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Description : Free hip-hop beat for the community. If you add lyrics or vocals to it. Put the link to your new song in the comments so I can check it out! Free for commercial use as long as you give proper credit to "Fury Beats"

Description : Thanks you to user USWRNAME for the music. We put the lyrics and melodic voice in this amazing track. I hope you enjoy it.

Lyrics and voices: Put On In Japan

Put On In Japan is a false Spanish band of visual kei. Only for fun.

Put On In Japan are:
Tomoko Sukiya; Voice and lyrics
Kagami Aoki: Lyrics and chorus.


Tags : | Electronic | 4.42 MB | Reaper

Description : Found a great acapella by 0Equinox0, can't hold me down either, so i dipped a toe into pop... Enjoy.

I made a quick music video using audio visualizations and royalty free images pertaining to the emotional content of the lyrics.

If you have 2 minutes, check it out here:

Feel free to leave a comment on the channel or here, let me know what you think. If you are wondering how I did it I would be happy to explain.

Description : Rap lyrics by AAP FT U-FOE
Music performed by Lee Bevan.
Semi acoustic guitar & Piano..

Tags : | Rock | 7.09 MB | Featured | Logic Pro

Description : Enjoyed a mostly rock song with dubstep components. Almost like a Sullivan King styled song. Lyrics may come in the future, this is purely an instrumental.

Description : Feat. Annett

Still raw, but I've been working on the composition for a few months, but the vocals helped me finish it.

Lyrics on the lyrics page lol

This is the EXTENDED Mix, I already have a Radio edit done.

Description : I'm just workin' through some shit, man.
I used some VST's and stuff to make it. Headphones suggested, but not required. (Edit: I adjusted the vocal track volumes. You should be able to at least understand some of it. Transcript is under "Lyrics" tab if you have trouble.)

Description : Something I wrote in quarantine to pass the time. A little out of my element but might be fun to work on. Putting the lyrics that are there plus ones I thought of but never recorded. If you think you have something good or ideas, hmu.

Description : This is a cover (not a remix) of “Please Don’t Love Me", a track by Devin Hoffman, R. Fisher and J. Easley. Original version is on Youtube, Soundcloud, and Spotify.
I can't sing, so decided to do the vocals for this cover with vocoders. If there are any Looperman members out there who would like to try their hand at doing proper vocals for this I’d be happy to provide the lyrics and, if wanted, I’d gladly help produce new versions of the cover.

Description : if you would like to write lyrics or give it a download just leave a comment and let me know

Description : Feel free use this track as you decide, add some lyrics, and I would like to listen to your work.
If you use it drop your link.

Tags : | House | 1.92 MB | FL Studio

Description : shout out to jenna evans for the vocals and lyrics

Tags : | RnB | 3.65 MB | FL Studio

Description : shout out to Cole the VII for the amazing accapella and lyrics

Tags : | EDM | 10.80 MB | FL Studio

Description : it's my native language, just enjoy the music if you don't understand the lyrics :))
I still have a lot to learn about mixing and mastering.
please leave your opinion if you have one :)

Tags : | Chill Out | 9.87 MB | Featured

Description : A melodic piano based song with the fantastic vocals by 3v3 Sound
( music written by NUraver Lyrics written by 3v3 sound)
I have added the song under chillout as not sure of the genre

Description : LOOKING FOR LYRICS TO THIS Very simple track... It could sound tight with a west coast flavor on it. Maybe old school feel... Lemme see what ya got... NOT FOR COMMERCIAL USE!

You can post on your pages but MUST include the following

TRACK Title (YOU Can name it)

By: KneeDeep FEAT. XXX (Your name where XXX is)

POST A LINK BACK TO YOUR PAGE/PAGES in the comments section.

A like to my soundcloud would be awsome to but isnt required.

Description : Shu - Зови это любовью
Текст, музыка, исполнение Shu.
Lyrics, music Shu.

Description : Shu - Последняя преграда
Текст, музыка, исполнение Shu.
Lyrics, music Shu.

Description : Дэмо трэк песни начинающих рэп исполнителей. Пишем коммы. Минус Shu beats, тексты и исполнение Shu и Todi Bit.
Demo track two beginners in rap music. Write a comment. Music by Shu, lyrics and singing Shu and Todi Bit.

Description : Alessis Vendredi feat. Norad

Hip Hop/Rap Lyrics/Style
Lot of Bass
Dubstep elements
Thanks to "Norad" for the Lyrics.
"City of Stars & Trust"

Check out his songs too.

Just getting started. More tracks coming soon!

Tags : | Jazz | 7.73 MB | Garageband

Description : I have been exploring making all different genres of music outside of my comfort zone. This track I am tackling a "jazzy" feel. I used an Acapella from Ashesndreams, although I don't know what the lyrics are, so it may very well be a song about peanut butter, ha. :) EDIT: I have replaced the original upload with a more "gentle" compression/volume and new horn section as per suggestions. Thank you!

Let me know what you think/can be improved. Thank you!

Tags : | Pop | 2.92 MB | Ableton Live

Description : Lyrics & Vocals: Patricia Edwards
Bass: Alex Richard
Guitars: Hanspeter Dubach, Laurent Schwaar & Rhodesy (Looperman), Phatkatz4 (Looperman)
Rhodes & Hammond: Claude-Alain Biedermann
Hammond: Claude Barbotte (R.I.P)
Strings: Costa R. Zbinden
Drums: Laurent Wirz
Mixed and Audio polished: Costa R. Zbinden & Laurent Wirz
Music composed and arranged by: Laurent Wirz & Costa R. Zbinden

Description : Metal. Looking for colabs for vocals and lyrics. Looking for Deathcore style vocals . You collaborate you own a copy of the track to use as you want. Dry run vocal track and I will mix it. Post here on this site so I can download loop.

Tags : | Rap | 4.43 MB | Cubase

Description : Lyrics by AAP Ft KJ
Music played live by Lee Bevan

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