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Description : Dark heavy track. The feeling the compounding effects of humanity and impending doom

#Drum n Bass
#Trip Hop
#D minor
#Hip Hop

Description : Michael Mayo lyrics. Drum/Organ loops by Winstead. This song has a Deep Tech House feel to it. It is my hopes that people can groove to the music I make...enjoy the times!

Description : instrumental with drum, guitar and bass
It is very basic and could use an extra guitar and vocals please help me i am just a bass player

maybe someone can send a guitar line or vocal

Description : cyberBond 2020
Mixed By Cyberflares

Ft, MCNorad Vocals
Ft, Cyberflares drum n bass
Ft, Minor2Go x2
Ft Renegadeonthebeat x2
Ft, SupperstellarMusic
Ft, GamanBeatz
Ft, Sushilbawa
Trap rap

Description : dfjskfhs ujdhf

Description : because, i love liquid drum and bass

Tags : | Trip Hop | 1.31 MB | FL Studio

Description : a quick short song dedicated in the memory of my best friend and soul-brother. On July 31,2020 he unsuited his soul from his physical being and vacated this Earth. Will will forever be loved and missed my friend.

#Drum n Bass
#Trip Hop
#D minor
#Hip Hop

Tags : | Punk | 1.29 MB | Featured

Description : my nephew wants to make punk music (or something).
but he lacks a punk band, so i made him this loop.

it's just a simple improvised mess played in drop D. i slowed down the original drum track made by user smokwhed: (thanks and sorry).

feel free to use/re-purpose if you can/wanna.

Tags : | Chill Out | 4.29 MB | Featured | Sonar

Description : was looking through the drum loops available here on the site (lots of fantastic stuff, thanks everyone) and one of the loops reminded me of an old song i made, that wanted to share with everyone... more guitar/synth therapy.. headphones recommended..

Tags : | Dubstep | 3.86 MB | Reaper

Description : wear wolf transformation type beat as well as ambient,Drum and bass with some pretty decent wobbles also trying a new bass height over all so it is not so loud.Do not use for more then listening to it.Nothing was used from here thank you!

Description : This was made from scratch.
Guitar played by me (Fender Stratocaster).
Bass and keyboard sounds made using MPK Mini.
Drum loop downloaded from here.
All via Studio One Artist 2.
Hope you like it.
Comments welcome.

Description : Fiery Arabic vocals I found on YouTube. Catchy drum works. Enjoy

Tags : | Hip Hop | 6.64 MB

Description : I made this track using electrum drum machine on an Android phone

Description : me on guitars and bass, drum track made with ableton live

Tags : | Rock | 8.61 MB | Pro Tools

Description : Here's a bit of a collab I did with another fabulous guitarist here on Looperman named Kargalar. I added the guitar leads and several drum fills and nuances. Hes always looking for collabs and inviting others to add to his tracks. I actually worked up all the material well over a year ago and then got busy with something else and forgot about it. Stumbled back onto it during the virus lock down and decided to finish it up.
If you like this make sure to check out Kargalars track list.

Tags : | House | 3.10 MB | Featured | Logic Pro

Description : I started this 3 days ago and I like where it's going, I'd love some more feedback/ideas! I haven't finished this yet as the end is still a bit off but I hope you guys like it!

All vocals and midi are performed by me
Drum loop by LouisBernadess

Description : Modern Dirty Drum and Bass

Description : Variance is my very first track.
I lack hindsight as to what genre it might be, so feel free to comment on it.
Any criticism are welcome and encouraged.

Drum loop by Danke
Everything else is original content by kraftZeug under Creative Commons Licence

Description : All falls down remix by yours truely. Catchy synth works and drum works. Enjoy

Description : Sad Guitar Beat. Think beats made by "Take A Daytrip" but slower. Any vocals here would be welcome. Contact me if you got any good ones. Will be posting melody and drum loops, it's just that Looperman WILL NOT AUTHORIZE ME!!!

Tags : | Trip Hop | 6.15 MB | Featured | Cubase

Description : Remix of Crazy Love by AAP Featuring Leo Valentine (Acapella from Looperman) - based around a simple drum loop played live then looped and layered with additional drums, bass, piano, guitar, Tuba, Sax, French Horn and some stupid noises - some looped, some played live throughout. 1st effort so don't be too harsh :)

Description : Jazzy noir style with piano, flute, pads and brushed drum beat.

Description : Sample female vocals with catchy drum works

Tags : | Dubstep | 4.89 MB | Reaper

Description : Dark Melodic and ambient dub - step mix though more drum and bass with a bit of a club styled thing! Will update it! Share it dont use it! nothing from here used enjoy! Upgraded it again! enjoy!I have insanely upgraded this into some kinda battle of slashers!

Tags : | Rock | 1.32 MB | Featured

Description : I am playing my tangle wood bass bass is doing lot here im playing washburn electric guitar wich is mostly playing guitar fx im using line 6 spider classic 15 straight into a behinger umc soundcard im also using biyang tone fancy delay pedal biyang tone fancy x- drive pedal biyang babyboom fuzstar pedal and American amp simulator by amoon pedal using magix drum loops genre is hard rock

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