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Description : I wanted this to be MY song, not a remix so if any of you guys want to add lyrics and not call it a remix you can.

Description : I took some advice from a fellow creator on my last song on what i should work on and with his ideas in mind i made this. If you see me again you know who you are, thank you. This song is still a work in progress but i have a habit of uploading them early and fixing them slowly.

Description : "What will become"
Standart B tuning, 115 bpm. Enjoe !

Description : Heavy metal thank you to minor2go for the electric sample

Description : electronic metal instrumental salute serum for versatility everything bar drum set my mod serum presets :)

Description : a simple track that i made . its my first track on this website .

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 2.38 MB

Description : COLLAB WITH ripzore9191

Description : electronic industrial metal

Description : electronic industrial metal

Description : A track i have made

Description : Our second single song release which will be track number 1 on our upcoming EP.

Thanks to:
* zacwilkens for the loop "Swell" and
* DesignedImpression for the loop "Bell Strike Hold"

Looperman saved the day ;)

Description : A clip from a song I be workin on

Description : Rough sketch of a Heavy Metal tune.
Guitars are Shreddage 2. Drums are Addictive 2. Daw is Reaper. Vocals need to be fleshed out. Update:3-2-19 Raised the volume of drums and guitars, added a Bass line.

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 7.65 MB

Description : Midi metal

Description : Felt like sharing this ting.

Description : Thrash metal song recorded in Drop D tuning. If you use this please contact me so I can see your work!

Description : Thrash/Heavy Metal song. If you use this please contact me so I can check out your work!

Description : The song i posted "insomnia" had audio issues when i exported it that i didn't notice until i posted it and i will re-post later when fixed.

Description : A Metal song recorded with Amplitube 4, guitar tuned in drop B
the drum loop i've used was uploaded By SintheticRecords

Description : update of my new track

Description : I made this song because i love metal and i wanted to try something different. If you want i would love to hear vocals on this. I'm going to be making more and hopefully better metal tracks in the future.

Description : had a weird dream last night .. and this song is about that dream. Recorded all the tracks in one take .. then wrote the lyrics.

Description : Bike, biker, motorcycle

Description : Just a few riffs

Description : metal

Tracks 1 - 25 of 1756
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