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Description : Upbeat Gospel Music

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Description : When the film The Land Before Time came out in 1988, I was just 3 years old.
The song has accompanied me all my life! Important in a time when wars and natural disasters shock us every day! So now in the run-up to Christmas a cover version of this great song by: James Horner and Will Jennings in a country-pop version arranged by Angelica Schwanitz.
The Band:
Manuela Boekels
Angelica Schwanitz
Sophia Berkel
Paul Scherner
Ulli Stein
Peter Schninkel, Ben Perl

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Description : Gospel music

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Description : Gospel music

Description : Mark (mtking) made a remix of this one, I added some new vocals and then made his mix worse again... hope you'll like this version!
Kudos to Mark for a great job and for sticking with me and believing in me. You da man!

Description : .....

Description : Style Soul.
Chanteuse: Jeanne Dho.
Logiciel: Magix Music Maker.
Licence: Creative Commons Attributions.

Description : Soul sample i made from scratch for sampling

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Description : Here is another track we are currently working on for my forthcoming album, "Songs from the Closet, Vol.1"

Ed Cunningham was gracious enough to provide this composition to me for which I'm grateful. It's a groovy track and the lyrics, for the most part, wrote themselves. My project co-producer and I are working out the vocal arrangement. As per usual, this track isn't mixed. I repeat, it is a rough vocal and isn't mixed. I hope you enjoy the listen!

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Description : This song is a work of my late big brother RIP., Who happen to be a gifted poet-songwriter. I did the vocal as well as the music based on written notation witch, he always provided for his productions. Hope this song is appreciated. Going to redo in the future.

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Description : I heard this track and decided to write some simple lyrics to sing/exercise my vocals since I have been tied up with other Interesting things so, I'm doing my own thing and as usual this is for my hubbs Enjoy bb XXX

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Description : Enough Love (feat. SilverBella)
122 bpm, key: G major

Description : For everyone who needs to hear this: we can be our own worst enemy, our own fiercest critic and our most demanding boss. Don't do that - this song for everyone who does that and needs a hug.

Now also on with a clip. Thanks for all your help!

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Description : you wanted me to sing again (thanks Manuela, Rita, Angel)

this is everything ive got guys, stepped up on everything, especially vocal and production, i almost didn't realise it was me :)) this ones for the ladies
lyrics are up if you want to sing along

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Description : Beautiful vocals by Yahalii, she really sang it out on this one. I just added some piano and a little bass, nothing but Yahaliii!

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Description : Guys, for the best result I think you need to watch the video on my youtube channel to appreciate this track more.
If you do visit my channel please subscribe and like the track.

Description : Another Chill sound made from a summer feeling.

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Description : Jenna Evans (jenna01) sang the ever loving bajeezus out of this classic, but the whiskey told me to slow it down a bit, then I recruited Steve Johnson (Birmingham, UK) on bass and Richard Bradley (Toronto, CAN) on guitars. Cheers!

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Description : Well guys, if you gonna do a cover and fuk it up, go big. make it your own i have. re-wrote it, changed the music and tempo bags of swing, some funny lyrics, i had a blast with one of my all time favs, you all know this banger, but not like this you don't. this will be interesting, it was a right mouthful too :)))

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Description : light forest

Description : Poem Erotica

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Description : This is my new Funky Beat. Inpsired by "Tadow" by French Kiwi Juice. I hope you enjoy it :) Let me know what you think.

!"If you want to use this melody please tag my Instagram account or my name "Ashina_Beats" and let me hear or see what you make with it :)"!!

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Description : My another work.
For my Ukraine.

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Description : The soulful and vibrant vocals of Patricia Edwards. I was looking to vibe off some quality vocals because I hadn't produced in years. I checked the site out and went immediately to work! Thanks Patricia you are truly gifted! Hope you all enjoy.

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Description : Use for Your Vocal FREE for all your non-commercial projects and post a link to your track here.

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Tracks 1 - 25 of 131