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Description : Loop I put together. Put work in comments!

Tags : | Trap | 5.67 MB | Featured | Studio One

Description : an instrumental as always,,may be my first trap,no idea,,but i dig it
jus posted to yT/sC,, used a loop from a wa production welcome pack,, new to this,would love feedback

Description : this is one type of the genre noise music not every ones cup of tea when I was a kid I would record adds and djs off radio then over dub it on duale record casset while recording loop from a cd then rewind line up and recordoverdub again and again to make this stuff pc so much easyer lol mom always said shut that smashing traffic off cause she related all music I listend to too smashing pumkins wich she didn't like either cause I made this type music in 1990

Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.79 MB | FL Studio

Description : so there is this one amazing vocal sample that i have found called "under pressure sample" but it was a little off, so i´ve cut it to fit to 155Bpm.I´ve also used a synth guitar loop.
and this is how it turned out!

c-key in dorian scale

enjoy :D

Tags : | Trap | 3.30 MB | FL Studio

Description : Darkbell - Instru Trap n°1

Loop use : "Evil Bell" - hainkish99

Tags : | Dance | 6.82 MB

Description : This song was one of my first mix i did,that has some pro-touch, despite it was almost totally done with Dance E-Jay 2+ Royalty-Free samples. The kick-loop is inspired by "We Are Electric" by Brooklyn Bounce. In 2004 i used some "Middle-Age" instruments, but the final result is very impressive! Even my sister (11yo at that time) really enjoyed, despite is not her favourite genre! After 15 years... this still makes me shiver.... Enjoy!

Description : Did this in 2010. Worked up courage to put it out there now. Dramatic vocal opportunity. Chorus at 61 secs. Verse Piano loop by Jorge Daniel Ramirez.
Chorus piano loop by Minor 2 Go. I like the echoes fighting with each other the most.

Tags : | Funk | 2.28 MB | Colab Request | Cubase

Description : Nice Funky-Groovy Loop i've composed...

Feel free to add a voice or any other other sounds to it.

Enjoy :)

Tags : | Disco | 8.25 MB | Featured | Samplitude

Description : This track features the vocals from Soulful Disco Acapellas, The Drums , Bass and Guitars, from Funk Up, construction kit. Horn from an assorted loop packs, Clavinet from Rare Funk Grooves, and I added FX. I hope you enjoy it.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 601.29 KB | FL Studio

Description : Free to use
Don't forget to post a link of you beat if you use this loop. :)

Description : Loop: imthesolo

Description : A nice little beat I made with a loop from kiddoed.
Thanks for the amazing loop! Hope you all like my tune!

Description : most recent on sC/yT,,started with a loop from nightclub(much appreciated),, what genre is this? me thinks it could be mastered better but'm new nd dunno how the heck to do that

Description : Post in Comments what you done scale is 140bpm F#
Flute Bell Loop by Shondonbeats
hit me up at insta @shondonbeats

Description : Loop By catatau5..Added kick Claps Strings Bass..Hope Ya Dig.

Description : started with a loop from ianfurs1,,much appreciated
new to this,,feedback?

Description : Uploading to show the creator of the loop

Description : The background is a loop I'm playing a bass, electric piano,flute and synth track.

Description : this beat is free for profit

the loop is from Cosmix Beats

listen to beat on my youtube @LITBEATS

Description : I made this track with a nice loop by ZemcoProd.
The loop is called "New Melody for Minecraft"
Hope you enjoy this Track ;) Have a great day

Description : Ft. NJ, Solo Cino Beatz and K19!

Two friends and me played a game: We took turns in uploading loops to a dropbox. Every loop tried to fit on the former loop. After a while everyone made an own version of a song using the loops in the dropbox. This is the second round, where we tried to combine a "filmmusic-like" sound with rap beats and vocals. Props to NJ, Solo Cino Beatz and K19 for their rap skills!

Tags : | Trap | 502.45 KB | Reaper

Description : i hope you like it.
i've made this track from a loop of a italian producer.

Description : made with a loop from w.a. production's welcome pack as well as studioOne's in-house VSTis nd's urban assault soundPack

new to this so would love feedback,,more on sC/yT(joban twisp)

Description : Used my loop I uploaded on looperman and made a beat out of it and yeah took the acapella from 10 Freaky Girls by 21 Savage. Fits perfectly..

Description : started with a loop from w.a. production nd went from there,, no idea how to classify genre but um...iz an instrumental?
this be the latest from my sC/yT(joban twisp),,jus started this stuff in late mid-late december so feedback'd be shweet,,y'all're professionals'n such

Tracks 1 - 25 of 4106
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