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Tags : | Electro | 15.53 MB
Description : Electro melodic and minimal mix of Robrt O"Connor's You Found Me
Tags : | Spoken Word | 9.31 MB
Description : Another version of the recording, which was made several years ago. The changed background and some melodic lines as well as the filtered voice of Billy Dragon gave an amazing metallic aftertaste. The bass and drums lines are also new.
Tags : | Hip Hop | 5.17 MB
Description : Another redneck hiphop piece from the ugly-voiced singer. My melodic talking thingie, but this is further along the sing-y side of the continuum. This song is about how kindness is infectious.

In the orchestration I used loops from blackafer, wally6, weazelbeats, 6sbeats, lankframpard, snobbymasta, joefunktastic, silencekills and josephfunk. The piece de resistance is lankframpard's yoshi soup vocals, the looped female vocal bit; I had some of the song written and then when I dropped that in it changed the melody and I added the "after all" part, which then became the heart of the song. Inspired, as always, by all the amazing creativity on offer here so generously.

Please let me know what you think! Thank you.
Tags : | Spoken Word | 3.46 MB
Description : Spoken word - melodic talking - redneck hiphop - dubpop - I dunno. This song is part of "The Love Offensive" where I'm writing a bunch of simple, direct songs around the theme of more love, less hate. Just going with the flow of my natural weirdness. Orchestration is 5 loops from rmce, thedarkflamemaster, bosni, rasputin1963 and blackmansta10. Please let me know what you think.
Tags : | Electronic | 4.85 MB | Featured
Description : Another song for y'all! Hope you enjoy, and there's better stuff to come!

Tags : | Trip Hop | 4.96 MB
Description : I'm writing some simple, direct songs these days, mainly because I have a theme. I'm working on a project (which gives me an excuse to make a lot of songs) called "The Love Offensive." The theme is: less hate, more love. I've written like 30 songs for the project, but am trying to exercise discipline and whittle it down to the 8 or 9 best. Your input can help with that.

This song is unabashedly from the heart. I'm not much of a singer - not blessed with a beautiful voice that you would listen to no matter what it's singing just cuz it's so beautiful. My voice has to carry meaning and feeling to work. I do something I call "melodic talking" which is part talking, part singing, sometimes a little more one or the other, depending. The music consists of loops from philemonster, vis3ctrix, sushilbawa, travle7 and tmanpro - thank you; without your loops, I couldn't make songs. This is probably not trip hop, but there's no "redneck hiphop" category, so...
Tags : | Hip Hop | 6.90 MB
Description : A dark melodic Beat ! Pls give Feedback what I can do better!
Tags : | Electronic | 4.79 MB
Description : Still got a lot more songs coming out in the next few days, really excited for ya'll to hear them!
Tags : | Electronic | 4.96 MB
Description : Been lagging behind on posting my songs on here, but I'mma be posting songs every day for the next few days until I catch up, then I'll be back with some new stuff!
Tags : | Dubstep | 14.78 MB
Description : My new Melodic dubstep
Description : We're like two wings,to rise ,what would then fall.We're like two wings,rush into the sky so that the blood-curdling.To the sun burning heaven, dying and being born again.(Vocal.Song.Melodic.Romantic.)
Tags : | House | 11.60 MB
Description : Melodic hardstyle-anthem. It has a lot of melodies in it. If you like it feel free to download it after a comment. THX!
Tags : | Electronic | 4.51 MB
Description : Back with another song, and still many more to come! Hope you enjoy this :)
Description : Thats my new track Called Melodic Code of the Drums its in a typical drumcode style i would say. Ive choosen 128 bpm because i thought its a good speed . A banging kickdrum versus a chilly sweet melody in the background and many variatons of snares hihat uplifters and downlifters and 2 melody breaks . Think its until now my best track i produced but im open minded for your meanings :)
Tags : | Electronic | 3.72 MB
Description : Another track on my 10 tracks in 10 weeks journey. Hope you enjoy!
Description : Atmosphere/ DeathCore.. Intro Guitar rig 5 done with the effects . Melodic guitar Guitar rig 5 . Guitars and bass ReValver 3 6505 amp simulator Ola Englund IR . Metal Core Drum track. Looking for Colabs..
Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.73 MB | Featured
Description : New Wave Trap , Melodic , Hard Hitting 808s , Spacey
Something Lil Uzi Or Carti Would sound good on
Follow me on everything @v3rsitile
Tags : | Electronic | 5.17 MB
Description : Another song for y'all! Hope you enjoy, and lots more to come!
Description : That new wave sound. No samples just Purity
A Snippet of the whole beat.
Tags : | Weird | 7.05 MB
Description : Weird melodic doom inspired by the Saturnus (rather I think so).
Tags : | House | 3.00 MB | Featured
Description : Working on this one.
Description : I used Drum,synth and FX loops from
The guitars are all me and is a combination of a slight pop sound and Melodic Metal Core. I have lyrics to this and will be adding it soon. Do note that this will feature on DeaDResT's Debut EP. A special thanks go out to WhenOceansRise for making the amazing drum loops available here on!! It really works for this song.
Description : Nice to team up again with my good friend Adam Deeprose. Jazzy DnB track with an oldskool feel to it. A little more down tempo than usual and sticking with a more subtle bass line for this one. Cool vocal and some nice melodic Piano riffs for good measure. :)
Tags : | Rock | 6.86 MB
Description : A heavy-ish Rock track that has four main sections, melodic moments, a few soloing attempts in the hopes of continually getting better, and a rather quiet frog. All real guitars and basses played by me, with SD2 behind the kit. An organ, strings and a celeste make appearances. All critiques and criticisms are welcome. Let me know what you think and how it could be made better. Nice to post something again.
Tags : | Electronic | 5.53 MB | Featured
Description : Melodic electro 3am something
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