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Description : I used the FL Slayer plugin to make this song.

Description : Someone needs to scream rap on my beats
This is my second trap metal beat
Also fuck looperman for not letting me type out my name like it is supposed to be

Description : DeathCore Metal ..Hope everybody is doing ok . stay safe people. Redone over little different mix.

Description : It's my first trap metal beat I promise I will get better as time goes

I really want someone to scream rap on my beats please so I can upload it here and my YouTube

Helpful advice would be useful on how to arrange trap metal beats

Description : boston new alternative a genre of every genre a boston mass movement of 90s never took off but other genres sprouted from it difernt sounds using loops here lot of hip hop loops mixed with metal loops at difernt bpms im singing free styal on record layering hip hop sounds with metal at compleat difernt bpm having a break from the hardship of setups of real instruments but was fun

Description : DeathCore Metal. Give me some feed back please.

Tags : | Trap | 3.40 MB | FL Studio

Description : so I found this metal acapella and thought: " why not try a scrarlxrd type beat?"
so I made one. Nad it´s HELLA HEAVY
hope ya´ll enjoy :D

P.S. I´ve used a sample called " Psychosis Scarlxrd Type Loop" by Ajerutis for the melody

And the acapella is by

make sure to check em out.

Tags : | Trap | 2.59 MB | FL Studio

Description : trap metal

Description : Tried to make alternative metal with some KONTAKT libraries and Addictive Drums.

(this track is not finished yet, so if you have any ideas or suggestions - write in comments)


Description : Metal..Floorfish gate vst, Noise reduction vst, TBS1 vst ,Redtone amp simulation vst, Guitar rig 5 Shelving EQ ,NadIR2. Bass Floorfish gate vst ,Noise reduction vst TBS1 vst ,Guitar rig 5 Shelving EQ , NadIR2 vst all free online. Real Drums ..

Description : the best of the best by contortion

Description : a digital electronic metal track the title track off my latest released album just yesterday 13-02-20 please feel free to comment

Description : Metal guitar groove

Description : Hit me up for a lease. Three six mafia and suicideboys samples OR if you get a big audience and some sales we can do a free lease with a profit share!

Description : Weird Metal Beat

Description : a classic rock/metal song

Description : a premastered track of a little metal and Synthpop

Description : Christian Metal

Description : Metal ..Guitar Rig 5 ,Nad IR 2 ,3rd Bass vst , Prefet vst ,Deathcore type Drum track

Description : passion the best of the best by contortion

Description : Sludgy, Doom Metal Track I wrote on the fly. GEAR: (Ibanez RG Series, M-Audio M-Track, Guitar Rig, Studio One) Thanks to Arnaud Krakowka for the drum track

Track is free to use with credit. I'm always up for collab just contact me.

Tags : | Trap | 4.71 MB | FL Studio

Description : Sad guitar. Sample is from a guy called "yhello".

Description : DownTempo Atmosphere Metal Did this one just for the hell of it

Description : It's metal trap, boy!!!

Tracks 1 - 25 of 945
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