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Description : Metal
Description : Groove /Deathcore/Metalcore / Atmosphere . In drop D#..There are some mess up's lol..
Description : Atmosphere/DeathCore / Groove . Guitar rig 5. Settings Guitar amp VAN 51 RTM2 power.Bass Guitar rig 5 80's Slap Bass. Drum track from Sinthetic Records found on Looperman. Need some feed back on this recording and if any one is interested on adding vocals and Lyrics let me know and I will let you download it. Keep It Metal !!
Tags : | Heavy Metal | 3.97 MB
Description : A simple design and a pair of uncomplicated sounds plus the great vocals of Djshemzee as usual. This time in the heavy metal version. You can be found in the sky of gates ... Different artists and their loops.
Description : Atmosphere/ DeathCore.. Intro Guitar rig 5 done with the effects . Melodic guitar Guitar rig 5 . Guitars and bass ReValver 3 6505 amp simulator Ola Englund IR . Metal Core Drum track. Looking for Colabs..
Description : Funk - like thing. I used the following loops~
minor2go /Rap (Fireangel - drums) 120bpm
z3r0regrets /Dubstep (Just do it filtered) 120bpm
rtrjamz /Breakbeat (Party people voco vox) 128bpm
kristijann /Crunk (simple crunk drum loop) 70bpm
rasputin1963 /Funk (1960s Funk Horns Riff) 111bpm
morgothbeatz /Heavy Metal (2 step mosh drums)
145bpm Thanx guys ! ! Needs higher production
Description : I'm putting this little clip from a song I'm working on in order to hopefully find a good vocalist for either just this song or maybe the rest of my music. BPM 96/192
Description : Ambient MetalCore . Used ReValver MK 3 and Guitar rig 5 and a MetalCore Drum Track. recording is raw and needs to be reran in the mixer. Like I said I'm not the best at Still learning.
Tags : | Dubstep | 5.16 MB | Featured
Description : Mdkasbvfakhshdbwjh Metal Riddim
Description : In this track i combined hip-hop beats, drum'n'base and metal guitar.
Looking for collaboration, if you like this experiment please message me on soundcloud:
Description : Thrash Metal . ReValver 3 and Thrash drum track.
Tags : | Fusion | 4.03 MB
Description : Crazy crazy fusion number incorporating Metal, jazz, synth electro and all sorts of elements to make this one come alive. Not for your average pop and hip hop country listener.
Tags : | Heavy Metal | 10.49 MB
Description : This a track I made, while recording guitar parts of my own and using a few loops made by users of this site ( special thanks goes to Sintetic Records ).It's more from the metal domain ( a bit djent'ish ).Hope you'll enjoy it. For more you can visit Youtube channel of my project :
Tags : | Grunge | 2.97 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : Metal song about Dragonslayer.
Thanks for any comment.
Tags : | Heavy Metal | 9.90 MB
Description : shahram nazeri
Description : I used Drum,synth and FX loops from
The guitars are all me and is a combination of a slight pop sound and Melodic Metal Core. I have lyrics to this and will be adding it soon. Do note that this will feature on DeaDResT's Debut EP. A special thanks go out to WhenOceansRise for making the amazing drum loops available here on!! It really works for this song.
Description : DeathCore /Cinematic /Atmosphere Instrumental Metal track of mine with a Female vocal sample and war sample. Hope you all like it.
Tags : | Jazz | 8.65 MB | Colab Request
Description : Old rough recording, all instruments performed by Tony Almighty manually, Drums, Bass, Guitar and so on, other than eventually computer electronic sounds!
Tags : | Heavy Metal | 6.05 MB
Description : Atmospheric metal with heavy crunching riffs and haunting vocal melodies. What was once loved is now left behind to feed the flies. A collab with nicetones101!
Description : a metal instrumental session looking for collab
Description : Metal Industrial Track with elements of Symphonic/Cyber /Drone what ever you want to call it.I got board . Used a few samples and added my own synths. Neurotech kinda track with a twist of Drone.
Description : metal instrumental looking for collab...
Description : A very thrashy death metal song. vocal track and guitar track.
Description : a metal track, with fruityloops and ezdrummer. i'm looking for a collab, so if anyone can do some awesome lyrics...
Description : Symphonic Blackish Metal kinda track . My attempt.
Tracks 1 - 25 of 859
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