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Description : a new song with the voice of METALED. Hope you like it;)

Description : the best of the best by contortion

Description : Vocals by metaled

Wobble by dopplergamma2

Guitar by rei4real

Drums by Auver



Description : Song from album Promo 2015

Description : Meshuggahish but of coarse I suck compared to them.lol FloorFish Noise Suppression TBS 1 Ignite vst Red Tone amp head vst Guitar rig 5 Shelving EQ Skinny NadIR 2 Diezel V30 SM57 IR Bass TBS1 SHB 1 ignite amp vst NadIR Seacow Cabs Dark Glass IRs.

Description : a collaboration project written with my good ole guitar chum Paul Calcano. Pete Tebar - bass, vocals Mike Mikalunis - Drums Paul Calcano- guitars

Description : My first full track in quite some time. Actually did a video for it too on YouTube.
Hope its enjoyable.

Description : a digital electronic metal track the title track off my latest released album just yesterday 13-02-20 please feel free to comment

Description : Looking for someone who can sing me a hook.

If you donwload this and use, comment with a link. MUST GIVE CREDIT IF YOU USE THIS! Not downloadable for monetary purposes.

Description : heavy sabbath style

Description : A bit of techno mixed with some heavy guitar playing. If you listen to this you are in a restricted Area.

Description : everything is fine and dandy

Description : I Wrote this because I am tired of every race being treated unequal. For those who still remember me here, you know I am not the best singer. If this song offends anyone I apologize in advance.

Description : Weird Metal Beat

Description : rammsteainy, needs vocals. comment if used.

Description : Metalcore Red Tone Demo Amp simulator Free VST . I like this VST from Vadim Taranov its actually good for Djent. And it is very powerful for a VST.

Description : Christian Metal

Description : idk, im dying to live

Description : needs vocals

Description : Metal ..Guitar Rig 5 ,Nad IR 2 ,3rd Bass vst , Prefet vst ,Deathcore type Drum track

Description : passion the best of the best by contortion

Description : Sludgy, Doom Metal Track I wrote on the fly. GEAR: (Ibanez RG Series, M-Audio M-Track, Guitar Rig, Studio One) Thanks to Arnaud Krakowka for the drum track

Track is free to use with credit. I'm always up for collab just contact me.

Description : Guitar loop by lavafx :


Description : Down tempo Deathcore all Vst's

Description : DownTempo Atmosphere Metal Did this one just for the hell of it

Tracks 1 - 25 of 1795
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