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Tags : | Funk | 8.45 MB | Featured | FL Studio

Description : crucethus said something that gave me the idea; acid funk guitar madness... enjoy.

Tags : | Funk | 13.28 MB | FL Studio

Description : A multi-fidelity trip through various key and tempo changes.

I'm thinking about compiling an album of primarily guitar works for youtube. What do you think?

... enjoy.

Tags : | Fusion | 5.39 MB | Reaper

Description : A Jynxz, bringerofDOOM production

bringerofDOOM: the boom chicks and the squeedlee dees
Jynxz: Bahh Dahh Dahh and the ploinkity ploinks


funk flavored electro fusion... enjoy.

Tags : | Deep House | 5.30 MB | Acid Pro

Description : ...
ACAPELLA - C'hantal - The Realm 92
LOOP - Uptown Funk Empire - Boogie

Tags : | Rap | 8.06 MB | Adult Content | Cubase

Description : energetic rap in the funk style

Tags : | Funk | 2.25 MB | Featured | FL Studio

Description : Hello fellow looperman users.
Here is a song I have created using FL Studio which is also available on my yt channel.

Tags : | Jazz | 11.67 MB | Ableton Live

Description : Ok, this is a Jazz-Funk tune with some odd meter swag. I went wild here pulling in Loopermans own Pyschotropiccircle to handle that fire piano task. As always Drums, percussion, strings, composer, writer, mix, and mastering by M.T. Let me know what you think about this. Enjoy!

Tags : | Funk | 8.92 MB | Cubase

Description : PURE SMELLY FUNK.

Tags : | Jazz | 8.07 MB | Ableton Live

Description : This composition is "Swunked" which is a swing-funk that's jazzy. I mixed this dirty because sometimes I like dirt! Swing beat with synth bass, Rhodes MK V, Rocking Sax, A smooth french horn with real butter on it, and a piccolo bass solo on top of the synth bass, cool piano throughout with a solo then the OUTRO. Drum programming, written arranged, mixed, mastered by M.T. Enjoy.

Description : Best part > 4:30
[EDIT2] Voice sync.
[EDIT] I found acapellas by ConsciousEntitySound, (users/profile/522916)
Full revision of my last track.
Differents parts here, 6 min, I know it's too long, I can edit all, if you want to collab with me for the voice.
3 samples used from LM, the rest are midi+vst :

Main drum beat : williusu - Lo-Funk
Snare drill : cg5music - DJ Mustard Type Snares And Claps
Jazz cymbal : laurentwirz - ride cymbal and brushes swing

Tags : | Funk | 6.82 MB | Reaper

Description : Sam Ho bringing the funk, nice one!

Tags : | Trap | 6.77 MB | FL Studio

Description : fallow me on my channel> Light boy - MarllonEd

comment if u use my beat :)

Description : Metal funk

Tags : | Funk | 10.91 MB | Ableton Live

Description : Another funky fun composition complete with blended guitars, keys that season the funk, and the drums that glues everything together! Enjoy.

Description : Found some 70's funk drum loops that I liked and added some funk horn loops. Then I found some effects and percussion loops that worked well with the bass loops I found. Yeah, all loops but 1 vocal track of mine. :) Funk/fusion? Might be cool to have some hip hop styled vox on this, any takers?

Tags : | Fusion | 13.52 MB | FL Studio

Description : featuring:
Andre Pertes: Bass
Jynxz: B3 Organ/synth
Mark Tyler: Drums, horn section, mastering
bringerofDOOM: Guitar, alto sax, bass 2, mix/arrangement

So, this is what I've been doin' for the last couple weeks. Pure funk/fusion instrumental featuring some truly gifted musicians. Let me know what you think... enjoy.

Now with horns and B3 Organ.

Tags : | Fusion | 5.93 MB | FL Studio

Description : Fusionish tune with some blues & funk elements.

Comments welcome and appreciated.

Tags : | Funk | 5.08 MB | Cubasis

Description : made on maschine mk3 and serato sample rigor mortis 1976 chops

Description : Guys, let's Funk This House.
I hope you enjoy it if you do then please leave me a comment.

Description : ....err...I'm..err, maybe alternative, I dont know, it's so far from me, that's for sure. Ive been messing, certainly wasn't started with that intention, but it's different for me, but going back to good old hip hop funk now for a bit

Tags : | House | 5.20 MB | Featured | Soundtrap

Description : Roll the Die is a house track with funk-inspired guitars and basses, as well as robotic vocals, making this song a great one to jam to.

Tags : | EDM | 4.55 MB | Acid Pro

Description : One of my first. I found the (rather long) intro a bit to "soft", so on Juli,9th, 2021 I gave the intro a boost. I think it's better this way. Agree?

Tags : | Pop | 9.39 MB | Samplitude

Description : Eine andere poppige Version unseres Electronicpop Song. Eingespielt mit der Band und 2 Gästen.

Trompetensolo Ron King
Saxsolo Eric Marienthal

Another trendy version of our electronic pop song. Recorded with the band and 2 guests. Trumpet solo Ron King Sax solo Eric Marienthal

Description : A pinch of Reggae with a dash of Funk.

Tags : | Deep House | 3.42 MB | Acid Pro

Description : ... (daw capture)


que más da, solo disfrútalo si te gusta
what gives more, only enjoy it if you like.
feedback is appreciated, they always help to improve. Best regards

acapella quantic-soul-orchestra-pushin-on
loop key gypsy-woman-shes-homeless

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