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Tags : | Pop | 7.20 MB | Bitwig Studio

Description : Based on excellent track by BradoSanz (nothing compares instrumental). I've added an intro, many sliced up vocals, audio effects, and some electric guitar. Includes loops: Holly's Within your soul, and 40A's Unstoppable.

Tags : | Rock | 1.32 MB | Featured

Description : I am playing my tangle wood bass bass is doing lot here im playing washburn electric guitar wich is mostly playing guitar fx im using line 6 spider classic 15 straight into a behinger umc soundcard im also using biyang tone fancy delay pedal biyang tone fancy x- drive pedal biyang babyboom fuzstar pedal and American amp simulator by amoon pedal using magix drum loops genre is hard rock

Description : 172 BPM
Prod HxllxwGhxul X KYLE BEATS

Description : PunkRock Guitar Instrumental Beats 2020 No15

Description : Bm - C#m7(5-) - F#m

Tags : | Blues | 4.99 MB | Reaper

Description : Here's a collaboration between me and BaoBou featuring Jason Little on the drums.

BaoBou - Guitar slight right, Bass, Elec. Piano, Organ
bringerofDOOM - Guitar slight left, Rhythm guitar, mix
Jason Little - Drums

We would do this all day if possible, any feedback appreciated, enjoy.

Description : my brother dave on guitar and i over played bass etc...

Description : Dark electronica w sax

Might add strummy western guitar

Description : PunkRock Guitar Instrumental Beats 2020 No14

Tags : | Samba | 3.40 MB | Reaper

Description : one track of C#min bossa nova guitar
one track of improvised lead
one take each
that's it, title seems apt. enjoy.

Tags : | Ambient | 3.61 MB | Logic Pro

Description : I wrote a poem one evening and built this short beat around it...capped with a simple guitar solo. No clue what genre this fits but it's low key with just a little punch in the face at the end.

Description : PunkRock Guitar Instrumental Beats 2020 No13

Description : Acoustic Guitar Instrumental 2014 no080

Description : ...
I'm working on this.
any ideas?
thanks for listening

Acapella La Rebelión - Joe Arroyo Acapella
Russian Acapella HOUP - vasylii228 - looperman user 2159257

Guitar loop base - BOOKER T. & THE MG'S - Melting Pot
Bass - Andrew Oye - Billy's Ocean SHAMELESS serieTV
Hits - Cameo

Description : Shoutout to the creator of this loop, it's mad good.

Description : let me know if you wanna work

Description : Guitar type beat Lil Peep Jucie WRLD XXXTENTACION

Description : This Track was made by me, the Guitar loop is from @SADisfying on looperman.

Description : This was a fun track to put together. Nothing too serious here. I used a portion of a guitar loop from M4hhe here on Looperman in one of the sections.
Comments and constructive feedback always appreciated. Thank you!

Description : PunkRock Guitar Instrumental Beats 2020 No12

Description : Hiphop, guitar, 808, beat, melody.

Description : PunkRock Guitar Instrumental Beats 2020 No11

Tags : | Trap | 1.51 MB | FL Studio

Description : hi,i dont know what i should put here but is that,enjoy my loop, i guess

Description : I bought a new Martin D10e acoustic guitar. It's solid sapele front, back and sides and has a satin finish which makes the neck so fast. A folk rock song about a train ride to the deep south.

Description : Song with accapella
BPM 124
Prod. By Derato Beats
Hip Hop\Trap
Travis & Gunna Type
Guitar Beat

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