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Tags : | Acoustic | 6.46 MB | Studio One

Description : Classic guitar, strings and choirs. Ambient soundtrack

Description : The sample of the voice has been used many times and is here from Looperman under the songname "Retake".
I wanted to try it here in an orchestral version. And I removed a few parts so that it is without explicit content.
The acoustic guitar at the end of the track was recorded on a keyboard with the plugin AGML 2 (free).
The strings were recorded (also free) with Spitfire Labs. The rap part is a sample from Landr, just like the movie quote.

Tags : | Fusion | 5.94 MB | Studio One

Description : This was something to occupy my weekend. Too lazy to put guitar strings on my guitars and I looked at the bass in the corner feeling lonely. So this is a bass track with some piano and drum loops. This is what happens when a guitar guy plays bass. Just a 2 minute funky chill. Not sure was genre it is.

Description : piano, strings, choirs and bells. I is a movie soundtrack

Description : Tribute to all women for their daily kindness and especially to my wife whom I adore. Piano, orchestral strings ans choirs used in this ambient soundtrack

Description : Loop By catatau5..Added kick Claps Strings Bass..Hope Ya Dig

Description : Piano 1: Spitfire Lab Soft Piano (midi)
Piano 2: Roland F-110 (real instrument)
Strings: Spitfire Lab Strings long (midi)
Hip Hop male voice: Sample from Looperman / HEMANIFEZT
Mastering: TB Barricade, Ozon imager

Tags : | Classical | 3.56 MB | Reaper

Description : Just screwing around with strings & sus chords. 1945 wasn't exactly the most happy go lucky of years & this ain't the most happy go lucky of songs. I wanted to call it "The Hero's Tragic End, but Looperman doesn't do commas in Titles. I didn't fuss over the mix too much either. Listen to this enough times & you kinda just want to kill yourself. It's got that kinda vibe, if ya know what I mean.

Description : Strings Trap Type Beat


Tags : | Rock | 1.92 MB

Description : what im like straight up just distortion no mukti tracking or fx just raw one guitar live play at the time while record basicaly playing strings between 11th fret and 4th as far as root finger gos no drums bass hideing it safe to take my mask off here on that comment about how play the down then back up pluck you do that on each power chord down the neck and use your idal finger being midle to do other notes in betweeen as told below
in comment

Tags : | Cinematic | 3.06 MB | Cubase

Description : Something Cinematic with a bit of distorted guitar, staccato strings and big brass horns at the end. track number 1 from "Cinematic Essentials Vol.5" Thanks for listening in... comment, download & enjoy.
115bpm Db minor

Description : Extended mix of my earlier track "By My Side" - all feedback very welcome!
VSTs used:
- Spitfire Audio OPW Glacier Terminus
- Spitfire Audio OPW Peace of Mind
- TyrellN6
- Micro Prism Molecules
- Strings: BBC SO from Spitfire
- Cymatics Female vocal sample + Oracle 808s
- Film Crux Singularity Bass drop + Piano Hits
- birdsong from Freesound
- Chia's Vinyl Crackle

Description : ...
I'm working on this.
I hope your comments because they help a lot

I have used parts of the Riddim of Nosta 2 Larue & Ft B Rock acapella although
I have varied the order and bpm (120 to 112)
I hope it does not displease much.

looperman samples
Acapella - Riddim 120bpm-hip-hop-acapella

PD: if you think that something could fit, strings, bass etc etc, send me the loop or incorporate it yourself

Tags : | Trip Hop | 4.84 MB

Description : hothiphophighhats/grooce layer/sodrum/echanasia/lmpiano/nv-vertigo/mauisunset/nature pad/su-hop strings

Tags : | Cinematic | 2.14 MB | Cubase

Description : This "Trailer" style track features big war drums, massive hits, fast staccato strings, ending with a crescendo of choir chants and big brass horns. It could work nice as a trailer or for a fight scene perhaps. Inbox me if you would like to use it. peace

Tags : | Cinematic | 2.32 MB | Cubase

Description : A very triumphant cinematic trailer style track. Huge drums, staccato strings and big french horns. Track number 2 from my cinematic essentials collection. Albums are available in all online stores and YouTube
I hope you enjoy ;)

Description : Exclusive track cool rolling liquid vibes flowing atmospheric pianos strings,deep sub bassline soulful male vocals provided by Nat James.Rolling breakbeats at 175bpm a smooth liquid production enjoy

Big Thanks To Nat James for vocals.

Tags : | Pop | 2.92 MB | Ableton Live

Description : Lyrics & Vocals: Patricia Edwards
Bass: Alex Richard
Guitars: Hanspeter Dubach, Laurent Schwaar & Rhodesy (Looperman), Phatkatz4 (Looperman)
Rhodes & Hammond: Claude-Alain Biedermann
Hammond: Claude Barbotte (R.I.P)
Strings: Costa R. Zbinden
Drums: Laurent Wirz
Mixed and Audio polished: Costa R. Zbinden & Laurent Wirz
Music composed and arranged by: Laurent Wirz & Costa R. Zbinden

Description : G major 118bpm Melodic sample with Strings Flutes Keys Guitars Some kinda Pyrex would cop And This is my First Every Upload It will mean a world to me if yall download it and lemme know Your work i cant express....Let The Drums Slaps

Description : loop BY ANTBEATzzz. I added sub claps strings. jus having fun!

Tags : | Cinematic | 3.14 MB | Cubase

Description : This track started out as an experiment to create something cinematic with no percussion at all, purely piano and strings. Anyway I ended up putting a little percussion right at the end and I was happy enough with it to use it as the final track on my last album (Sense - Cinematic Essentials Vol.3) It is also available on apple music, spotify, deezer etc as well as youtube. I hope some of you enjoy ;)

Description : Solo Piano with synth pad and strings.

Custom pads available upon request ($20 each) ... any key, any length. Email me with specifics and/or ideas.

Tags : | Pop | 9.79 MB | Ableton Live

Description : New mix.
This is a medley of two acapellas of Patricia Edwards, I hope it's ok for her.
With excellent loops of slapjohnson and MINOR2GO.
Alex Richard: Bass
Daniel Hirschi: Lead guitar
Claude Barbotte: Hammond
Hanspeter Dubach: Slide guitar
Claude-Alain Biedermann: Piano
Costa R. Zbinden: Pads and strings
Me at the drums.

Description : Future Bass with Piano and Strings

Tags : | Trap | 2.74 MB | Ableton Live

Description : Hard dark trap beat, threw some strings into the mix.
Any and all comments much appreciated. Also if anybody throws some lyrics on top of this track, would love to hear it.

Let's GET IT!

Tracks 1 - 25 of 1169
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