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Description : just a laid back beat somebody could have fun with
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Description : Just some vibes
Tags : | Ambient | 7.35 MB
Description : Just some vibes
Tags : | Ambient | 2.87 MB
Description : meanwhile at the deep forest
Tags : | Ambient | 7.23 MB
Description : My first crack at remixing something like this
Tags : | Ambient | 4.11 MB | Featured
Description : His home, a sea of nothing A nimbus of a scar A compendium to nowhere It was, that lonely star. No one ever questioned him For that would seem bizzarre And so he sat for ages That wistful lonely star While many heads were sleeping He floated oh so far No one heard him weeping That little lonely star It drifted ever aimlessly It flickered from afar A bright becon of sadness Became that lonely star.
Description : AMBIENT TRAP
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Description : ambience with guitars...
Tags : | Ambient | 13.53 MB | Featured
Description : I was inspired by the style of Zivonmusic, another artist on this site, who demonstrated this sort of interesting combination of trap and ambient music. I took hold of some beautiful samples from Miazyo and combined them with some trap sounds by Kadoontrack. Hope you enjoy.
Tags : | Ambient | 4.13 MB
Description : UPDATED:(Less bass in some spots, better mixing) My Mother-in law just came back from Spain and Portugal after doing the famous Compostela pilgramage walk. So being the nice guy I am I took the 53 photos she sent us and made a Slide show using Vegas 11 and I added some music (David Sylvain ¨Love of Life¨) Totally fit the show, and when I showed them she was touched. And then she asked me if I could do a version that was not in English but in French so she could show the association. I could not come up with any French ambient artistes that fit the slides, so I made my own music, in which I may or may not add french lyrics. So I need you guys to tell me if the song works! Thanks! Cru
Description : When it comes to advanced business communication, Cloud IPBX is earning immense popularity. This is undoubtedly due to the high-end features and specifications incorporated in these communication solutions. When you are choosing hosted PBX, you will be able to obtain a combination of low cost communication with advanced features.Visit this website to find Hosted PBX services,
Tags : | Ambient | 10.07 MB
Description : Ruslan Smith feat.Patricia Edwards Spec.thanks for
Tags : | Ambient | 6.41 MB
Description : got paid to make this one rehashed and tweeked
Description : When I was a child I went to the coast with my brother and sister. I remembered that trip and made it into this song. The children's voices were secretly recorded in a small school where I worked in 2006 and can be heard all over the track. Tribal Percussions: Designedimpression (From United States). Guitar: Ferryterry (from Italy) Edited by: Roddo. Piano: Minor2go (From Germany). Ethnic Vocal Sample: 40A (From United States) Edited by: Roddo. Strings and Pad: 40A (From United States). Male Chorus: Rasputin1963 (From United States). Children's Voices: Roddo
Description : As The Tide Rolls(Harpers Song)
Tags : | Ambient | 3.10 MB
Description : Hope you like it
Tags : | Ambient | 5.50 MB
Tags : | Ambient | 4.63 MB
Description : This is Track 2 of my unreleased EP 'Skycrier' which is being released shortly after my other one called 'Oblivion' It's a chillstep/ ambient tune that I think you will enjoy! ;)
Tags : | Ambient | 8.47 MB
Description : Off of my latest project Los Angeles
Tags : | Ambient | 3.42 MB
Description : More of a Beach Vibe Yeah :D
Tags : | Ambient | 3.36 MB | Featured
Description : fields at night
Tags : | Ambient | 1.67 MB
Description : Did you know that I swim very badly? Im a bit scared of Water? I feel drowned when I hear this Track? Im in panik and my lungs feeling crushed? Did You Know...? ...Face your fears! ...Conquer your fear!
Tags : | Ambient | 7.00 MB
Description : Very nice Acapellas from Ankit Thanks for sharing. ;) I could try something new, and had a lovely Time doing this.
Tags : | Ambient | 3.68 MB
Tags : | Ambient | 15.02 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : Ambient Piano
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