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Description : I love how this turned out. But would love feedback so I can improve. Thanks to RaRcharm for the great Lyrics!! Any idea what Genre this would be lol. I'm still learning all the diffrent ones.

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Description : Polished dark peice of dirty bliss :D

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Description : Something I just made out of some kind of feelings I guess

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Description : Title cut from my current project " Symbolic Knowledge ". This is an alternate version. Created with FL8 and featuring a guitar solo and bass guitar from me.

Description : Cut from my first CD " The Tethers End ".Used acapella's from looperman.Created in my home studio. Don't remember who the vocals are from. Sorry for that.

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Description : another idea for my upcoming jazz album. i did this awhile back in memory of the late great michael jackson....hope you like it...

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Description : Thought i would put these two versions out there, both quite short as they are just intro music for the monthly Global Voices Podcast.

The first is the original & the second an arab themed re-mix commissioned for some Arab Spring shows they ran late last year.

Credits Global Voices Theme
Andy Clark - Slide Guitars.
Mark Print Bass Guitar.
Steve Beswick Drums and percussion.
mcfontaine - All electric guitars / production & mixing.

Credits Global Voices Theme (Arab re-mix)
As above, plus
Russ Cooper Djembe.
Simeon Georgiou - Violin

The re-mix went through about 5 versions, each with me slowly stripping away my original guitar parts, until i borrowed an old 60's Fender Vibratone amp from a friend & came up with the new part which sort of nods it head back to the original parts. Wanted it to "travel" from west to east in the space of about a minute.

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Description : This started out as being a 30 second sting for the Global Voices Podcast, but we didn't use it in the end, so i extended it to 3 minutes.

Steve Beswick - Drums
mcfontaine - Guitars, Bass, Keys.

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Description : A spoof 60's Spy Theme written for a dear & talented friend.

Music - mcfontaine
Words - @misspheric

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Description : Hi!
I am looking for the person who sings this song. Title song of course, invent the one who sings.
I invite you to cooperation and wish you a successful recording;-)
Just make sure you send me a link to the finished piece!

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Description : please give me some comments. thanks.

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Description : this is just an idea for a song made from a rhodes loop by ShortBusMusic.

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Description : I'v been working at developing music for a short while now. ATM i am using Fruity Loops 10. This is the first beat I finished.

Its short and nothing big, I was trying to get a retro feel with a good chorus.

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Description : this is a rough demo of me singing to a track by radumusteata.

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Description : Soe great loops i got from looperman ,

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Description : I started with a celtic harp loop, made some guitar loops, sped them up, added up a pinch of clavinet then a bit of a backbeat.

Boosted the sample rate. Give it a try.

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Description : Some guitar chords i made

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Description : With loops by MINOR2GO (Strings Universal Rap Hymn and Stringsloop Lesson 1) and by ShortBusMusic (String Section in Dm Am C G)

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Description : Original vocal and lyrics by Patricia Edwards.
Go check her out, she's really damn good!

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Description : I made this track with Soundclub (old MS-DOS-win95 software)
in 2002.

Flins is a french town.

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Description : Wrote this awhile ago and was thinking someone could put lyrics to it. So please do if you want to!

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Description : guitar loops on digitechrp355

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Description : nice hybrid track u can pretty much go anywhere with this one
hey, if you like what i made and you use this track i would like to hear your work.

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Description : Funky Shit

Tracks 1 - 25 of 101
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