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Tags : | Trip Hop | 3.71 MB
Description : Life is a game, better start winning.
Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.58 MB
Description : Remix of Life Is Not A Game by HEMANIFEZT
Tags : | Cinematic | 11.81 MB | Featured
Description : did this my self on keyboard on ableton live hope u like it :)
Tags : | Hip Hop | 7.33 MB | Featured
Description : This is the shame beat. All that's changed is the first verse.
Description : This was an attempt of making an actuall horror theme. The voice sounds are just sampled play sounds from C'thun. Which is a character in a game I played a long time ago. Idk, i fought it fits. I really like the drum in the second part and obviously the track is not done yet but that's exactly why I'm sharing it, so I get some ideas from you guys. If you have any that is.
Tags : | Cinematic | 2.27 MB
Description : Something that can be looped.
Tags : | Cinematic | 4.51 MB | Featured
Description : this is an extended version of a trailer I made for a game I did the soundtrack for, Reficul.
this game is a VR game set to release on steam on hollween. check out the game on steam. check out the trailer
Tags : | Chill Out | 11.08 MB
Description : Solo guitar by me, everything else is free loops only from the site.
Applied loops (fully or partially):

MINOR2GO: 0159051-0046762 (Guitar Pack Gold - Wonderful World),
0159051-0047592 (Guitar Pack Gold - Anytime),
0159051-0033326 (Change the world - Orchestral Drums),
CENTRIST: 0079105-0053698 (Khaos - Armor Snare),
0079105-0059979 (Chosen - Bass 2),
PLANETJAZZBASS: 0111346-0031678(When The Boat Comes In 4),
DUSTHILL: 0139050-0014622 (RnB Vibraphone 02),
SKELLA: 0675471-0070992 (Happy Signal - Marimba - 96 BPM),
DEXTDEE: 0116269-0033416 (Anticipation picas),
DJMOTHBEATZ: 0237471-0022898 (ggt Contrabass),
BILBEATZ: 0473280-0046670 (02BiL-Viola),
MHYST: 0203623-0017693 (Pretty Oboe).
Description : afro trap repping East Africa we all about sweet melodies.
Description : I tried to get this song better by editing it a bit. I would like to know how is it compared to the firt one and of course I would appreciate knowing what it eventually lacks for it to be popular. I'm just a learner after all.
PS: The equalisation is poor.
Tags : | Electro | 4.80 MB
Description : Not Much to say about it. I made my music and then I worked on the vocals for them to fit nicely, to my opinion. I'm open to any kind of comments, so don't be shy folks.

Version 2
Tags : | Cinematic | 5.12 MB
Description : Just getting back into the music game after a while. Hope you guys enjoy.
Tags : | Chill Out | 2.27 MB
Description : This is one of the first tracks I created. I used an a poor man's DAW in a Game called Circuits Composer. I was ashamed of this track, but it actually got 12 listens on sound cloud which is much more than the stuff I've created recently since I learned to use a real DAW (Reaper). Maybe this isn't garbage after all. You tell me. Rhythms I created using Percussion Studio.
Tags : | Electronic | 6.73 MB
Description : Are we living in a real life Grand Theft Auto game?
Tags : | Pop | 6.06 MB
Description : pop, industrial, alternative
Tags : | Fusion | 5.62 MB
Description : More of a horror feel to this one. Still gaming music for a space video game. All the drums here are from alabafruit. The organ, bells and strings are from designedimpression.
Tags : | Cinematic | 1.90 MB
Description : I tried to compose this music imagining that it would be suitable for a credits of TV series.
Description : This is a demonic anthem of sorts 150 bpm feat a known looperman vocal cresting kind of at the peak of a sonic shock wave
reorded analog straight to a multi track korg recorder

entertainment only
Description : This track is at 174bpm. I used a melody/tune from a popular SNES video game, Super Metroid, along with some drumming (obviously) and some specific and Unique sounds I'd created in Serum.

I will be posting all of the files I used to make this (which involves a good deal of original samples) very soon to the Remixes section (and will try and update this description with that link as soon as it is ready). I'm not looking for a collab, per-se, as much as I am hoping other people who enjoy this particular melody could have some fun with it.
Tags : | Cinematic | 2.93 MB
Description : I wrote this to be the Intro to a epic video game, or for a movie trailer or something.
Just now starting with this kind of music so, let me know what you think!
Tags : | Cinematic | 1.94 MB
Description : If this composition reminds you of a certain game with a certain adventurer named Nathan Drake, this is normal, it inspired me
Description : Something a little different for me from my normal dance music creations. This one was created and composed with two visuals in mind. 1.The last breath of a person before they pass away and the visuals of the persons soul floating up and beyond leaving the body matter behind. 2.A spaceship making its final approach to a far away spaceport and slowly moving around the spaceport before final approach into the the docking sequence or a game video start with plenty of action grabs thrown into the mix. Using the C4 string samples for the Cor Anglais,1st violins,2nd violins,cello & harp and then creating the string parts in D&A
Those string notes are from an online orchestral libruary thats free to download as use with approval.
Tags : | Trap | 4.67 MB | Colab Request
Description : Just an idea that popped in my head when me and my friends were watching a video. Yeah I know it's probably been done before but I wanted to do it my way.
please give it a listen, it would be much appreciated.
Description : Hey everyone, back with another upload!

This is another track from the mix-tape I've been working on. Production was done by myself (Dev Structures) and was engineered by Roscoe Wiki.

The two samples in this are from Barry White's 'Playing Your Game Baby', and The Notorious B.I.G.'s 'The What'. Very east coast hip-hop style beat...or at least my take on one. Enjoy~
Tags : | Pop | 5.02 MB | Featured
Description : Game/Pop featuring Steklo.
Many Thanks to Steklo for uploading this amazing vocal sample.
please take a moment to listen to the original
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