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Description : Thrash metal song recorded in Drop D tuning. If you use this please contact me so I can see your work!

Description : Been a while since Ive dropped a laid back freestyle
Not serious in anyway loosely mixed

Heres a beat I was just rhyming too figured i'd drop the track why not
Thank you to everyone showing love on my songs on here
much love
thank you

Description : Cap Acapella on the vocals. Added Some Beats To The Back Drop.

Description : Hey people.

I hope u like it, especially the Drop :-)

Tags : | Trap | 2.51 MB | Has Lyrics | FL Studio

Description : Drop your project link in comments, I'd love to hear it :)

And Thanks for the Download -LouisK

Description : drop a link of what you made

Description : This Dubstep track has a cool melodic quality and well as a filthy and dirty nasty drop on it. It also features the top vocal talent of the one and only Hayley Williams! ENJOY!

Description : A Metal song recorded with Amplitube 4, guitar tuned in drop B
the drum loop i've used was uploaded By SintheticRecords

Description : Has a mental drop on it. It goes nuts!

Description : trap intro hot dubstep drop and a lot of my own vocals only one vocal is not mine but it fit it was thrown together out of lack of entertainment

Description : Synthwave Retrowave. Drop a comment and like! Can be found on all streaming websites

Description : ;-; oh fuk
bass house...

Description : This is what the recent posted loops sound all together.

Description : was playing around and made a pretty sweet melody. Used sounds from Omnisphere, used Juno 60 Hollow Organ and Baritone Guitar. Also threw in Chaoitc Vibes to give the melody more sound. Then Added the sauce using a custom drum kit. Drop an email if you want the WAV


Tags : | Dubstep | 4.18 MB | Mixcraft

Description : dub an trap step great drop at the end bits

Description : Hi my Friend :)

I would like to know if you like the track, it isnt finished yet since it is a little complicated to do the drop xd, well ... I would like to have your opinion (-:


Tags : | Trap | 1.32 MB | FL Studio

Description : I Need help for making drop to this. Write a comment if you want to help.

Description : I struggled so hard to figure out a type for this beat lol. Made this back in about 2015-16. Comment what ya think.

PS. If theres anybody who actually listens to people like Scarlxrd, comment and I will drop an oldie

Instagram: quario_hits
Twitter: QuarioWitThaHit

Description : Looking for someone too drop a second verse. hmu

Description : A chilled out, laidback breakbeat song. I smoothed this one out with a repetitive bassline and crispy drumloops. I decided to put in a antique vynil sound in the background as a intro, which I love everytime I hear it. This is very basic song, but it is alot of fun to mix.

Description : Nice sample! I was able to slow it down a tiny bit and fit it to a couple of loops from other sources. they all fit pretty good and I liken the track to a Slow Trap style track. Maybe someone can add some rap lyrics in between the hook. Please feel free to Collab and show me what ya got !!!! Please respect all artists and drop a mention if used....Respect

Tags : | Trap | 2.88 MB | Colab Request

Description : Still a work in progress trying to figure out how to structure it. Drop suggestions below!

Shoutout to JaoChris on the keys.

Description : Made in: Reason 5

Wuddup! this is a beat part of my classicaly sampled musicians vault.. hehe.. I am a Hip-Hop purist, my heart shall always remain in the 90's hip-hop movement/generation.

You can download it and record it and all.. but you have to give me credits. Also, i can re-arrange the mix for you if you want it longer or anything.

Enjoy and drop a comment if you liked it.. Cool.. peace! i'm out..

Tags : | Trap | 4.59 MB | Colab Request

Description : Produced by @wavsfromphantom

Trap beat made with JV-1080. Midis and samples for the producers and hot beats for the artists! Get at me me for either.

*Excuse the Crackling, Driver Issues with FL* If you want the fixed and finalized beat please email me!

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