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Description : a Jynxz and bringerofDOOM collaboration

bingerofDOOM: drums, alto sax
Jynxz: everything else

part 1: the core
part 2: space racer

Strap in, pack a lunch, it's a trip (don't mean to toot my own horn)...enjoy

Tags : | Rock | 6.00 MB | Has Lyrics | Acid Pro

Description : from the poem:

The Dark Chateau de Walter De La Mare
Portuguese version

Musical Production:
Tomas Sardinha just kent


Tags : | Chill Out | 10.91 MB | Mixcraft

Description : Another collection of loops from here
bass and white noise myself enjoy
NEON In D - MrDayton - drums
Running Back - Fratricide - synth loop
Zkup - Sheff G X Sleepy Hallow X Great John Guitar -zkup- acc guitar
Remain - Hotboii X Money Man Type Guitar -GLONE
Nature - Nick Mira X Rio Leyva X Cxdy Guitar-8keey
C O U N T R Y- renegadeonthebeat

Tags : | Rock | 8.85 MB | FL Studio

Description : a Jynxz and bringerofDOOM collaboration

bingerofDOOM: pads, drums, guitar
Jynxz: pluck, synth lead

Check out this instrumental, it's badass... enjoy.

Tags : | Chill Out | 6.67 MB | Mixcraft

Description : Back to some Cyberness
Guitar LenoxBeatmaker Fainted Dreams
Lil Uzi Vert Hyperpop EZ - Kelly Moon
Dry Ample Guitar Melody Androkoxu
Gta San Andreas Pesxt
Roadmap rjpasin
Flsouto Forsickened 8 N0123 0n 3 From The Pits 54
bass and other drums and rest by myself

Description : Piano, Drums, Synth - This song is long, but it just GROOVES!
Track 1 - new Only Seconds Left album, Healing

Description : NY drill, 808 Melo, Pop smoke drill drums for non commercial use.
show me in the comment what you done.

Tags : | Rock | 1.16 MB | Logic Pro

Description : made with drum sample from Ola Englunds youtube channel, he submits drums and people make guitar / bass riffs over them

Description : 2 acoustic guitar tracks, piano and a tambo. Sorta chill out/pop. Started out with singing and drums but ended up an instrumental instead.

Description : Doing a collaboration project and getting myself warmed up by making this!

All sounds are from Nexus3 except percussions and sampled vocals. I worked more on the melody than the drums, focusing on 90's retro style Kirby's Adventure music. Still putting an effort!

Lastly, this is downloadable. Please give credit where it's due.

Tags : | Dance | 3.73 MB | FL Studio

Description : decided to make some eurobeat and found this perfect acapella for the track on here!
I have most of the stems uploaded, drums and arp are gonna get there soon.

Shout out to PrettyBoyBeats for those sick vocals ;)

160 BPM, A minor

enjoy :D

Tags : | Big Room | 1.16 MB | FL Studio

Description : 130 BPM Bigroom House drum loop

Description : Sylenth arp 01
Addictive Drums
Guitar to Midi
I tried to make fractals

Description : This is a track which was inspired by Godzilla! The aggressive drums and the distorted melody reminds me of the giant beast himself. Add some bars to it or sing with it, just post the link in the comment so I can hear what you guys came up with it! Enjoy.

Description : bass, guitar layers, drums, keys

Description : Inspired by a drum kit I discovered online that included the traditional "talking" drums. Also discovered a cool Nigerian healing chant which is incorporated.

Tags : | Rock | 4.86 MB | Colab Request | Reaper

Description : New Rock track. Drums are AD2, live guitars, and bass. Sampletank 4 on the chorus. Vocals are mostly random shit right now. Will be redone. Edit 4-18-21 Moved the guitar solos and extended the 1st chorus.

Tags : | Jazz | 3.47 MB | Reaper

Description : About 3.5 min of jammin on Drums, Synth bass, piano, nylon string, and electric guitar...enjoy.

Tags : | Indie | 6.66 MB | FL Studio

Description : Just drums,bass and vocals.

Tags : | Jazz | 10.27 MB | Reaper

Description : MarionGaillard made some beautiful guitar loops. I liked them so much I used all 10. I provided lead, bass, and drums. Enjoy.

Tags : | Blues | 8.32 MB | Reaper

Description : Some fun additions to the track by HamsterLewis.

Totally self gratifying, added guitar, bass and some supplemental drums... enjoy

Description : bass, guitar layers, dub drums

Description : Track is sparse, appreciate any advice on what to add, scrap, etc. Definitely need some more drums but nothing I had was really working

Tags : | Electronic | 3.83 MB

Description : looking for the right sound in the synthesizer, I did a sound performance, played unevenly, adjusted the track with DAW, the unevenness remained - the human factor, the second track vst drums, the third vst choir. I do not know whether it is possible to listen to?

Tags : | Rock | 2.10 MB | Has Lyrics | Reaper

Description : ahh the temptations and choices we have to make. Pop/rock song. vox, guitars etc me. 2 LM drum loops laurentwirz-country-rock-standard-groove.wav

Tracks 1 - 25 of 3636
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