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Description : Just a little tune i wrote.If anybody wants to do anything with this well.......Awesome!
Description : Metal
Description : Groove /Deathcore/Metalcore / Atmosphere . In drop D#..There are some mess up's lol..
Description : It's been a while since I've posted something on this site, but here is a little something. I've been thinking about doing an live stream of a full mix session including a Q and A section for the members of looperman that might be interested in the mixing and mastering side of things.

I realize the song might not be everyones cup of tea but there are still some good points to be made in terms of levels, processing, effects and automation as well as bringing the levels up to a competitive level to match the needs of todays market and competition.

Anyways let me know what you think about the idea and as a question I'd ask:

What day and time of the day would be a good choice in general to do the live stream, being given that there are users from all over the world over here.

Anyways the song is just a rough mix done in about an hour just to give you something to listen to, we will take it from scratch in the stream.

Take a listen, comment, love or hate! :)
Tags : | Heavy Metal | 8.42 MB
Description : A new track, inspired by the almighty Arch Enemy. I've been using a new drum VST plugin which sounds pretty bad-ass and have been toying around with mixing and mastering. Still learning but definitely getting there ;-) Tell me what you think?
Description : Just a tune i wrote.Want vocals on this if you are keen.
Description : A collab with nicetones101. A song about the failure to connect with the world around you.I got a new mic and used it on this track. Not sure it made a hell of a difference HAHA! Nicetones101 always delivers with the brutal riffs and a style that he is making his own.Hopefully we created some sort of atmosphere or reaction ! \m/
Description : Atmosphere/DeathCore / Groove . Guitar rig 5. Settings Guitar amp VAN 51 RTM2 power.Bass Guitar rig 5 80's Slap Bass. Drum track from Sinthetic Records found on Looperman. Need some feed back on this recording and if any one is interested on adding vocals and Lyrics let me know and I will let you download it. Keep It Metal !!
Description : I made the drums with a casio digi keyboard, and the guitar, mix, and edit are me.
Tags : | Heavy Metal | 3.97 MB
Description : A simple design and a pair of uncomplicated sounds plus the great vocals of Djshemzee as usual. This time in the heavy metal version. You can be found in the sky of gates ... Different artists and their loops.
Description : A few riffs.Thanks for listening.
Description : Atmosphere/ DeathCore.. Intro Guitar rig 5 done with the effects . Melodic guitar Guitar rig 5 . Guitars and bass ReValver 3 6505 amp simulator Ola Englund IR . Metal Core Drum track. Looking for Colabs..
Tags : | Heavy Metal | 12.42 MB
Description : THIS IS ONE OF A KIND TRACK u will never find it anywhere PREFORMED AT A LOCAL SCHOOL WHO DID THE violins and a teen who was on his death bed who played guitar he can be heard at 2:52 he was 13 and had down syndrome and confined to a wheel chair and also can be heard at the end of the track he was playing with us brought tears to our eyes Rip little guy 12/25/09 u kicked ass little homey. Forgive the sound.
This song is dedicated to thomas jones the best little goddamn guitar player weve known. LISTEN CAREFULLY HE PLAYS HIS GUITAR AT THE END WITH US. OMFG IM CRYING ITS BEEN YEARS SENCE U BEEN GONE FLY HIGH I HOPE YOUR JAMMING UP THERE. FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER AFTER 9 YRS FROM ITS ORIGINAL RECORDING I BRING U BODY SHAKER MY MOST PRIZED Possession. I decided to share it after i came across the file hidden in my old computer that i never threw away thank god i didnt. THIS SONG DESERVES TO BE HERE AT LOOPERMAN SO U ALL CAN SHARE THIS ONCE IN A LIFETIME PLAY THAT WE PREFORMED LIVE. THAT LITTLE MAN WOULD HAVE WANTED THIS. Now plz for a second and comment about thomas and the other down syndrome kids that help create this master piece
Description : a few riffs.
Tags : | Heavy Metal | 4.73 MB
Description : An example of where I'm going next.
I recorded the guitars through an Blackstar I.D core 10 watt amp via usb, I've found a way to get bigger sounds with an alternate method so I may leave this as it is..

I'm using my Slimebolt as both guitar and bass, switching to the bridge pickup (DMT) and dialing back the tone & volume knobs. Into ableton, warped and pitched by -12.
The drums were a place holder until I could do my own, from Wikiloops.

Enjoy and hit me hard with some mix advice, phasing is something I need to get clued up on more.
Description : a few riffs with no bass.
Description : MetalCore Groove raw track . Used ReValver 3 and Guitar 5 for the intro. Any body know of a good vst to help the sound of the track sound better.I remixed it with a few VST's like Blue Cat EQ .
Description : A little clip from a song I'm currently working on.
Description : just a little tune .
Description : Heres a little tune so thanks for listening.
Description : MetalCore Groove raw track . Used ReValver 3 and Guitar 5 for the intro. Any body know of a good vst to help the sound of the track sound better. I had FaFilter and I used Izoptope but the 30 days were up and those things are expensive..lol
Description : I'm putting this little clip from a song I'm working on in order to hopefully find a good vocalist for either just this song or maybe the rest of my music. BPM 96/192
Description : Ambient MetalCore . Used ReValver MK 3 and Guitar rig 5 and a MetalCore Drum Track. recording is raw and needs to be reran in the mixer. Like I said I'm not the best at mixing..lol Still learning.
Description : Thrash Metal . ReValver 3 and Thrash drum track.
Description : Industrial / Djent/Atmosphere/Groove .Used sample,added keys Used FabFilter Key board vst .
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