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Description : Dead can dance inspired track hope you guys enjoy it :) This is my track so nothing was copied except from my head :) I would like to have a singer for this track if anyone is interested in singing or writing lyrics for this song I would be appreciative please contact me if you want to colab :)

Description : Lyrics is from this site.

Tags : | Acoustic | 2.63 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : This song was made by me and one my best friend Antoan Antonov, without loops. The language is Bulgarian.
Music/singer: by : Antoan Antonov
Lyrics by: Loopergirl13


Description : So with the Halloween theme, I Thought I'd make a (IDK what to call this) track! It has a mix of tribal, horror, orchestral and trap. Would be cool to see if anyone can add some lyrics on it.

Tags : | Pop | 4.91 MB | Featured | FL Studio

Description : Reggaefied pop version as compared to my original funk version.
Music by Sinima Beats(Utube Instrumental)
Vocals and lyrics by me.

Tags : | Rock | 2.79 MB | Featured

Description : im playing my 80s washburn guitars here using drum loops playing tanglewood bass that looks like its been split down the middle over a drum set im also trying too sing here my own lyrics having fun im no singer just a writer I can however dobackup volcals and mandocello vocals ok I call this genre mutt cause its a mix of many rock sub genres not finished yet still in works an idea basically wasn't easy to make but had fun doing it

Tags : | Trap | 2.27 MB | Reaper

Description : All vocals/harmonies, are by me, my voice is my instrument and i know how to use it in many different ways to suit many different genres. Here I am basically exercising my vocal ranges through the art of ad-libbing, the dadadapdeoo adlib backing I did first, then higher adlibs. It's all for fun. This is the first track I have not written lyrics for haha, just singing how I feel the music, this was so much fun! FREE FOR PROFIT dark trap instrumental track YT

Tags : | RnB | 2.96 MB | Has Lyrics | Reaper

Description : I am rarely moved by some of the music I hear today, but when I hear something that inspires me my response is very genuine.I can tell that this instrumental was made with heart and soul. Respect to Hughey. This has such beauty and the utmost quality! this is real music right here, goes without saying, it’s like KOMOREBI, it moves me. EXQUISITELY produced. Pure Finesse. All vocals/harmonies by Me. Rough Draft Idea.

Tags : | Trap | 2.69 MB | Adult Content | Reaper

Description : Cinderella was a nickname of mine, simply because I love a clean house, always cleaning, anyways, I decided to drop the name in the song and write some simple lyrics, this track is a free for profit instrumental, which I liked. it's by UnknownInstrumentalz, I'm sure, not too certain about the genre, anyway decided to exercise my vocals over it, a rough draft. I love to sing, so I'm just doing my thing as usual :P

Tags : | Rock | 5.62 MB | Featured | Acid Pro

Description : Gothic and 80ś like gated drum, lyrics and vox to follow.

Description : Got lyrics from this site and laid over beats.

Tags : | Reggae | 3.64 MB | Has Lyrics | Reaper

Description : This is a free for non-profit use reggae track by SoulFyah Productions, this instrumental is called *Welcome Riddim* respect for this amazing beat which I love. I wrote some quick lyrics as usual. All vocals by me. It's not finished, needs better mixing and such forth, so, a very rough draft but I loved singing this, it was fun! music should be fun, if not, you're taking yourself way too serious. indulging myself. Sweet! Tuneeee!

Description : soul. jazz. hip hop. instrumental.

conscious lyrics & poets welcome.

Description : Try to kill this one or freestyle on it. Im begginer and i dont know how my beats sound with lyrics

Description : i made some retarded lyrics for this, in my sc
if you can do better please try, damn left the first verse in, well if you want i can send stems, for better mastering too, contact me if wanted..

Description : I've been feeling the Chill/Lo-Fi lately. Just whipped this up in few hours. Started at midnight when I was half asleep, surprised it still sounded good the next day! Don't try to figure out the lyrics I was REALLY TIRED. Would love any comment!

Description : Not great at beats at all but wanted to try my hand at creating a song that 100% me. Still me to write lyrics to it. I love to have a rapper on it with me doing a vocal chorus. If you have any ideas hit me up I am open

Description : I posted on this site earlier this year, I said I was looking to get much more active with making more music.

I uploaded one a while back and got some feedback and I'd like some more feedback so I can get better.

Please let me know how it sounds, in terms of the lyrics, the melody and the delivery cause I'm working on all those.

If you have beats like these, please hmu! I need more beats like these in my life. Thank you.


Description : I heard a beautiful song and wrote these lyrics to it. It was called August summer night but I cant find who created it now.I been working on my tone because of alot of issues I had. Please tell me how it sounds.

Tags : | Trap | 9.85 MB | Logic Pro

Description : UK dark minor tone epic trap instrumental. Base Drums sample by ProdByKronos, so big shout. Added drum progressions using ultratap etc. Went between a trap, reggae and reggaeton flows. Lyrics to come. Loving community feedback, some parts.

Description : A song I wrote in collab with Oskar Åslund. A lot harder than the stuff I've wrote in the past, but I enjoyed writing this a lot!

Music: Oskar Åslund
Lyrics and Vocals: mildperil

Vocal chain: Rode NTK > Alctron MP73EQ > Audient ID14 > Ableton.
Effects: Nectar 3 > Vocal Synth 2 > Vertigo VSC-2 compressor.

Thanks for listening!

Description : RICKITY Sneakpeak Plus Freestyle Flow
Not My Beat

This right here is a little sneak peak of an untitled song still in the works
the first part is written by me of course and the rest is spittin freely by me of course again .... lyrics to the first part below .... i've decided to post this for the ones playing my shit just to give a little back and to let everyone know i'm greatfull so here i am in raw form working with what i've got enjoy :)

Description : This was wrote around the Acapella voiceofanation / The Table lyrics
The Track is WIP, & will be Updated which is why its not for DLoad as of "Yet" .......... Permissions not yet granted: / Voiceofanation

Description : Needs lots of work, but a solid start. More lyrics need to be written. Everything is Synth except the Dark lead vocal. Yes, the Chorus vocal is Sampletank 4. Drums: AD 2 Sampletank 4 and guitars are Shreddage. I don't know, is the transition too weird? Metal to trippy psychedelic? Update 9-2-19: Added a Sub Bass and brought the guitars up in the mix. Also deleted a Vocal section to make room for a future Guitar Solo.

Tags : | Rock | 6.95 MB | Has Lyrics | FL Studio

Description : Back from a long hiatus with a new track inspired by one of my favorite stories. I've attached a little poem in the lyrics section. Read and see if you can guess who its about.

Multiple live guitar tracks(strat with delay and reverb) mixed down using FL Studio. Sampled bass and programmed drums.

Edit: Per your excellent comments and suggestions, adjusted levels to better balance out the mix with specific attention to drums.

Tracks 1 - 25 of 3450
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