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Description : New song metal trap spanish :3

Description : Down Tempo/Deathcore Meshuggahish.. All Free vst's and my 8 string. Guitar signal chain Flooorfish,Noise Limiter,PreFet Ignite Tubescreamer pedal vst. LeGion head simulator . Colour EQ 32 , Nad IR with Meshuggah IR. Bass is 3rd Bass vst. Looking For colabs !! Hit me up in the comments..

Description : Nothing very special. Another metal track. Proud of the chorus honestly.

Description : Trap Metal

Description : No vocals yet. email me (somethingquirkyorclever @gmail.com) if you wanna try something out!

Huge thanks to SintheticRecords on here for the majority of the guitars and drums. If they see it, I hope they like it.

Description : I added a guitar part to a track I just did a few days ago. My attempt at Deathcore. Looking for Colabs .. Hit me up in the comments.

Description : Metal/Deathcore ...Guitar Rig 5 ,3rd Bass vst Floor Fish gate,Noise reduction PreFET Ignite ,Deathcore stlye drum track. Every thing is played on my 8 string .Plus some synths.

Description : Voice track by SuicideJ.
I recorded guitars and bass, programmed the drums.

Description : passion with love the best of the best

Description : I'm currently in Texas and i love it here. I made this song in Texas.

Description : Needs lots of work, but a solid start. More lyrics need to be written. Everything is Synth except the Dark lead vocal. Yes, the Chorus vocal is Sampletank 4. Drums: AD 2 Sampletank 4 and guitars are Shreddage. I don't know, is the transition too weird? Metal to trippy psychedelic? Update 9-2-19: Added a Sub Bass and brought the guitars up in the mix. Also deleted a Vocal section to make room for a future Guitar Solo.

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 2.75 MB | Cubase

Description : nice track for practice, love this band.

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 6.99 MB | Cubase

Description : it's a cover of Ukrainian band "Hate"

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 2.80 MB | Cubase

Description : bpm 80, standart B tuning

Description : I felt like this song also needed to be retouched so i did it

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 2.90 MB | Cubase

Description : You can support me on patreon: yan_87
Standart B tuning, bpm 120
ive made it pretty fast just for fun

Description : Groove Metal.. Had noise gate problems .If any body wants to add lyrics and vocals let me know in the comments

Description : Little demo boi

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 7.87 MB | Cubasis

Description : Another song from my home studio.
Written and performed by Eternium.

Description : I got inspired and made a song i guess

Description : Some new classic metal song . Special Thanks to Metaled , you best brother !!!

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 13.10 MB

Description : Metal Baby

Description : I fixed some things that were pissing me off but i guess i can't fix everything but now i'm a little more happy with the result.

Description : Metalcore groove.

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 7.12 MB

Description : Got some new gear. Been playing non stop. Hope you like it.

Tracks 1 - 25 of 1787
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