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Tags : | Pop | 9.29 MB | Featured
Description : THANK YOU for almost 1000 listens on my first ever track(Adore, check it out). Heres my second. Thank you again for almost 1000 listens. This is a Ballad.
Tags : | Electronic | 9.17 MB | Featured
Description : Original! 128 BPM - Final version.

The Sound of Belgium - The SOB
Tags : | Chill Out | 4.31 MB | Featured
Description : Theres a Mexican story of a little girl who claimed to have seen an apparition of a woman dressed in white in the garden behind their house. She dies a short time later and a tree in the garden was discovered to bear a likeness of a woman. Sometimes the tree appears to cry and many have claimed miracles from touching the tears. Do you believe in miracles?
Multiple guitar layers and effects combine to create a bit of a mysterious and haunting sort of chilled vibe in this track.
Tags : | Chill Out | 5.66 MB | Featured
Description : one of my dreams to see the canyon live...guitar music...
Description : I wrote this a while back as a poem, because i not only write songs but poems too, the poem was turned into a song. This track is NCM (no Copyright Music) track/instrumental which i found and is free to use. I liked it straight away, the vocals sung by me. Nothing serious just exercising my vox chords. I have a lot of unfinished projects but wanted to sing this. Thanks if you choose to listen :)
Description : Track that me and my bro produced last summer, sent off to our boys in ATL, And a anthem was made, apprecaite any/all feedback.This track is also available on spotify so if you liked it be sure to go add to your library :)
Description : If you use it, Send me pls.
Description : GreyGary96 uploaded the drum loop today (6-21-2018). I liked it and create this track from it.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 7.97 MB | Featured
Description : A track i worked hard on, hope you all enjoy. Larry
Description : OFICIAL Trap
Description : More live deep house using hardware.
Tags : | Industrial | 3.39 MB | Featured
Description : A song that I made with Dinn and my production team.
Tags : | Cinematic | 3.76 MB | Featured
Description : Hi guys! I am back with a cinematic track. You can comment about how it makes you feel and how you visualize it (as a movie scene etc)...
Tags : | Chill Out | 4.82 MB | Featured
Description : Original music - With a Japanese modal feel.
Description : Beat produced by me, took the vocals from Kamoflage (artist from looperman)
if you find this appealing, lemme know, searching for collabs, hmu.
Tags : | Chill Out | 7.70 MB | Featured
Description : This is the first tack I made in FL Studio, its going to take a while for me to get used to the new program but the quality of my tracks should be way better from now on. RIP X
Description : Thought I would have a go at remixing this classic house tune.
Tags : | Pop | 8.35 MB | Featured
Description : It was almost one year ago since I sat down with my guitar and created the first melodies to this track.

I did not know what to do with it, until I met Austin who wrote the lyrics and sang to this track. I really love the outcome so far.

Hope you do to!
Feedback is appreciated
Tags : | Chill Out | 9.63 MB | Featured
Description : Breaks many rules, dual panned Basses, moody and decadent. Written in 1999
Tags : | Electro | 8.61 MB | Featured
Description : My last track, i spent few months without posting anything here, i was working on several rushes.
This track is unclassified, the rythm is around 100bpm like hip hop genre, but the instrumentation is far away this genre, like an ufo... Have fun, enjoy and the most important, share your impressions please!
Tags : | Pop | 4.47 MB | Has Lyrics | Featured
Description : Original Music by aka. Oldrockandroller.
May be downloaded and used for personal use only.
Description : Just something I threw together today to test my new home studio and mixing skills. Just did it in one take and mixed it. Let me know what you think, any suggestion are welcome, peace. Whutt?
Tags : | Pop | 9.21 MB | Has Lyrics | Featured
Description : A slightly energetic pop ballad that I made with Divady of looperman fame. Lyrics are posted also.

Struggled to give it a name if I'm honest, so went with possibly the most clichéd pair of words to have ever existed in the entire universe, although it does aptly describe the recent situations in my life :]

Music kindly supplied by Divady himself, vocals/lyrics are my own.
Description : Enjoy!
PS. It is just a demo
Description : Remembering
Tracks 1 - 25 of 33
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