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Tags : | Chill Out | 6.23 MB | Featured
Description : an imaginery walk in the outer world...guitars, bass, drums played live in studio, synths and sax were added at home...hope you'll like it...chill pop/rock
Tags : | Rock | 5.96 MB | Featured
Description : A cover of Steve Earle's folk song. I was inspired by the awesome Johnny Cash version. I did a Social Distortion/Ring of Fire rendition. Follow that? Rhythm guitars, drums, bass, singing. Cleaned off my Fender Squire Strat that hasn't seen the day of light for a dozen years. I played through a Fender Bronco amp.
Description : Drums made by KUUDA - Melody taken from same Sample as Back to Back
Collabs - Hit me up on Instagram
Tags : | Pop | 5.59 MB | Featured
Description : Alex Richard, bass. Laurent Wirz, drums. Laurent Schwaar, guitars. Claude Barbotte, Hammond. Hanspeter Dubach, slide guitar. With excellent loops from rasputin1963, Zac Wilkins, Rhodesy and MINOR2GO.
Tags : | Trap | 5.16 MB
Description : Wanted to get one last use out of this hip hop/rnb/trap instrument setup I have at the moment; so, I just found a bunch of samples to throw together. I've never heard the original song, but I liked the way it remixed.




Tags : | Rock | 4.11 MB
Description : My little version of Randall822 and Patricia Edwards tune. Same intro but different harmonies for the verse and chorus.Laurent Schwaar, guitar. Alex Richard, bass. Laurent Wirz, drums. Claude Barbotte, Hammond. Guitar solo by Mik Korinec. With excellent loops from Zac Wilkins, Rhodesy.
Description : Made using FL Studio 12. Big thanks to the following Looperman peeps:
Buffalonugaluss - Empty Space Scape
Bunnierabbit - I'll Be Waiting Harmony
Chueyforum - Funk Drums 120bpm
Livinginsilence - The Dream Man
Krolbeats - Synth Drum Ambient 2
Tags : | Pop | 13.21 MB
Description : 70's style riffs with 70's style drums leading to a Driving melodic Remix with Big sounds with also a subtle touch.

Unsure of song category so put into the pop
Tags : | Ambient | 3.05 MB
Description : Anxious, but peacufully piano with drums.
Tags : | Ethnic | 7.99 MB | Featured
Description : Dimelo - Manuel Malou - acoustic guitar - vocals - Bill (Bilbozo) Smith - lead nylon guitar - Neil Evans - acoustic bass - Kevin (Buddrumming) Marcy - drums - percussion
Tags : | Hip Hop | 2.16 MB
Description : melody: remake from "f*#k you" song by snoop dogg,dr dre & devin the dude. i added the drums.
vocals from : Cole The VII - Bring It Back
Tags : | Pop | 8.71 MB | Featured
Description : I've had a long streak of writing really depressing, downtempo songs, and I really needed something to get me out of this funk I've been. Found some synthwave drums and synths on here and ran with it! Need to redo some vocals but really digging it. It's Lemme know your thoughts!
Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.58 MB | Featured
Description : A hip-hop infused track sampling piano and drums from looperman.

Check out my soundcloud page if you dig it. I'm working on visuals and a new EP project coming soon.

Thanks to minor2go, sushilbawa, hendricksmusic, and designedimpression for the loops!
Description : I had this laying around and cat think of anything else right now.
Tags : | Rock | 6.13 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : I had the bass, drums and a doubled scat vocal track sitting around for a couple months. The vocals had the feel I wanted so I kept them although they don't mean anything. I added some guitar and some keys this week. Surf, punk, rock idea, been in that mood lately.
Tags : | Blues | 1.00 MB | Colab Request
Description : First upload. Short Blues guitar track with Bass, Drums, rhythm guitar and lead recorded from freestyle session. Focusing on lead work atm. Open to colabs. Let's groove. Forgot to fade it!
Tags : | Chill Out | 4.57 MB | Featured
Description : (>>>wrong wave picture sorry my bad !)
Track : Divady2 - Pour toi (for you)
Acapella : lilyundwolf - Hard to love

I just work with vocals.

EDIT : ok now It's final for me.
EDIT2 : added drums .. and revised voice
EDIT3 : revised drums .. ok it's Final now.
EDIT4 : revised some EQ (de-esser) and levels. ok ok ok now it's final for sure.
Description : A collab with fellow Looperman, "dssdsdsd". He posted a pretty wicked guitar instrumental a while back of this song from KoRns Untouchables LP with a request for someone to mix it. I decided to give it a shot to complete the song. Wanted to stay true to the original as possible but didn't want a carbon copy so I tried a few ideas of my own. Added a bit of my own guitar, drums, keyboards, a lot of effects and even stepped up to the mic for a try at the vocals.
Tags : | Hip Hop | 6.48 MB
Description : looped and added live drums
Description : Wob And Drums Beat.
Description : my last instrumental composed with fl studio and kontakt alicia keys piano and nexus for the pads and synth lead violon and addictive drums and fx sound avec pack vengeance
Tags : | Trap | 6.59 MB | Colab Request
Description : Here's a new style from me. I love hard beats, but I also love wavy shit. So I put wavy instruments under some hard trap drums. BOOM! Hope ya'all enjoy. If you wanna buy this beat let me know
Description : Drum loop - COMETHAZINE x Playboi Carti x Ronny J Drums w/ 808


if you credit on the track I will give you free promo, just DM me
Description : "Every Little Error" Copy Right 2018 Kelly Moe Productions / K.E.M. Records. Lyrics and melody by Kelly Moe, all rights reserved. A very special thanks to my Looperman.com family. Verse/Bridge: Beats - THUNDERGODKLAUZ & Krolbeats. Synth - silenceskills, BlackMansta10, Lank Frampard & MINOR2GO, KCOTK1. Chorus: Drums - slowdeathx. Synth - Polybius & dvd123454. Vocal sample - Enzotic
Description : Got bored so I finished it quickly and used a sample I found on Looperman for the drums. I uploaded these loops used as individual loops as well.
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