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Tags : | EDM | 1.38 MB | Featured | FL Studio

Description : No boring Future Bass cords.

Tags : | Weird | 4.51 MB | Colab Request

Description : I don't know what genre this is. This is like Lo-Fi Future Bass. I don't know, but I like it. Maybe you guys should include a future bass genre.

Description : Future Bass Trap Produced By Kid Overkill.

Description : had a few of my friends help me oout whilst making a future house song remixed off waiting for love hope u enjoy!!

Description : You can get full track for $5, email me novanaery[at]gmail.com

Tags : | EDM | 1.82 MB | FL Studio

Description : Future Bass

Tags : | Trap | 9.03 MB | Ableton Live

Description : Track 1 from my EP "So Complicated"
Full EP on my Soundcloud (link in my profile).

[Future Bass, only tagged as Trap as there was no Future Bass tag]

Description : free for non profit use
pls take credit
For remix purpose, pls ask me on sc
XOXO Chiraeth

Tags : | EDM | 3.30 MB | Reaper

Description : This is my first try at EDM and I used these Looperman samples

Description : Title too damn long lol. It should be,
Younger Music - I Know Better Ft CAROLINE (Equinox Remix)

Anyway this vocal is getting a lot of attention and it deserves it. Professional sound with a great voice!

I made a bit of future bass I guess? As always would appreciate any feedback. I thrive on it!

Tags : | EDM | 5.45 MB | Ableton Live

Description : MUSIC VIDEO ON YOUTUBE, link in bio

SPOTIFY, APPLE MUSIC, SOUNDCLOUD: hobewan - burned too many

future bass/melodic dubstep/emotional trap? been going through a rough time lately but things are starting to look up and this song is an expression of that. let me know what you think!!

no loops used this time. synths made in serum

Tags : | EDM | 10.42 MB | FL Studio

Description : Melodic future bass on acapella Come back stronger by Sergi Yaro

Description : Check me out on SC
RiceRollRecords / Chiraeth
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Costs literally nothing...
Thanks for listening!

Tags : | Dubstep | 2.71 MB | FL Studio

Description : hi guys! i tried to make an Future Bass style song..i guess i did pretty well=))...i improved my sidechaining and worked more on the saw and the chords. Tell me what you think!

Tags : | EDM | 4.66 MB | FL Studio

Description : A melodic Future Bass/pop.

Tags : | Pop | 1.52 MB | Colab Request | Sonar

Description : Instrumental only.
I used the following sound loops:
"Trap Drummy Trap Drum" by- thebestaroundism
"Pheal - Cold Dew Future Bass Chord"
by- raphael29 1289025-0107572
Thanx guys. ~Ron

Tags : | EDM | 4.54 MB | Logic Pro

Description : Very up-beat Future Bass track. And as the title may suggest; Music Tells Stories! Please enjoy! :) This is not a finished version; any feedback is welcomed and as always if you like the track feel free to drop a 'like' or 'download'!

Tags : | EDM | 5.06 MB | Featured | FL Studio

Description : A future bass track with some lush, melodic touches.

Give me a quick follow on Soundcloud for a free download link :) You can also contact me on there for collabs/general contact!

www . soundcloud . com/re_collections

Tags : | EDM | 7.76 MB | FL Studio

Description : Hey all, I was busying myself with music and I made Future Bass I guess? Anyway I hope you like it and I would love any feedback!

Tags : | EDM | 9.68 MB | FL Studio

Description : love future bass, Hope you like it!
Please leave your opinion if you have one :)

Description : Key:Gm
Looking for a vocalist
free for use

Tags : | EDM | 8.25 MB | FL Studio

Description : Composed and produced by Snofnugg
'Never Let Go' acapella provided by RAGGED
Future Bass Melody Loop provided by MaybeltsEiZi on Looperman

Logo and Cover Art designed by Snofnugg
If you want to use the song for something else than personal listening, let me know.
Avaliable in Spotify
2020 Snofnugg Music Copyright 2020 Martn Espinoza

Description : Hey! So I made a new song, I don't think enough people make songs here on looperman with Live. The name isn't that good (I'm not good at naming lol). I think it's future bass, as I based the drums off of a future-bass-sounding arrangement. The only thing that wouldn't be future bass is the hats in the drop and the beginning, which I would say sounds like trap/hip hop (yuck.) Give me feedback! :)

Description : Well I made another future bass track. Used the vocals of Michael Mayo. I would love to hear any feedback!

Tags : | Chill Out | 5.51 MB | FL Studio

Description : i dont even know what genre this is tbh. ill put it under future bass doe

Tracks 1 - 25 of 142