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Tags : | Funk | 10.18 MB | Featured | FL Studio

Description : This is what happens when you blend Dance Music Sounds with Funk Sounds thats "When Juxta Met Funk" Enjoy!

Available @ Bandcamp link in profile

Description : This is something new I've been trying out in Garageband.

A mix of Apple loops with some of my own thrown in.

Let me know what ya think.

If you've got some vocals you think would mesh well with this, let me know.

If you create something on your own, drop a link below. Would love to hear it!

Tags : | House | 7.70 MB | Featured | Acid Pro

Description : As I have said before. Sometimes I like to build up a track from just one loop. This loop is an awesome bass loop recently uploaded by Joe and prefaced by some house and 90ś snap like sounds.

Tags : | Funk | 7.73 MB | Featured | Logic Pro

Description : Super hard bass line hook electronic hip hop blended funk. RAPRE$¢ENT - You Funk'd a Wot chewn goes down like a massage best happy ending. Epic funding builds before the climax. I ask, you funked a what. Pure attitude. Hardest overdrive funk clavinet I've played to date. A nod to 80's with the interludes - straight from an 808. Confinement to get you burning some calories. Get down.. you hear me get down!

Tags : | Funk | 9.24 MB | Featured | Reason

Description : Original Jazz/Funk composition. For the curious, the title refers to a species of Hummingbird.

Tags : | Funk | 9.62 MB | Garageband

Description : Chilled out funk vibes.

Description : Instrumentale (Hip-Hop - Soul - Funk)

Voix : Benitolayton - Arriba

Instru dispo en téléchargement gratuit sur Virtual-beat

Description : A Bluesy, Jazzy Funk track (Incomplete) that is easy on the ears and rhythmatic enough to tap your toes to....
#HisRoyalHighness #PrinceAdamBinAlwaleed needs a Funky, Bluesy, Jazzy Lead Guitar for this to finish the track out. Become part of #TheRoyalStudioBand

Tags : | Funk | 8.32 MB | Reason

Description : Something really, really SERIOUS to Funk to and with!

Tags : | Funk | 8.66 MB | Logic Pro

Description : Fu(n)ck Corona (virus). Can't we shut up about Corona, stop panic buying toilet rolls for five minutes and just dance. A daft punk sweet and sour mix. Added in horns and saxes for a different vibe. Goes hip hop vibe and then back to electronic modern funk. You get the download if you comment!

Tags : | Deep House | 4.22 MB | Acid Pro

Description : looperman samples:
rasputin - 3-jangly-funk-guitar
ianakexcaspian - robin-schulz-style-drums-01-kick

Description : An older track.. like the third one I ever finished since I started back in '06? '07?? Its kinda fuzzy trying to remember lol!! also not sure what category this fits under so in going with funk...? enjoy?

Tags : | Deep House | 4.81 MB | Acid Pro

Description : sorry my bad english use translator
I know it's too late for the challenge, but I decided to make my contribution.

loopeman loops used for the challenge of JoeFunktastic:

PD:leave your comments, thank you very much

Tags : | Disco | 7.20 MB | Garageband

Description : retro funk with today's technology.

Tags : | Funk | 9.92 MB | Has Lyrics | Reaper

Description : Hi guys let me know what you think of this funk tune. Comments appreciated.

Song written by FunkRick and FDB, recorded in a rehearsal like studio ish set up.
All instruments recorded live by members of FDB.
vox and bass by FunkRick.

Tags : | Funk | 4.13 MB | Featured | Cubase

Description : Mounted with loops / samples of the looperman people. I hope you like it ... :-). Thank you all

Montada con loops/samples de la gente de looperman. Espero que os guste.. :-). Gracias a todos.

I don't know if I can put it down, since the sounds are from looperman users which could be downloaded. If there is no problem I will put it for download

Tags : | Funk | 12.21 MB | Has Lyrics | Reaper

Description : Funk-Rock-Pop Genre
What do you think I could do better mix wise? Any advises are welcome and appreciated.
Song written by FunkRick and FDB, recorded in a rehearsal like studio ish set up.
All instruments recorded live by members of FDB.
vox and bass by FunkRick.

Tags : | Disco | 2.66 MB | FL Studio

Description : uuuu stings hard, if you think you can sing to this, please do hahahahaha

Description : Funk and breakbeats. High Praise to sn76 for the AMEN BREAKS!

Description : Funk tune I made. If anybody is willing to mix pm me as I am not good in these things. Any suggestions, critics etc. welcome. Thanks, Rick.

Description : Just a draft of a song I did- pop funk kinda groovy. I am not a producer or engineer so please excuse the mix, nor a very good guitar player or keys player- just a bass player who loves music - any suggestions on improvement are welcome and appreciated. Let me know what you think, thanks, Rick.

Tags : | Funk | 7.87 MB | Acid Pro

Description : an electro-acid-funk- tune to make you smile. Happy Valentine's day.

Tags : | Trip Hop | 2.86 MB | FL Studio

Description : A funky upbeat synth bass driven track inspired by my 3 month old son, Rhett.

#synth bass
#drum & bass

Tags : | Funk | 7.50 MB | Colab Request

Description : This track is ready for final production. Add Vocals and some lead.....and there is a song. ALL that I ask, is that my Name be mentioned in any production credits. (Adam Bin Alwaleed)

Description : I made a funk track thing for my side project "Wolf Ship". Hope you guys like it!

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