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Description : Something relaxing...
100 Bpm

Enjoy! :D

Tags : | Ambient | 7.94 MB | Featured

Description : Guys, I have been asked again to do another track for another friend's son.
He has asked me to do the track with an eighties heavy ascent.
I have come up with this I hope you all like it.

Description : Coming at you with a fire track recently wrapped up by my guy Souljah Slim aka Beatkillaz
Hope you enjoy the track
Always down for collabs even just with beats
much love

Tags : | Jazz | 4.62 MB | Featured | FL Studio

Description : Short and sweet bit of jazz with a little Latin flavoring. Con respecto a mi héroe Carlos Santana.

Description : Far out epic featuring sine waves, programmed violin parts, played electric cello, various synths, drum loops and programmed acoustic drums. Mystical and a bit Eastern. A three min drumless intro and then some fat grooves and darker sounds. Not as good as I was hoping it would be. Interesting comments appreciated...

Description : Prod. by Alien, wanted to give a more sexual tensive feeling to it, feel free to criticize and praise me, I'm ready for it.

Description : Love Notes - feat JOHNNY JC

Description : Used a new 808 Mafia type 808 sample pack. The bass is heavy. This whole thing was put together in about half an hour due to my time limitations today. Still, hope you enjoy. Leave a comment if you use it. Tell me if you like it. If you use, leave credit.

Description : looking for vocs...groovy rock track...

Description : I really enjoyed this collaboration and also wanted to share it with you guys.. My verse is closer to the end :) If you have any thoughts concerning the track then feel free to leave a comment!

Have a nice day

Tags : | Dance | 8.58 MB | Featured

Description : Club House Dance Music

Description : Just another chillout...:)

Description : An instrumental of tribal beats and sounds, mixed in my own style. Make sure to get to 2:55 and 4:20-, those are my favorite parts.

Tags : | Trap | 4.27 MB | Featured | FL Studio

Description : Enjoy this great beat.

Description : This is a short movie song, starring Patricia. She remains trapped in city traffic, because of a clumsy driver. She loses her patience and begins to get angry... the song is what happens in her mind when anger makes her see all black... at the end we are a bit back in time, in the other driver's car that finally reacts! Maybe Patricia's vocals can't fit an hardcore track but... what about if hardcore is in her mind when she gets angry?

Description : ( MPOProduction ft. PatriciaEdwards )
- Lyrics by PatriciaEdwards
- Music by MPOProduction

Patrica said … her Text.. Inspired by Danke's track Beyond Pluto ..

...I was inspired by her so I wrote this Beat..
....inspiration is everything. !!!!

Description : had this on for a short time b4 then delited thought to my slef its worthy to stay on im playing guitars and bass on this one drums are loops I arranged and played live too while recording the genre is alternative punk my personal opinion the bass steals show here simple and plain but stands out and holds it all together when I say live jam what I mean is im making it all up as I go along while recording first try

Description : Lyrics BY **CAP**
LMFW HIT Factory

Description : The last Album Song from the Album "Chill Off (Chill Out Zone)" from H2ydrogen (Dj D-Live & DJ Teris)

More infos at

Description : Packs & loops used....
Cymatics Servida artist series pack
Cymatics Posty soundpack
Cymatics Humble soundpack
K19 Trappp by Rockwitit (acapella) from looperman
AzazelAsis - Drake x Ovo bassline (loop) looperman


Tags : | Pop | 8.76 MB | Featured | Reason

Description : Here is a song I made a year ago now that I decided to share with you. I had fun at home on one of my beats and that gave it!
For the first verse I used the acappella of Servilious (thanks to him for sharing).

Thank you for your opinion ! I'll apreciate them.
For those who speak French, I know, the lyrics are not exceptional but it's just for fun :)
Thanks à lot and good listening!

Description : A darker, bouncy beat.. hits hard.. looking for a rapper who wants to destroy it.

Description : I sit at water's edge
At the first ray of light
Weigh my options and my life
In the late hours of the night

Description : This Is an unedited raw track still in the works.

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