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Description : Atmoshpere/DeathCore Used a Pad X Heaven sample. I'm not the greatest at mixing. Will work with collabs.. Need vocals.
Description : Atmosphere Deathcore used a Sample called Kosmonaut.
Description : Here are a few riffs.
Description : Pretentious french title to accompany some ambience.
Description : here are a few riffs.
Description : We see Human.We speak Human. We think Human.Drums downloaded here.Guitar, mix, and edit are me. Thnx
Description : My 3rd attempt at using Looperman loops and samples. This time I played my own guitar and bass. Thank to all the loopers x #eSoreni #
Description : Streamed the writing and recording of this song over on my Youtube channel. We decided to go for an early 2000s aesthetic. Would love to find a rapper for this.
Tags : | Heavy Metal | 5.51 MB
Description : One of my favorite tracks i've ever written.
Tags : | Heavy Metal | 2.15 MB
Description : I heard RayKoefoed's vocal track and thought id put some riffs over it. Just a quick idea.
Description : drums downloaded from here, sound clip in the beginning is from the movie stakeland, guitar, mix and, edit are me, thank u.
Description : Cover
Description : Here is something i was playing around with.
Tags : | Heavy Metal | 8.06 MB
Description : One of my best creations. I've made this thinking about a crusader that returns home after several years
Description : standart d-tuning, BPM 190 Here is my video on this track: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDPdh3e-0wA&;ab_channel=YanSkuratovsky
Description : Atomsphere/DeathCore/MetalCore..Used a loop from DesignedImpressions here on Looperman and added my own Synth VST STS 24 ..Any one interested in adding vocals let me know. If you choose to the track will be yours to use for what ever purpose.I'm sharing my tracks with whom ever puts vocals on them.Thanx DesignedImpressions for an awsome loop !
Description : This is something i wrote Having a few drinks and a lot of weed,so she is going to sound messy lol! There is no bass or vocals on it and the guitars may sound a little bad as i haven't done any eq.It was fun any how lol...Thanks for stopping by and listening.
Description : Hello everyone! Its time for the debut of my full metal band, Raze The Pyre! This recording is a basement recording so to speak, nothing professional about it so take that as is. There's some screaming, and some singing. Please take a listen if you're into the genre, and if your're not, please refrain from the over used "why is there screaming?" or "What is this crap? This isnt music." Ive heard it all and its not helpful.
Description : Here is something i was playing around with.I haven't done any eq so it may sound bad.
Description : Djent Deathcore /Drum n Bass mix . I got board ..lol
Description : Haven't uploaded in forever, so here. BPM: 230/115 Which ever bpm you prefer. Instead of sleeping I wrote this breakdown/section for a song. I also used the dropped hybrid tuning:AGCFAD
Description : Here are a few riffs i put together.Thanks for the listen.
Tags : | Heavy Metal | 14.87 MB
Description : Thrash metal guitar meets funk and dance electronic fixtures.
Description : Part two of three.
Description : Hi rockers!I was having a few drinks and having a jam with myself and thought id put this track up.
Tracks 1 - 25 of 1655
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