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Description : 3 piece rock arrangement, bass, drums, guitar which I totally love. Added some tambo! A song about a guy who just doesn't have the cash, never had, never will.

Description : most of the drums I used in this one are by pierre
(160 BPM)

Description : this is my first beat hope u like it LMFAO


Description : the genre is surf surf is music with alot of springy reverb and bending twangs from whamy bar im playing bass on a squire jaguar guitar im playing guitar on a squire jaguar i sing some weird volcals drums are by drumer four forty four on the floor his real drum beats can be found on youtube

Description : I used some drums called Santa Fe in EZ Drummer so this one has that southwest feel. Bass, electric guitars, drums with some singing. A song about a guy, down on his luck, living a tough life.

Description : Full Loop 140 Bpm synth and drums
If you cut it right you can make a full song of it
Loop Lenght about 1 minute

Description : When I finished this track, the sound of it reminded of cruising through downtown Chicago at 2 or 3 in the morning after practicing all night. The memory of the music echoing off the skyscrapers seems like it was only yesterday (1975). When I finished the track, I asked Mark to do the Drums and of course he showed up and blew up as hes known to do. He also Mastered the track.


Description : Acoustic, electric and bass guitar, drums and some singing and a few effects. Do some people really get abducted by alien spacecraft? They claim to have and tell some interesting stories about their experience.

Description : Hi guys this is the instrumental, to my track Salty feat. Frank Yola, if you use it link me and I'll leave a comment, remember dimestop is a small 'd' I don't capitalize it, cos I'm not important
All the music, drums and beat I wrote using vst's. Although I like the keys the cello is fire and the bass is arse kicking

Description : A lighthearted look at the space shuttle, Richard Feynman, american oligarchs and the Jetsons. Acoustic, electric and bass guitar, drums, singing a couple effects and a title of a lecture on youtube to watch Richard Feynman talk about Los Alamos while building the first atomic bomb, funny stuff.

Description : So wrote this over the last couple of days, it's sort of acoustic down-tempo hip-hop, the beat, music, drums, I wrote with vst's, wrote the vocal and sang. It's a fact time is more valuable as you get older. The inspiration was a time of my life when time wasn't an issue.i openly admit I'm not the greatest singer, but this surprised me, im sure you'll tell me your opinions

Description : Not been about for a while, glad to be back. This is a hip-hop track that I used no loopps on just Frank's acapella, all the music, keys cello drums etc I used my vst's and wrote it. your opinions would be welcome thanks guys

Description : Pop/rock song with some piano, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, drums and some singing. A song about what I want.

Description : Gimmie Tha Check (ART-OFFICIAL SOUNDS remix) by AAP ft. Reece Rowan and Abstract Inspector.
Downloaded this A Capella a couple hours ago from Looperman. Had to do something with it. Drums from Nexus 3 Hip Hop 4 XP. Horns and 808 from Heat Up 3 VST.

Description : An instrumental rock anthem that goes out to all the brave souls that are heading to Ukraine to help in their own way. I've seen nurses, vehicle repairmen, the military experienced and everyday citizens going there to help and I find it inspirational and am proud that such people exist. Bonus points to those who recognize the intro piano riff. It's a jam basically with 2 electric gits, bass, drums, piano and a small vocal part.

Description : Melody and drums by me
85 Bpm Boombap Type Beat

Description : Rock, guitars, bass and drums...

Tags : | Pop | 5.33 MB | Ableton Live

Description : Started this one last summer but the singing wasn't right, tried to do dual harmony vocals like Phil and Don and it wasn't working for me. There were drums worked out and those got cut out as well. So now it's 2 acoustic guitar tracks with me singing one vocal track. The first handful of cd's I ever bought included their Greatest Hits, such beautiful harmonies and guitar playing.

Description : If you wanna collab, Discord is Syls#1513 or you can email me.

Phonk drift 808 fast phonky bass drums

Tags : | Trip Hop | 11.62 MB | Reaper

Description : I'm pleased with this one for a change. I got just the right balance of creepy & neurotic I was aiming for. The vocal loop was a godsend for that. I fiddled around with the details quite a bit for this effect. I did the drums & bass on this, which isn't typically my strong suit, but it works well here. The track reminds me of GoldFrapp so triphop genre. Vocal loop is LM's Luriitch

Description : First song I ever started on electric guitar, always has been the acoustic guitar. The intro 2 guitar tracks instigated the freestyle vocal track. Short, alt/rock towards the punk end of the spectrum. The song is about one drunkard talking a fellow guzzler into getting drunk and creating mayhem at a party. Drums, bass, 2 guitars and a singing track.

Description : Mixed together some loops from looperman together with some additions. Not allowed to share links but credits below with loops used

Guitar by Johhny808; lil peep x sad emo type guitar chords free 80bpm indie electric guitar loop

Drums by erenozbek; mobb deep type drums

Drums by tywayne; Boom bap Break

Tags : | Lo-Fi | 8.78 MB | Adult Content

Description : vst instruments, and a couple of samples manipulated, my bongo drums, triangle and bamboo percussion instrument (all manipulated), several guitar tracks and another nice Vox by Mikamik (also manipulated). 3rd mix down now - might need some more tweaking : )

Mpc as Daw

Description : come on

Tags : | Disco | 7.17 MB | Ableton Live

Description : All credits to the amazing Melvatron (you can find his acapella "Disco Tribute" on this site) and Charlotte (provided by AAP, again on this site. I can't put the links here, but will link you both on the upcoming youtube. Awesome work guys and thank you so much for posting your work here.

The song is a work in progress - some final tweaks will take place over the coming days :) v0.3 has re-recorded live drums.

Tracks 1 - 25 of 3707