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Description : My SoundCloud (Chill Bit Music)
Like pls

Tags : | Rock | 3.93 MB | Reaper

Description : I wanted this one to be all ominous & shit. The song is meant to be a reflection on the nuclear attacks on Japan & the ominous implications that meant for the future. Loops from LM are the intro by Creepy Pasta & the ending by Rasputin. Synths are Synthmaster & Massive. Drum Synth is Microtonic. The end quote is Robert Oppenheimer on what he felt when he saw the first nuclear bomb go off. The man had a lot of misgivings about his involvement in the manhattan project.

Description : Well my first time making a good chorus and kinda fast verse i am bad i know but i try

Tags : | Trap | 1.95 MB | Colab Request

Description : COLLAB!!!

Description : Put on in Japan put the lyrics into the fantastic song "Believe" by MagneticRecords.

I hope you enjoy it!
Only for fun.

Tags : | Cinematic | 4.66 MB

Description : Tokiiro stands for the color of the Japanese crested ibis. Simply, pink close to yellow. A few number of the birds observed in Sadogashima, Nigata of northern Japan. They flew over the Asian continent long ago. I imagined this scenery. Part of chord progression refers to the excellent Jazz pianist web site.

Tags : | Jazz | 3.46 MB

Description : It was raining hard 4 days ago. I drove my car to my father's grave for welcoming his spirits come back home for 3 days in Obon season in Japan. I devote my appreciation to him with this song I've made.

Tags : | Rock | 6.78 MB

Description : Me and my partners ides for japan song

Tags : | Cinematic | 305.44 KB

Description : when news program begins this kind of music can be heard often. Most opening music is allowed within 12 seconds in Japan. These years this inclination becomes more shorter.

Tags : | Orchestral | 3.61 MB

Description : It's still so cold in Japan. but I hope scent of getting warm in river flows and flowers near by.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 7.36 MB

Description : First Opus I am distributed by Spinnup

Tags : | Orchestral | 3.32 MB

Description : Snow covers whole town in the winter with chilly winds.
I imaged the stuff like that.

Description : psy trance made with fl

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 4.12 MB

Description : A metal song to japan. recording songs next week

Description : big melody with Japanese incredible voice

Tags : | Electro | 3.54 MB | Featured

Description : Hi! I put a lyrics and my melodic voice for the sound of austinsiragusa. I tried to do a pop song.
What do you thinks about it? Tell me something.

Music: austinsiragusa
Voice: Kagami Aoiki (From Put On In Japan and TX).
Lyrics: Kagami Aoki. Spanish language.

Description : I listened and got impressed by a guy who could sing in Japanese and English , but he did not come from Japan so I thought I had to do a remix . I hope you like it. here is the link to the real track

Description : HI. My name is Yuki. I'm from Osaka, Japan. I'm an Anime Composer and Producer. . . and yes, I'm a Girl . (=3=)

Enjoy this fun song I made .. For fun

Tags : | Chill Out | 7.15 MB

Description : Nighttrain in a far away metropolis speeding towards an unknown destination, passing trough tunnels of neonlight. Cinematic track, partly inspired by Celine Ramoni's long exposure shots taken from the New Transit Yurikamome in Tokyo, Japan. Fragments of field recordings made by Xserra, DJGriffin and Volivieri (uploaded to were used for texture.

Tags : | Dance | 6.29 MB | Adult Content

Description : Lyrics and voices: Put On In Japan ( )
Music: domr30

This is our second song. Thanks you to user domr30 for the music track. We have made the lyrics and melodic voice. I hope you enjoy it.

Put On In Japan is a false Spanish band of visual kei. Only for fun.

Put On In Japan are:
Tomoko; Voice and lyrics
Kagami: Music, Lyrics and chorus.

Description : The second journey of Samurai Koto has made him Anxious, ready to get back home to Japan. But, who will he face next? Will he ever make it? (Mix of Ethnic and Hiphop styles)

Tags : | RnB | 5.60 MB | Colab Request

Description : I don't know why, but I was thinking about Asia (Japan - Land of the rising sun), and the inspiration came... Don't hesitate to send comment, like or anything else. - Update : song no longer available. Thanks

Description : 100% original. No samples. Free to use for your own songs. Just give me producer credit "YAKUZA BEATZ, JAPAN". Enjoy! & MORE FREE BEARTS

Tags : | Deep House | 6.79 MB

Description : featuring the mantra of Japan to the deep house of the also old style.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 2.44 MB

Description : this is kind of a short rough draft. needsome ideas. 130 bpm, rugged hip hop beat over japanese meditation music samples and piano.

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