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Description : Guitar R&B

Description : All these news stories were from one day. I put a mic in front of the TV and this song came about with it. That's me on drum machine, and guitar. A couple samples are included, such as Jimi Hendrix talking, and the Gregorian Monk Chants. The little girl saying, "I'm sad and stuff like that...but everbody has to die." is a real girl in the interview on TV! My guitar skills are unveiled! More to come.

Tags : | Chill Out | 9.30 MB

Description : Chilled musical adventure with chords xylophone Electric Piano and guitar sounds, I have tried to create an older feel.
All music written mixed and produced by NUraver
Everything done inside Maschine mk2 from start to finish

Description : ( Instrumental Hip Hop RnB Guitar Piano Strings )
Mood: Lost Love ;-)

!! If you are a serious singer or rapper, contact me .
I will send you the wave etc. !!

Description : Funk House/Disco inspired by Daft Punk

No Samples used
Various vintage synths
Kontakt libraries: Ilya Efimov Telecaster for guitar, Session Horns Pro, Chris Hein Strings, NI Guitars
Vocals: Plogue Chipspeech & Alter Ego

Description : Juice Wrld and Lil peep inspired guitar instrumental.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 7.13 MB | Has Lyrics | Reaper

Description : A download of a beautiful beat on Looperman hashtagMELOD with added acoustic guitar and of course the grreat Shamoozey vocal..... and.. well check it it out!
As the WAV format size is 47MB MP3 @ 320 is uploaded.

Tags : | Rock | 8.61 MB | Featured | FL Studio

Description : Decided to finish a track I had started over a year ago. Was recorded on my old Schecter C8 guitar and Axe FX II that were later stolen. I didn't have much of this song complete, just the rhythm track. So I added a bass track, drums and the solo. Was trying to do something in the djent style of Periphery.

Description : This is a very dark song. More of a trap type beat than rock, although I have used an Electric gutar to give it more trappy vibe

Tags : | Pop | 6.46 MB | FL Studio

Description : FL Studio 12
EXHALE by Output
Virtual DJ

Description : fun little guitar oriented track i have made :)

let me know what I can do to spice things up

Description : This is a Lil Peep type beat that I prefer as a one of my favorite to make, as because I love alternative rock, sad emo music or just anything guitar. I hope that you guys (and gals) like this one.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 2.29 MB | FL Studio

Description : Electric guitar matching a great soundfond give the track the perfect rhythm.

Description : The guitar was more than enough so I kept it basic with some percussion's. Go check out MINOR2GO's profile and check out his other loops!

Tags : | Rock | 3.86 MB | Reaper

Description : Instrumental guitar with loops backing. Organic development of a simple 2 note motif. Written for my partner xxx Alt-rock/ambient though not fair to call it either genre really. Written way back when, as I was beginning to get into loop based music and away from indie, rock and metal. Uses loops from Alividlife and Eshar-cheers:)

Description : hello everybody
Today I Really wanted to give a try to something different,I got some loops from a friend and wrote piano,guitar and pads over it
hope u guys like it
let me know what u think :)

Description : A Metal song recorded with Amplitube 4, guitar tuned in drop B
the drum loop i've used was uploaded By SintheticRecords


Description : Some spooky track that I made when messing around with my guitar

Description : For those working the night shift. It's been a while since I put a track together and as usual it's uploaded when the sun is just coming up !

I hope you enjoy it, comments always welcome. Some Guitar A-minor fusion for fun ! - Bilbozo

I wish you love, happiness and successful music to you !

Tags : | Indie | 9.08 MB | Logic Pro

Description : I put out another EP a month back, this is from that. my friend and I decided to work together on a track, him offering his guitar skills. it turned out pretty good if you ask me! let me know what you think

Tags : | Chill Out | 5.26 MB | Featured

Description : Bass guitar music.

Description : took that guitar in looperman, but sorry i don't remember from who if you recognize it let me know.

Tags : | Chill Out | 2.14 MB

Description : Bass guitar music.

Description : Bass guitar music with four movements.

Tracks 1 - 25 of 4169
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