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Description : Lyrics and Vocals Inspired by netflix Wyonna Earp and Dee Snider
Description : Metalcore .. Guitar rig 5 drum loop.. I'm not the best at sweep picking ..lol
Tags : | Heavy Metal | 2.25 MB
Description : bouncy,dark, metal, pop,trap
Description : DeathCore/Melodic/Meshuggahish...lol IDK Guitar rig 5 used 2 different drum tracks. Kinda a mixture. Can not say the recording is equaled out. Some mess ups ..lol
Description : Heavy Metal Guitar Drums Solo
Description : Living in the Pacific Northwest, USA, I am surrounded by countless acres of forests and mountains. Having experienced them, I know that with as beautiful and serene as they can be, so too, they can be cold, deadly and unforgiving. That's what this song is about. The wide spectrum of emotions one can feel when alone in the forest. Whether you want to be or not. Let me know what you think. --- Take care. V.
Tags : | Heavy Metal | 6.95 MB
Description : this song i dedicated to my died grand pa
Tags : | Heavy Metal | 6.78 MB
Description : A really great lyrical song
Description : this is a instrumental track of our song called The Ending.
Description : This song is awesome
Tags : | Heavy Metal | 4.87 MB
Description : Vocals - 2nick8
Drums and Rhythm Guitars - RBZ
Bass - Antonklinkt
Lead Guitar - Loopoz
I owe this track to RBZ who laid a fantastic track to my acapella on kompoz and started this sucker goin..
Description : Classic death metal
Standart B tuning, bpm 150
Description : A song made in fl studio
Tags : | Heavy Metal | 9.99 MB
Description : I had some fun with a wah-pedal effect in this one. It's nothing too remarkable, but a fun little metal piece none the less. Enjoy. V.
Tags : | Heavy Metal | 13.59 MB
Description : spectre vs the devil is a hybrid of 2 of my other songs on youtube that i made awhile back... spectre and deal with it devil, (two of my favorites)

this was made with loops from looperman.com and some loops from magix music maker

needless to say im am really proud of this song and i wanted to share it...
Description : i need vocals this track!.
Description : Melodic/Atmosphere metal..Guitar Rig 5 guitar and bass. Used a drum track.
Description : Hey, I need some vocals for this song. Who can help me?
I've song the first part of the strophe. You can ad some lyrics. You can send me some samples. Maybe it works.
Description : Down Tempo Death Core. Guitar rig 5 Guitars and bass. My first attempt ..
Description : Not the final mix, just a rough copy for now.
Description : This is a track i've been working on.
Description : One of track of our band
Description : Me and a friend from work have been collaborating off and on and one night I showed him this track I wrote and put together and asked him if he would like to sing the lyrics I wrote for this track. The guitars, bass, and acoustic guitars are just simple melodies I recorded and put them together.
Description : Free to use but leave creds please
Description : Cyber/Metal . Redid it over and added my own stuff in the middle..Guitar rig 5 Guitars and bass . MaxSynths Crisalys Vst (Free) you guys should check it out lots of good seq and stuff. A little buggy but you can work through it.I need feed back all 3 of my head phones are messed up and the ones I had to use are egg created and pop and are trebled out. Please let me know how it sounds so I can fix it ..Thank you..
Tracks 1 - 25 of 1722
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