phases Part 2

Description : Just a simple beat..
vocals wanted...

Tags : | Indie | 3.51 MB | Has Lyrics | Reaper

Description : To me this sounds like a late night jam when everyone in the band but the drummer is half toasted and things could fall apart any second. Funnily enough that's pretty much what it is only I'm the band. One take on guitars vocals and bass, minimal edits. Could be a complete mess could be not. Either way happy if you let me know.

Description : I dont know about this.It was a lot of work to get the vocals like this but its a strange combination with my beat.
Vocals are isolated so not the best.
Diana Ross-The boss and
Luther Vandross-Here and now.

Description : Track made with additional vocals in mind. If someone feels this track fits to their vocals, let me know and we make something beautiful out of it.

Description : French Montana & Fivio Foreign sample vocals. Instrumental available upon request. ENjoy

Description : Country Pop Soft Rock Kind Of Feel. This One Hits Home For Me. Not My Beat. But They Are My Vocals And Lyrics. The Original Music Was Done For LeeAnn Rhimes "Some People"

Angels Vs. Demons "Kat Amaranth"

Tags : | Soul | 6.67 MB | Reaper

Description : Collaboration I did a few months ago with Patricia Edwards on vocals, Timothy Reid on guitars, and Jim Bryan on bass. She's so awesome!

Description : The Kid Laroi sample vocals. Instrumental available upon request. ENjoy

Tags : | Ethnic | 4.77 MB | Sonar

Description : World music - Hang -

Loops by : Reeskiee - Kiestyleproductions – Ethanator84 – Lyzbeats – D0nc89 – Suape – Crysz – Carloscarty – Lankframpard – Crybababy – Beatsbyandriy -

Vocals : Kiestyleproductions

Description : Striking Daggers All Day!!

Album = Striking Daggers - Remastered

Beat = Striking Daggers

Vocals = 1st and 3rd Verses is Chocolate Shatner (Looperman Profile = 1395530) and 2nd and 4th Verses is Joey Bonez (Looperman Profile =220648)


Description : Just A Progressive House Template

Build-Up To Drop.

Can't find any fitting vocals atm.

Description : Hey guys!

Here is my song inspired by 90s memphis rap/phonk

I made the beat I'm having trouble gluing the vocals to the beat.

Any constructive feedback welcome!

Description : Blues my rap hop


Description : Song I wrote for a friend of mine, after a rather depressing phone call in which she blamed all of the problems in her life on her creative pursuits.

The mix is far from perfect. The lyrics are corny. My vocals are uninspiring. But it's all meant very sincerely. Do with that what you will lol

Description : I guess now I can be officially considered a weekend Warrior.
It's been a while since I've been on LM.
I've been working on this track for a while.
I got the help I needed to finish this track from "Micky", who wrote and sung the vocals.


Tags : | Rock | 4.73 MB | Sonar

Description : Loops by : Ethanator84–Prodbywhiz–Dracobeatts216– Drosteoverload–Jetfly–Mbcbands–Bl40–Sg1kux–Rexkold–Aproxy – Fairbeatz–Zkup–Mbcbands–Prodbywustin –Djshikamaru–Allygold-Trenchboy–Seaskydiouf-Doku

Vocals : Prodmac10 – Magicxjordan – Rkeytmusic

Tags : | Indie | 2.30 MB | Reaper

Description : Really awesome acapella from clxrityyy, those are some straight forward vocals from her, nice!

Tracks 1 - 25 of 7557
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