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Description : Hey everybody, sorry I haven't been around much lately. Been dealing with some stressful times. Nothing ridiculous, just the regular life stress we all have to deal with.

Managed to sit down and play out my thoughts a few days ago and decided to flesh it out with a few more instruments. Shorter and more chill than most of my stuff. You might hear a few imperfections and this is because I wanted to preserve as much of the original improv as I could.

Much love to everybody!

Tags : | Classical | 2.74 MB | FL Studio

Description : Choir Acapella
Post in comments a link with your work

Description : orchestral

Description : this is a small loop or say a track having ciks beats and a great vibe in it

Tags : | Classical | 8.50 MB | FL Studio

Description : Demo Draft Version 1
work in progress

Tags : | Classical | 4.12 MB | LMMS

Description : .....

Tags : | Classical | 2.85 MB | LMMS

Description : .....

Description : Song for Crescendo from Project:Numens
Made in GarageBand

Description : Acoustic Guitar Instrumental

Description : Sorry I haven't been around much lately folks. Thought I'd throw on one of the projects I've been busy with, in this case a little commission I got for a youtube channel. A medieval focused costuming channel of all things. Really had to go back to my music history notes for this one.

This is meant to be background music so it's very ambient and somewhat repetitive. But... man... Amazing what we can do with DAWs nowadays isn't it?

Description : Made in GarageBand

Description : Made in GarageBand

Tags : | Classical | 5.66 MB | FL Studio

Description : Use for FREE for all your non-commercial projects and post a link to your track here.

Description : by Eendee

Description : Let me feel you
song Junior Paes
music Koram Wat

Description : song by Junior Paes
music Koram Wat

Tags : | Classical | 2.58 MB | Logic Pro

Description : Sorry for the title, but I made this track during the lockdown 2020 and I was in the mood to a classy tune like this...

Description : "Fear's Redemption" by

Tags : | Classical | 1.86 MB | FL Studio

Description : something to fill the description

Description : A Cybercreation formed by me. All credits to Cyber!
We all worked on it:
Netherlands- Ritajustrita
America - Xstokes

United Kingdom -Cyberflares

Description : A string composition with other noises!

Description : I am new to making music and immersing myself. There are some very talented people 'out there'!

Tags : | Classical | 4.98 MB | Reason

Description : Description : This is a instrumental piece made by me in reason from the album "Sueos Vvidos"/"Vivid Dreams" you can also find in the plataforms like Spotify.

You can use this instrumental song for free, non-commercial and commercial, but the only condition is to add me in the credits anyway or anyhow like Adrin Saladino. Even if you use a part of it.
Also you can us it in film scoring/theme.

Thanks and bless you all.

Tags : | Classical | 8.73 MB | FL Studio

Description : A Lot of Wood & Brass

Description : A selfmade and selfplayed Piano Guitar music. I'm not a guitarist unfortunately, but i gave my best^^ I hope you enjoy. Let me know what you think
!"If you want to use this melody please tag my Instagram account or my name "Ashina_Beats" and let me hear or see what you make with it :)"!!

Tracks 1 - 25 of 480