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Tags : | Dance | 7.80 MB
Description : I made this during winter season. The cold inspired me to name the song Glacier. Even though where I'm from I don't often see glaciers the name is more catchy then cold night lol. Enjoy
Tags : | Trance | 4.89 MB
Description : Trance dance. Minor2Go in main role.New version.
Description : You know that moments when spend less time sample surfering and spend more time being creative,this track is a representation of that lightning in a bottle magic pow wow i got the fever and cowbell is The traxk is paying homage to Chicago juke and texhno dance music. Hope you enjoy and smomke a fat grass to this one.
Tags : | Dance | 6.76 MB | Featured
Description : Hi! I am a solitary producer and I currently produce EDM. I leave you my last track, to see what it seems to you. My soundcloud is
Description : Music and lyrics by Watts
Tags : | Dance | 4.00 MB
Description : New Track 2017!
Tags : | Dance | 7.71 MB | Colab Request
Description : Draft tracks need help to improve this track! Thanks
Tags : | Dance | 7.44 MB | Featured
Description : So this is a pretty nice song. I dunno, I like it. If this song was some french toast, it would be a good pancake
Tags : | Electro | 6.96 MB
Description : loops empruntés à looperman, et mis en valeur par mes soin
Tags : | Dance | 8.23 MB | Featured
Description : Enjoy this emotional Soft EDM song and thanks to download my loops! Have a nice day! -Based on a Happy and Sad history... Air TV
Description : My mix of Come With Me by Young KoeKaine. All vocals belong to KoeKaine. All production and arrangement by myself.
Tags : | Dance | 4.34 MB
Description : sloshers are an endangered species.
Description : Collab with WithoutMyArmor!! Enjoy the ride!
Description : fixed to grid ,made on ableton,generic bum bum type of electronic crap to chear you up
Tags : | Dance | 2.08 MB
Description : Trying something new, please let me know what do you think about this.
Tags : | Dance | 1.29 MB
Description : I created my own Kontakt 5.6 Sub Bass library and here is an example of what can be done with it. The Link to my website is on my profile and I have a free version online to try out. IRMG Audio DOT Com
Tags : | Dance | 5.71 MB
Description : Having some fun with Dune 2 does anyone else use that synth ? regards
Tags : | Electronic | 3.06 MB
Description : I've been training mixing, so I got this beautiful(and dry) vocal ( here at looperman and I started working around it. Well, I "finished" the track and would be grateful if I received any feedback. Thanks Guys.
Description : This is an updated Synthwave remix. I attempted to make a sound similar to Electric Youth. Vocals by Stephanie Kay
Tags : | Dance | 5.23 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : Loops produced by Looperman Users SHARPNOTES, THESHIVAEFFECT and IMNAWTARAPPAH. Additional loops created by Jason Donnelly for Peace Love Productions, additional production by Jesus Bronze for JMY sounds. Recorded, and arranged (ensemble) by Jesus Bronze in Chihuahua Mexico in Private Shrine Studios through Acoustica Mixcraft Pro Studio 6. Lyrics by Jesus Bronze.
Tags : | Rap | 3.28 MB
Description : combination of trap/dance/rap
Tags : | Pop | 5.80 MB
Description : pop, dance, dance-pop
Description : I know it's more fusion than metal, but still put there... :) Some lame guitar notes by me, everything else is loops from the site only. Enjoy or hate it! :) Applied loops (fully or partially): PLANETJAZZBASS: 0111346-0014685 (MrGlitchy), 0111346-0035717 (Zoombie Grass), 0111346-0026143 (Choral One), GUITARJOCK: 0353199-0026553 (guitarjocks punkish lead gtr chorus 2), 0353199-0026550 (guitarjocks punkish lead gtr rhy 1), BUTCHEROFNORMALITY: 0234230-0014373 (Metal Siren), ISHIMIZU: 0259745-0032168 (Virtual Guitar loop), CLINTHAMERMUSIC: 0409755-0031558 (Perky Beat), NEMESIS1979: 0096007-0035046 (resistance), STEINAA: 0214983-0034769 (Irreversible drumz), HMNN: 0073162-0024186 (HMNN Orch5), DEXTDEE: 0116269-0015590 (whistling celestial), SLAPJOHNSON: 0067443-0012880 (Garage 50), GUITARGURU: 0057331-0003622 (Robot Song), ARIXXONSC: 1264531-0079772 (170 Funky Bass Melody), ALEN9R: 0379853-0057899 (MMS FULL Drums 85 Bpm), KEDAL: 0308983-0022318 (Evolutive 4), BLAZEBEATSOFFICIAL: 0748303-0083177 (arp dance loop), KLEVRAH: 0406855-0060757 (One that got away), NEEZLE: 0689209-0083666 (Metallic Groove), SGN: 0383306-0040705 (Did I Stutter Part 1), ALIVIDLIFE: 0158799-0049750 (alividlife Insomnia Drums2 125), BENTLEYRHYTHMACE: 0000014-0000098 (Bra Dirty Echo Beats 1), SHORTBUSMUSIC: 0500098-0061360 (Hip Hop Piano in Dm-G), SINTHETICRECORDS: 0403648-0055960 (Sinthetic - Tick Tock Drums and Percussion 100), DESIGNEDIMPRESSION: 0592478-0068836-designedimpression-we-rise-hold-synth (deleted loop), WATERMIND: 0071369-0005244-watermind-077-harmonica-echo-1-a (deleted user?).
Description : This track was born in the 90iches, and after that, it remixed just today during djing dance party. Enjoy it!
Tags : | Dance | 5.78 MB | Featured
Description : A massive, massive thank you to the extremely talented WithoutMyArmor. Without his vocals, none of this would have happened.
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