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Description : This is a game that one of my best friends used to play all the time. Its not final yet. I just wanted yall to hear what i have so far.
Tags : | Trance | 9.03 MB
Description : Okay, originally I was going to use PC-Engine sound for the music but then I started listening to Astral Projection while working on sprites and now it's gonna feature a Goa/psy soundtrack.

Note that is sounds kinda loopy and that's because game soundtracks need to loop seamlessly.
Tags : | 8Bit Chiptune | 5.86 MB
Description : Stage 2 music for Silver Wing, a game I'm going to make.

Listen to Stage 1 here:
Description : An orchestral movie/ game score I made.

The last tunnel:
Memories that has long been forgotten, resurfaces when light fades away...

Btw I love James Cameron and Hans Zimmer.

Tell me what you think, give me a download or like.

I really appreciate it!
Tags : | 8Bit Chiptune | 6.51 MB
Description : Well the music for this game is coming first but I need to buy Game Maker to make the actual game... going to be a PC-Engine style vertically scrolling shoot em up for PC.
Description : Hello friends I am new in the community I leave you a little song created by me take the voice of the song in the acapella section I do not have much experience but I liked the result greetings and thanks
Tags : | 8Bit Chiptune | 6.59 MB
Description : Been playing a lot of old school shoot em up games and I wanted to compose some music for non existent game so if anyone needs some music for a game let me know!

Not exactly 8-bit as it's inspired by the PC-Engine sound, but there's no plain chiptune genre as not all chiptune is 8bit lol
Tags : | Rap | 3.21 MB
Description : THis Is That Hot Ish
Tags : | Hip Hop | 2.19 MB
I've got a quick thing to say here, so *please* bear with me for a second:
This track is a message to the people who seem to think it’s okay to maliciously profit off my hard work.
I’ve dealt with you in the past, and I’m prepared to deal with you in the future. This game is getting old, but in the end, the artist will always win. I’ve had a change of heart recently, and I want to let you (and the rest of the world) know that I will be publishing any new music publicly, starting today. At least now I know that when I find my tracks on iTunes, I’ll be able to find solace in the fact that you’ve enjoyed it enough to swipe it from my favorite platform.
Unrelated, but I suppose this song is also dedicated to those who don’t have the balls to think twice before blindly accepting whatever it is you think you know about some things I’ve had to deal with recently.
If any of this applies to you, let me be clear; forever and always, “have a nice day.”
FOR EVERYONE ELSE, WELCOME BACK TO THE SHOW! There’s a lot to look forward to, and I’m also eager to see what you’re up to! Catch ya later! :)
Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.18 MB
Description : Have anyone played assassin's creed. Cuz it's a dope game. So I sampled it. Let me know what u guys think.
Tags : | Dubstep | 8.22 MB | Featured
Description : Old school SNES Game; I am sinistar meets Rage Against The Machine ^_^ Enjoy! Please leave feedback!
Tags : | Chill Out | 2.74 MB | Featured
Description : This is a chill remix of the instrumental version of "Your Reality", from the game Doki Doki Litterature Club.
Tags : | Rap | 4.90 MB
Description : Click Listen,Comment
Description : Hi!

This is a hard trap beat that I made and I would love to see what it could sound like with rap vocals.

If you would like to use this beat, I would prefer if you used (Prod. by Alex4747) but I don't really mind. Lastly, please send a link to your tracks, I'd love to hear them.
Tags : | Trip Hop | 3.71 MB
Description : Life is a game, better start winning.
Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.58 MB
Description : Remix of Life Is Not A Game by HEMANIFEZT
Tags : | Cinematic | 11.81 MB
Description : did this my self on keyboard on ableton live hope u like it :)
Tags : | Hip Hop | 7.33 MB | Featured
Description : This is the shame beat. All that's changed is the first verse.
Description : This was an attempt of making an actuall horror theme. The voice sounds are just sampled play sounds from C'thun. Which is a character in a game I played a long time ago. Idk, i fought it fits. I really like the drum in the second part and obviously the track is not done yet but that's exactly why I'm sharing it, so I get some ideas from you guys. If you have any that is.
Tags : | Cinematic | 2.27 MB
Description : Something that can be looped.
Tags : | Cinematic | 4.51 MB | Featured
Description : this is an extended version of a trailer I made for a game I did the soundtrack for, Reficul.
this game is a VR game set to release on steam on hollween. check out the game on steam. check out the trailer
Tags : | Chill Out | 11.08 MB
Description : Solo guitar by me, everything else is free loops only from the site.
Applied loops (fully or partially):

MINOR2GO: 0159051-0046762 (Guitar Pack Gold - Wonderful World),
0159051-0047592 (Guitar Pack Gold - Anytime),
0159051-0033326 (Change the world - Orchestral Drums),
CENTRIST: 0079105-0053698 (Khaos - Armor Snare),
0079105-0059979 (Chosen - Bass 2),
PLANETJAZZBASS: 0111346-0031678(When The Boat Comes In 4),
DUSTHILL: 0139050-0014622 (RnB Vibraphone 02),
SKELLA: 0675471-0070992 (Happy Signal - Marimba - 96 BPM),
DEXTDEE: 0116269-0033416 (Anticipation picas),
DJMOTHBEATZ: 0237471-0022898 (ggt Contrabass),
BILBEATZ: 0473280-0046670 (02BiL-Viola),
MHYST: 0203623-0017693 (Pretty Oboe).
Tags : | Trap | 7.98 MB | Colab Request
Description : afro trap repping East Africa we all about sweet melodies.
Description : I tried to get this song better by editing it a bit. I would like to know how is it compared to the firt one and of course I would appreciate knowing what it eventually lacks for it to be popular. I'm just a learner after all.
PS: The equalisation is poor.
Tags : | Electro | 4.80 MB
Description : Not Much to say about it. I made my music and then I worked on the vocals for them to fit nicely, to my opinion. I'm open to any kind of comments, so don't be shy folks.

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