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Description : just a track to listen , sing or rap on it

Tags : | Soul | 5.19 MB | FL Studio

Description : This is my new Funky Beat. Inpsired by "Tadow" by French Kiwi Juice. I hope you enjoy it :) Let me know what you think.

!"If you want to use this melody please tag my Instagram account or my name "Ashina_Beats" and let me hear or see what you make with it :)"!!

Tags : | Funk | 7.99 MB | Ableton Live

Description : I hope you enjoy it if you do then please leave me a comment.

Description : Song created around a very simple phrase "Never will I change" with a kind of funky old skool vibe I guess! Actually finished it last year but didn't get round to uploading it here.

What do you guys think?

Tags : | Funk | 4.87 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : Funky Time

Tags : | Ambient | 5.34 MB | FL Studio

Description : Shot for big and empty, funky map theme for crawling through wires and webs and watching all the real people exist in reality.

Description : A funky tribute to James Brown

Tags : | Funk | 10.99 MB | Ableton Live

Description : Remastered 2/26/2022. Guess what time it is? It's funky time again. So I had a strong urge to do another composition with horns and saxophones and things. Yep, something you can tap your feet and bob your head to. Warning..... It's FUNKY! Enjoy.

Tags : | Funk | 16.00 MB | Ableton Live

Description : Ok, It's funky time! Please let me know your thoughts on this track Enjoy.

Description : This track reminds me of the choir marching in
through the church congregation, singing and clapping to songs that got everyone pumped up and primed for the Minister.
It was always very festive.
I needed some "Funky Guitar"and Micky came through for me.
I also got some sound Sculpting help for the Drums
from MT77
I appreciate the help I got from them on this track. I learn something new from them every chance I get.


Tags : | Hip Hop | 8.33 MB | Cubase

Description : a funky beat for a cappella

Tags : | House | 4.95 MB | FL Studio

Description : enjoy the track
im trying to push myself to make shorter tracks up to 4min long.

Tags : | House | 3.78 MB | Samplitude

Description : -)

Description : funky prawns!

Tags : | Blues | 9.47 MB | Sonar

Description : Snowflake's vocals over some slow blues.

Tags : | Funk | 15.58 MB | Ableton Live

Description : Lets have another round of Funky Time This here, is about the third version of this song so it,s a evolution of sorts. It's pretty funky so sit back grab whatever you like to eat or drink and come on a funky and jazzy journey with me! ENJOY.

Tags : | Funk | 10.91 MB | Ableton Live

Description : Lets 'Run Em Down" 1 more time. Another funky fun composition complete with an amalgamation of 3 guitars running together, keys that season the funk, and the drums that are holding everything together! Enjoy.

Tags : | Pop | 8.05 MB | Featured | FL Studio

Description : I done this on FL Studio 20 using plugins like Studiolinked Trophies, Zaytoven's Funky Fingers, Realguitar, Heat Up 3, West Coast 2 Grammy, etc.

Description : Quite easy really, this is Paul's description of his alter-ego dimestopPaul walking into the club on a Saturday night. I maybe an old guy, but I can still put a show on. It's funky got a bit of pace, but also got an edge, a couple of surprises, I like being different, but I also think it's got a similar feel to time off

Tags : | Funk | 8.20 MB | Logic Pro

Description : a bit funky i think?

vocals of Nina Moody

Tags : | Funk | 11.22 MB | Featured | Samplitude

Description : This is a funky moving track with a old school feel. I hope you in joy it and please leave a comment or suggestion

Description : Funky African influence

Tags : | Hip Hop | 5.80 MB | Pro Tools

Description : Beat = Funky Fresh (Looperman Profile = 911941)

Vocals = Chocolate Shatner


Description : Haven't really had much to say musically in the last few years but started jamming with this the other day and I've finally managed to break the producers block. It's like a funky rock/electronic fusion!

Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.02 MB | Pro Tools

Description : Beat = Funky Fresh (Looperman Profile = 911941)

Vocals = Chocolate Shatner


Tracks 1 - 25 of 850