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Description : My version of the 1979 British alternative rock song featuring the guitar talents of Jimmy Stiles again. When I told him I was putting it together he was totally interested in playing on this. It's different, definitely harder than the original. A strat through a Fender DeVille with some reverb. EZ Drummer, me on bass, vocals and lead tambourine. A fun song and great lyrics and only 2 chords, what could be better!

Tags : | Hip Hop | 6.24 MB | FL Studio

Description : A noisy hip hop instrumental with a dirty bass as lead and a reverbed electric guitar in the background.

Description : Vocals by metaled

Wobble by dopplergamma2

Guitar by rei4real

Drums by Auver



Tags : | Trap | 3.11 MB | FL Studio

Description : I think I'm getting better with spanish guitar trap. This one is from stratch, no sample loops used. Any tips?

PS go check out that new album, Artist 2.0! For a lot of you that are new to chillzone type trap music, this will give you alot of good inspiration.

Tags : | Deep House | 4.45 MB | Acid Pro

Description : Here I leave a preview of the project in which I am involved.

- Leave your comments please, thank you very much

samples: Funky Nassau Acapella/edit

PD:would someone in the room create a guitar riff for this theme?

Description : Meshuggahish but of coarse I suck compared to FloorFish Noise Suppression TBS 1 Ignite vst Red Tone amp head vst Guitar rig 5 Shelving EQ Skinny NadIR 2 Diezel V30 SM57 IR Bass TBS1 SHB 1 ignite amp vst NadIR Seacow Cabs Dark Glass IRs.

Description : a collaboration project written with my good ole guitar chum Paul Calcano. Pete Tebar - bass, vocals Mike Mikalunis - Drums Paul Calcano- guitars

Tags : | Rock | 4.94 MB | Has Lyrics | Featured

Description : This is a song about coming to terms with losing my father when I was 3 yrs old and wondering what he would think of me now. I original wrote the song in college, but updated the lyrics, added the bass, drums & lead guitar.

Description : Just a draft of a song I did- pop funk kinda groovy. I am not a producer or engineer so please excuse the mix, nor a very good guitar player or keys player- just a bass player who loves music - any suggestions on improvement are welcome and appreciated. Let me know what you think, thanks, Rick.

Tags : | Rock | 6.55 MB | Ableton Live

Description : My version of a 1970's Stealers Wheel song which was sung by Jerry Rafferty and was co written by him too. It has a different feel than the original, a little more folk/country rock. It lacks many of the known guitar hooks the original had but it still has its moments. I would like to post it as folk rock or country rock but that doesn't exist in looperworld. Turn up the cowbell!!

Description : Metal guitar groove

Tags : | Acoustic | 1.51 MB

Description : im playing this on acoustic guitar with compleat difernt chords and difernt frets then the ways its spoused to be and my own way its my own spin im still learning un pluged thing bringing the sound right but this better then last in volume

Description : Guitar beat

Description : happy sunday y"all,on a free sunday but stormy day,its a way good reason to stay at home and be busy with some melodies or creat somethings..its a trap/rap beat with guitar and strings
hope you guys like it

its was an midi project that i have it such a long time now
guitar sample from shobeats

Tags : | Glitch | 9.68 MB | Reaper

Description : Vocals by srob1234

Guitar by Dj4Real

Drums by saintkuz

Flute by Mixiz



Description : Guitar mix

Tags : | Electronic | 7.93 MB

Description : Chill trippy vibe Mostly joefunktastics loops from here. His loops are always banggin! Heres a few i used.

Description : His Royal Highness, Prince Adam Bin Alwaleed & "The Royal Studio Band".......

Drums: #FerryTerry and #Tubthumper
Bass: #DjCole
Guitar: #Minor2Go (Thanks Martin Minor....Freakin AWESOME!)

Piano: #StephanNixDorf
Sax: ????????

Produced By: #HisRoyalHighnessPrinceAdamBinAlwaleed

Description : Classic days of Dre are here to stay. Progressive Gfunk beginning, then into a classic old skool hip hop pimp ride. Whistle, muted guitar wahs throughout. Get da track for a comment. If you got a flow then we link.

Description : A rock song about being screwed over. Played some keys on this one, Jaco Fender Jazz bass, 2 Epiphone Riviera P93 guitar tracks, EZ drummer and I'm singing especially for you, ha!

Description : Guitar Soft with Echo Ballad 120 BPM

C Major Scale and G Mixolydian Scale

Cmaj Emin Fmaj Cmaj Gmaj Dmin Fmaj Cmaj Emin Fmaj Cmaj Dmin Dmaj Fmaj

Description : guitar beat , pluck strum type beat

Description : Lil Peep Type Beat. Guitar. Emo Rap Beat. Sad.

Description : A soothing song

Tags : | Blues | 2.16 MB | Reaper

Description : I've been recording/playing alot of downtempo clean tone stuff so thought it's about time for something a bit more upbeat. Played on my 3 string fretless Lone Rider homemade guitar with a wine bottle neck slide By J. Ross Guitars, Boneshaker 2 string cigar box bass, addictive drums. Love it or hate it, I'm having way too much fun and that's what counts :D

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