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Description : Industrial Drum track with bass and guitars ..Just a jam kinda track. Used Guitar 5
Tags : | Pop | 1.95 MB
Description : 80 bpm
Looperman: Mrdman (rip this thing drum loop 80)
Description : BradoSanz did the guitar melody.
Minette did the vocals.
I did the drum patterns and mixing.
Hope you fellow loopers enjoy loopers working together.
Tags : | Hip Hop | 6.81 MB
Description : Guitar, drum and bass, awesome combo (some synths as well).
Tags : | RnB | 437.25 KB
Description : Music sketch, 90 bpm
Looperman: Benjaminleeschenkel (chill drum loop 90 bpm)
Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.10 MB | Featured
Tags : | Reggae | 4.16 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : Produced and Mix - 2nick8
Lyrics and Vocals - 2nick8
Looperman Samples by
Description : This FL12 beat contains three drum loops from; Karkell 145-kwell-ughhhh-without-808, 145-kwell-ughhhh-with-808, 145-kazikli-dna-bounce
Tags : | Electronic | 5.88 MB | Featured
Description : This is second try to write edm music. Chord progression is simple 4 bars repetition, melody has a lot of syncopation over verse, chorus, and bridge. Also, Bass or keyboard compression against the kick drum. Riser and noise needed. Within this simple format, making hit song is certainly difficult.
Tags : | Pop | 3.34 MB
Description : My original vocal composition with an array of fantastic looperman samples.
Production and Mix - 2nick8
Lyrics and Vocals - 2nick8
Music from Looperman Samples
willaman-xxxtentacion-drama-drums #2
Tags : | Pop | 6.30 MB | Colab Request
Description : I composed this base thinkin' about my sister. In facts, the title is nothing but her name (in english "Scarlet"). In this mix you maybe could recognise something-heard-somewhere, as the bassline or the drum arrangement in center part. I'd love to listen to this song with vocals on, please... could some of you do this for me? You are free to write a lyric about what you want, EXCEPT adult content. Hope you like, enjoy!
Description : I tried to make a 'doom cello' track but failed as the chillout vibes really took over but there is still some heaviness as well as a few minutes of dance music in the final sections. It's very moody and atmospheric and dominated by strings and drums. 120BPM but most of it is half that tempo. Lots of my electric cello playing though there are also sample-based string parts, especially the foreboding, drone bass - the only bass instrument in the track. Other pad sounds add some mystical, spacey beauty while an arpeggiated VST guitar instrument adds a progressive band feel in the first half. Drums are two programmed kits and mostly one hard rock/metal kit. Also one drum loop plus two music loops towards the end. I very rarely use music loops but they seem to work here. Let me know what you think of this progressive epic. Sorry it's so long but hopefully it justifies its length. It's definitely far out and difficult to place in any particular, obvious genre.
Tags : | Weird | 6.18 MB | Featured
Description : Hey everyone! Here's a song I made using loops that all came from here on Looperman.com
I hope you guys like it!

Here are the artists and their loops that I used:

Tags : | Folk | 5.64 MB | Featured
Description : Another simple track... Wonder if my genre selection fits for the tune. :)
Electric guitars by me, every other samples are from the site only. Applied loops :

YAPPY: 1172494-0086059 (Art of misery part1 flute 85bpm), 1172494-0086060 (Art of misery part 2 flute 85bpm),
SWG: 0045720-0001359 (SWG_Rock_Basic_120),
DANKE: 0671112-0066529 (Chill drum),
HAIDARJASEM: 1154425-0083657 (Me gusta),
MWRATRIDGE: 0631933-0052898 (Grinding Bassy Groove),
MEGAPAUL: 0448131-0061613 (Doom Pale Moon 120bpm Bass Guitar),
CENTRIST: 0079105-0059391 (Olympus - Chorus 2).
Description : Deep drum and bass Produced and Engineered by AK47OG. Thanks and respect to Abelouis.
Tags : | Hip Hop | 1.59 MB | Featured
Description : put together on drum pads,keys,old shool raw feel
Description : Its just a bass guitar and some easy beats to play with it
Description : Made with $uicideboy$, XXX and Metro Boomin' Drum and Sample kits, Melody made with Nexus Trapademicz Expansion Pack. Hit's Hard!

Tags : | Electronic | 3.81 MB | Featured
Description : Description : Description : Check out EP "OGOU" https://djarloph.bandcamp.com/album/ogou-ep

Back on the deck again, with another EP called, "panophobia" coming up soon, DJ Arloph is not wasting time this year to bring new sounds to keep the African flavor going. Just like the first EP "OGOU", this production focuses on organic elements with drum samples.It contains modern sounds such electronic down-tempo, future bass,and hip-hop, which makes the music sound old and new at the same time. With heavy sampling of African chants and sound generated from other tribes, this is production will bring more flavor and enjoyment--it's like Africa to your Ears.
Description : Hi guys! I'm back after 5 years, because of i always believe i've lost this account forever.... so, in these years i've not lost love for music. This is a song which mixes '80's drum synth with modern arrangement and is born to be a YouTube tune (but i wasn't able to upload as author in that as free use.) The title is an italian female name, which was the first female name appeared on my Facebook homepage.... maybe some of you could appreciate this track and... put some vocals on it?
Tags : | Trap | 2.65 MB | Colab Request
Description : Quick Trap beat I made using a drum loop found on here. Download for free and use for free, no commercial use unless requested as would need permission from https://soundcloud.com/arcane-beats-3 - listen on my Soundcloud here - https://soundcloud.com/slthmusic/wires-1
Description : Atmosphere Deathcore Metalcore. Guitar rig 5 and a Metalcore drum track. Hope you all like this one. Looking for vocal colabs..
Tags : | House | 4.28 MB
Description : Lounge house. Drum loop by profile eluterius here on Looperman.
Description : INDIAN BEAT
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