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Tags : | Orchestral | 7.08 MB | Featured
Description : Cool - Thank you for the use of the following member's loops: beyodpeace - cinematic orchestral tribal drums... and zipbass - drum groove 1 - (funk) - 110. The rest was created & played by me into Fruity Loops then the output of the live performance was recorded. May be open for collabs, lemme know what you think. You can download my albums here:
Description : Feels like smoke on waters with a bit of glitch hop. Self-composed drum beats beat via Patterning app. (^^;)
Tags : | Blues | 8.15 MB | Featured
Description : Blues Rock!!!! It is time for a change around this place!
Tags : | Dance | 5.09 MB
Description : A change of direction for me. Although I have always made lots of different genre tracks over my 10-11 year arranging career I have predominantly become known for Funk. This is a dance track and I've used the vocals of a very talented singer called Leanne Brown. Her vocal pack is available from Loopmasters.
Tags : | Psychedelic | 8.96 MB
Description : Psychedelic funk rock blues. Sunny War on vocals and guitar - wicked wicked guitar. Wanted to do a song that wasn't a story or a protest or an intricate argument and jumped out of the verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge box to just seethe and wail. Also wanted a massive break and musical bridge, mixing Sunny with a loop orchestration; you be the judge if it's massive enough. This will be on our HELP album. For this weirdo who has toiled alone for years with headphones on to try to get somewhere, any feedback, good or bad, is most welcome.
Tags : | Funk | 8.79 MB
Description : I tried to create a little bit more funky track, with vocal samples of "Raise the funk" by Urban Shokker, thanks to them !
Tags : | Funk | 5.62 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : Recorded this yesterday with Sunny War. Wanted to do something funkier, and shorter than the epic pieces we'd been doing. This was built off a funk guitar loop - looperman-l-1592215-0088915-mrroads442-funk-vibe-guitar a 74, changed to 77bpm - which Sunny used as the basis for her rhythm guitar. We've got 3 guitar lines playing off each other throughout.
Tags : | Rock | 9.52 MB
Description : I've made a ton of music the past couple years but haven't posted or done much of anything with it. Now it's time. I'm working with Sunny War, a great singer and blues guitarist who I met while she was busking on Venice Beach, on a protest album called APOCALYPSE. I write the songs and orchestrate with loops, then Sunny does her thing in the studio. Sometimes we'll leave some or all of the loops, sometimes they all go. For this one I used only two drum loops. Sunny did the rest - vocals and bass, rhythm and lead guitars. (She's pretty amazing.) I had to select a genre so I selected "Rock" but I think of this style as psychedelic blues funk rock. I'd very much appreciate your feedback.
Tags : | Drum And Bass | 2.36 MB
Description : I took a funk guitar loop, threw it in REAPER, diced it with suppa trigga, drowned it in reverb and then made some variations of it.Threw in a bhk loop, added sub bass and sidechained everything All of it in like 4 hours I may add a thing or two to it though... It's not much production-wise but I think it sounds pretty good and it's pretty expresive I will post all the loops if requested :)
Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.26 MB
Description : flipped funk sample
Tags : | Funk | 2.10 MB | Colab Request
Description : The thing is I have found a new style to me. Its a kind of funk or hip hop with a bit of Eastern flow but the quality is really sh*t so! I hope someone can make something better out of it and work on mixing! Im bad in making music because Its just fun but I have a real good Idea (in my Oponion) but I cant make something high quality out of it... and I hope someone will think the same. The Track is really really crap but I like it because I have do something that was in my mind.
Tags : | Electro | 3.86 MB
Description : :::::::::PLS READ THE DESCRIPTION:::::::::::::: Want to try something new ...Nu Funk Style with The Gramatik style Drums...BUT...I start to use Sakura...because I dont have use it in any Project so I want to try it go more in to the chill asia with dope Bass and Drum...a weird thing and it sounds like a new Kung Fu Panda Soundtrack so...I KNOW THAT THIS SOUNDS NOT PERFECT AND ITS VERY SIMPLE BUT I WANT TO MAKE MUSIC MYSLF - WITHOUT YOUR LOOPS - so this is the result...Need Your Feedback...and say if u use it! :)
Tags : | Electronic | 9.63 MB
Description : Electronic funk
Tags : | Trip Hop | 6.29 MB
Description : This Track is made out of looperman loops effects and resampling! Iknow it its nothing special to make music with this method...but this is something special...Thank you Community...That non-musicians like me can make music too...I know its probaly dont mixed well so if u have a sugest pls comment...I hope u like it...It was my Big DREAM to make something like Funky Badass Trip Hop but I cant make music so...BIG THX TO ALL THE LoopMakers
Description : just for fun,non profit practice only 120 bpm funk with rap style accapella finessenv and kami kaze XEROX the title
Description : Elektro-Funk, Glitch
Description : This track has the Old Skool Funkyness. A combination of funky Bass and a hitting bass drum Kick. I've used it in my remix of All Eyes on the floor feat. Shakira. You may listen to it on: Feel free to throw down over it. If you wish to publish it or use it on a cd you're preparing. please contact me for leasing arrangements. All my material is copy written with all rights reserved. Thank You. SuperSport ( The Veteran Mixer ).
Tags : | Hip Hop | 7.24 MB
Description : My latest spin on the Funky Worm, HiP-HoP and mastered by me Joe Funk.
Tags : | Electro | 7.34 MB
Description : Groove the night electro funk version
Description : vocals are from Lolleatta Holloway, I hope you all like this one, 17/11/2016 - I uploaded an update, I tried to pan things out like David Gibson mentions in his video, I don't know if anyone will notice it,
Tags : | Fusion | 5.56 MB
Description : This track contains only free loops from several Looperman artists. Enjoy! Applied loops (fully or partially): NIGHTINGALE: 0207475-0031005 (Sweat), 0207475-0030961 (Dreaming down), 0207475-0019839 (Guitar Call Talk), SLAPHOHNSON: 0067443-0012899 (Garage 31), 0067443-0012897 (Garage 33), D2D: 0274163-0025195 (Am Punk GTR 110 bpm 4), ALEN9R: 0379853-0057899 (MMS FULL Drums 85 Bpm), JOSEPHFUNK: 0630386-0078199 (Cincinnati MONSTER Funk Bass 105), BLUEESKIES: 0907685-0061738 (Sick Nasty Technical Metal Beat), ELECTRONBLUE: 0883744-0060021 (Rammstein), JAMIEVEGA: 0480098-0052766 (Fast Raw Drums), ANCORAL: 0039735-0031174 (acp - Mother Plucker 02), ALIVIDLIFE: 0158799-0045055 (BCFP Bass and Balls 1 90 180), AMC4D: 0161927-0013486 (Trash Can Beat).
Tags : | Funk | 6.97 MB
Description : A follow up to my other Funky Worm Song. The worm Funks the ladies on his way back home.
Tags : | Funk | 9.93 MB
Description : My mix of Urban Shock's Raise The Funk incorporating Urban Shock's own guitar and bassline samples. Type in Urban Shock in the search bar to find more Urban Shock.
Description : Short 80's electronic style song. Demonstrates how the vocal, available in the acapella section, fits to the chords
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