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Tags : | Jazz | 12.67 MB | Colab Request
Description : Old weird track of mine of my own technique "Vacuum" which has been looped the most fortunate part, although it was one of the many exercises at the time, it is one of my favorites, it represents the time back when I began to use computer and computer loops all the way through and said:"It's better in this way!" Straightway! Looping bits of recording was joy in repetition! And I still prefer in that way! However, this was one of my very first works computer eased, so, it's not exactly like a few years later! Basically it's a whole improvised recording lying straight on a computer drum loop and then re-looped, arranged and glued back where it was or started! As I said it is one of my exercises, yet my favorite, and not because the improvisation or solo, there may be more fortunate than this, but yet after all these years leave me amazed!
Description : Drum Sample Loop and my own sample chopped.
Description : Hello everyone, Let me tell you a story; One day a wonderful person called Byleth decided to experiment with the default drum kit in fl studio and from nowhere his creativity reached the unlimited mode and created this jewel! The end ... Since this track was made few weeks ago my unlimited mode is gone and like always i simply don't know what genre to put this little jewel. For the collab I need a singer.
Description : Featured Drum And Bass Track
Tags : | House | 10.71 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : The second track off of my debut EP, 'The Spooky Place' I would like to thank several looperman members- I made this track using a lot of little drum samples and one very cool melodic sample from thecosmiceffect (TC5)! Credits for the looperman samples used are as follows: ~~~~~Loop [Artist];~~~~~ melody [the cosmic effect(TC5)]; drum [corruptionedm]; drum [lolboy356]; claps [haidarjasem]; fx [alexisescalona]; drums [tmandjievdo0]; fx [dextdee]; fx [acrylic]; fx [wilobowski]; fx [assassinbeats]; thunder [djfredval]; fx [djbirdie]; drums [skipyofficialmusic]; fx [theofficialkatechism]; fx [sintheticrecords]; fx [eos].
Tags : | RnB | 4.06 MB | Colab Request
Description : Just wondering if one of you guys can add a drum beat to my track and if you have any interest in adding a drum beat to my track, please share a link to the comment.
Tags : | Rock | 3.70 MB
Description : This is a rock song about my Friday nights in a local bar. All parts are played by me apart from the drum track which is EZ drummer. Recorded and mixed in Presonus Studio one. My one man rock band is called " Spring Machine " an Album is on the way then hopefully live shows and videos.
Description : 154 bpm ZR76 ensoniq drum machine, acapella by Brimaf is stark, futuristic and minimal but the recording is pretty nice and deep, nice subs, space music on effected drums, nice for halloween
Tags : | Fusion | 9.07 MB | Featured
Description : 85 BPM deep groove track made up of lots of acoustic sounds, especially leftover resonator guitar parts from older tracks. Very busy layering of mostly piano, guitar and cello. Also one trippy, reversed synth sound. Electric guitar, resonator guitar, three pianos, cello, timestretched guitar parts, bass guitar, synth bass, drum loops and a few programmed acoustic kits. One detuned slide guitar part sounds more like dirty bass. Far out, dark and mystical, with a hip hop drum vibe and lots of textural ambience. Maybe this is trip hop - I'm not sure as I think it's pretty hard to categorise. A lot of work went into it so let me know what you think. Interesting feedback appreciated...
Tags : | Dance | 6.56 MB | Colab Request
Description : I was trying to do a tribute to the Gold Rush theme song and somehow wound up with this track. Thanks to all for looperman-l-2247732-0113283-hbsamples-hbs-orchestra-hit-var-3-g-100bpm, looperman-l-1246769-0113203-rrpinho-bass-breakchnology, looperman-l-1273564-0097485-franko75-birthday-synth-1, looperman-l-1273564-0097486-franko75-birthday-synth-2, looperman-l-1096504-0075110-periodicdrops-trance-synth-1-sidechained, looperman-l-1319133-0104137-fanto8bc-sigulf-synth, looperman-l-2078355-0110174-hemant37-house-drum-loop, looperman-l-0801647-0074680-kriterous-crystal-marimba-loop, looperman-l-0605363-0052354-rodridan-mega-lead-filtered, looperman-l-0925595-0085585-capostipite-progressive-house-melodic-synth-for-intro, looperman-l-0159051-0100614-minor2go-synth-power-aexxea, looperman-l-0510880-0060922-spadeofficial-edm-chords-filtered-and-sidechained, looperman-l-1273564-0111590-lankframpard-request-pendejo-1 Key: Gm
Description : Drum Salad... enjoy :)
Description : dodgy drum machine presets could be the title but this drum machine can do no wrong, honey blair featured on vocal and it makes the song special, used reactor and electra x synthesizers played from midi files,and a drum machine ZR76 by ensoniq for a darkwave hip hop groove
Description : 174 BPM Drum and Bass. First time making this genre. What are your thoughts?
Tags : | Trap | 5.12 MB
Description : Sounds used in beat are in my drum kit. Contact for more info soundcloud/flexxgod
Tags : | Drum And Bass | 7.68 MB
Description : Drum And Bass Exercise
Tags : | Electronic | 5.83 MB | Featured
Description : The latest electronic, future bass, drum and bass track i made. i found here from looperman. if you like it you can liten my tracks on spotify and follow me on Anyone searhing for great , look up micheael Mayo on looperman. He awesome dude and makes great .
Description : This song is about that long and hard working day is over.And the chief will be no more screaming(though,song without words,but everything is clear:)) .Used old,but convenient and simple DAW Orion Platinum 7.62.There is a good drum machine
Description : Drum And Bass Exercise
Description : Drum and Bass lol
Description : Drum And Bass Exercise 82
Description : Jump up Drum and Bass. Work in progress.
Tags : | Rock | 9.86 MB | Featured
Description : This song is recorded today after about 4 beers, i don't know why this has happened.. Live instruments and vst simple drum...
Description : Drum And Bass Exercise
Description : Drum And Bass Exercise
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