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Description : House ,latin Drums mixed with Dubsteb
Tags : | Reggaeton | 5.38 MB
Description : Although I'm a Puerto Rican, I'm not used to doing reggaeton, but I made an exception this time...! Made on MixCraft 8Pro at 92BPM...! Hope you Enjoy & Keep on PLAY!
Tags : | Trap | 10.14 MB | Featured
Description : Bringing a new style of trap/hip hop to NY. This is just the complete instrumental although I have a latin trap artist currently working on a full track for it. I used this sample:
Nice Sample XRAY731. Enjoy the track people!
Tags : | Rock | 5.46 MB
Description : Tribute track to the Gran Dador,the great giver here at Looperman, Joseph José Funktastic. I came across this killer acoustic guitar loop of Joes that really grabbed me:

So I worked up this track to participate in a thread initiated by Crucethus to show a little appreciation to one of our super talented and most gracious loopers. It also features 2 other loops of his: looperman-l-0630386-0055794-joefunktastic-mrf-house-explosion-ghost-pad-128a and looperman-l-0630386-0069255-joefunktastic-funktastic-rnb-pad-85c that I manipulated to fit with my music here which is more Latin rock that I put together to work with Joes loops. Its not as tight as I wish it could be but I wanted to get it up while Cru's thread is still fresh.
Description : English: Memories are echoes of our past, fragments of our life lost in time and space, but alive in our mind.

"Memento" is an old word in Latin that means "Memory".

This song is inspired by that idea; about good times, about life.

Español: Los recuerdos son ecos de nuestro pasado, fragmentos de toda nuestra vida perdidos en el tiempo y el espacio pero vivos en nuestra mente.

"Memento" es una antigua palabra en latín que significa "Recuerdo".

Esta canción está inspirada en esa idea; acerca los buenos momentos, acerca de la vida.


Drums by: Silencekills (from United States).
Tribal Drums by: HBS (from Belarus).
Snare by: Rascal420 (from United States).
Main Strings by: Eendee (from Czech Republic) & Minor2go (from Germany).
Aditional Strings by: Centrist (from United States).
Cinematic FX by: 40A (from United States).
Others FX & Textures by: Roddo.
Tags : | Trap | 4.05 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : Shout out to JosephFunk for the original Latin Piano Sample. Check out his page!! He is an animal when it comes to melodies!!

I took his melody and shook it up a little bit!
Description : Major phrase introduces a Latin-like guitar piece in a minor key. Plenty of changes.
Description : Made this groovy Latin style beat.
Let me know what you think!
Tags : | Disco | 7.22 MB
Description : drumm and bass
Description : Reggae & Latin Mix Beat Track. i Need Singer. Free Collabo.
Tags : | Pop | 2.74 MB | Colab Request
Description : Latin-pop, I guess. Music I wrote for a contest sponsored by "Buchanan's"(a whisky) and J Balvin(a
Latin singer). I took a given vocal only track and set it to music. I don't speak Spanish(no comprende) so I don't know if the lyrics/words
and how I used them make any sense, but from a strictly musical sense, it sounds perfectly all right. (For all I know, the singer might be saying "Go jump off a cliff" and I wouldn't know it- LOL.) Didn't win anything or make any contacts, so I'll do something else with it if I can. Wanted to use the genre "Latin" in the menu description but it wasn't available.
~Ron "El Gringo"
Tags : | Ethnic | 7.44 MB
Description : Ügynökség - A m?vészet nem árt (Khiflee Latin Version) from "A m?vészet nem árt / Nem kell tovább várnunk (remix)" (2016.11.06)
Tags : | Pop | 8.08 MB
Description : Commercial Latin pop song i produced
Description : rough version of a latin/afro house track that I'm working on
Tags : | Rock | 6.32 MB
Description : Update 6/16 - adjusted volume levels from suggestions. Latin Rock is a good way to describe it. EZ Drummer, acoustic guitar, bass, mandolin, piano, a horn/pad, tambo and a little percussion. Don't forget to bring your sandals to the beach, the sand can be pretty hot. Enjoy!
Tags : | Samba | 8.60 MB
Description : This is a Latin style track featuring composer Franco Q. on guitar, vocals and lyrics. Scott Burkholder on drums, percussion, arrangement and mixing/mastering. Dan Rosati on tenor sax. Mario Glez on bass, and a good friend who we lost awhile back, Irlenn Da Salva on background vocals. In 5.1 surround. Hope you enjoy and download.
Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.78 MB
Description : Hip Hop set to latin spanish guitar.
Tags : | Jazz | 1.70 MB
Description : Music by Antonio Carlos Jobim. This particular piano arrangement is from one of jazz sheet piano books I found on scribd. The electric piano is MrRay22 plugin which I played on Casio CDP220 digital piano. This is also a new piece that I learned today so it was quite tricky to get a proper touch at places and overall make the entire thing sound anywhere realistic. I tried many times and this was probably the best take. Also I am relatively new to playing latin piano music. I didn't manipulate any notes after recording - instead I added few virtual vintage amps. I choose jazz but it is a bossa nova latin style. Enjoy and feel free to comment and download.
Tags : | Dance | 8.23 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : "You Sexy Or No?" has that spicy hot club, dance, jungle and EDM flavor with an

accent of Latin spices. This is a fun song! Great for dancing and working out!
Tags : | Reggae | 5.95 MB
Description : REGGAE - LATIN - ELECTRO
Tags : | Samba | 8.95 MB
Description : This is a fun little Latin flavored number with some nice elements and instrumentation happening. I recruited my friend, Damian V., on a fantastic piano and organ track. Hope you like, and if so, please feel free to download.
Tags : | Samba | 8.63 MB
Description : This is a kind of Latin/House track and Bob Reynolds helped out with some great sax. Hope you like
Description : fast paced afro latin reggae reggaeton riddim built for lyricists! open for collab.
Tags : | Rock | 8.48 MB | Has Lyrics | Featured
Description : Patrick Victor - recitative, vocals
Bear - guitar and cinematic strings loops
Marching beats by the United States Navy Band
Latin robot by www poetaexmachina net
Description : Chords:
A) Am7 / G13
B) Em7 / A7#5 / Dm7 / G13 (E7) - 90 bpm
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