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Description : Acid Kiss ft. SteelyVibe

i'm constantly looking for interesting voices! ;-)

Tags : | Electro | 12.50 MB | Samplitude

Description : Cumbia Electro

Description : electronic production from Paris. We are looking for professional topline for our projects. All topline validated will open a collaboration.
Good recording quality is essential.
THANKS!! insta 35_degres_sud_

Description : I am increasingly drawn to electronic music, in this case the track from GALAXY and my poems

Description : happiness

Description : This song was made on May 24, 2023, at 2:34pm. I used the 128bpm triplet full drum loop as well as the electro kick and clap loop. The song was sung by Vocaloid Oliver, who is an English VOCALOID distributed by PowerFX Systems AB. in collaboration with developer VocaTone and was released in December 2011 for the VOCALOID3 engine. OLIVER's vocals are "based on a 12-year-old boy soprano"; a choir boy.

Description : A new track in Progress

Description : A fan outro music for Growling Sidewinder
I tried to make the track as CLEAN and professional as possible.
Fruity Reverb for the Arps
Fruity EQ 2 with automated bandwidth
Vital (Most sounds I templated from presets)
In scale of D Minor
Gross Beat for that "pumping" sound effect
Sampled laser gun shot for that subtle growl
sampled knocking sfx for the signature cyberpunk bass roll
Tags (ignore): cyberpunk electro edm

Tags : | Electro | 2.82 MB | FL Studio

Description : 130bpm,

Description : un son fais sur une video teaser de starwars X

Tags : | Electro | 2.37 MB

Description : Background streetsound

Description : music composed by david Paulet

Description : Just a simple melody


Description : another creation

Description : megasuper

Description : We all run, and one day we may fall

Description : Space Shuttle

Description : drops

Description : FIND A WAY

Description : was going for a jackal n hyde type of ol skool electro breakbeat

Description : NF3#6969

Description : Mi canal de Youtube es Leo Gucci por si gustan pasar :)

Description : FL Studio Produktion

Tags : | Electro | 6.50 MB | Acid Pro

Description : Ali Amelia vocals help bring this techno rock song to life

Tracks 1 - 25 of 2938
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