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Tags : | Pop | 5.93 MB | Mixcraft

Description : Song made with old looperman loop made by user Miper 99. I think she have deleted the old acapellas but i decided to only upload here on looperman.

Description : A try from my loop "pad-heaven-dry-110".
Feedback appreciated.
Free to use, I can edit your vocal if need.
Good containment.

Tags : | Indie | 3.16 MB | Ableton Live

Description : Unpretentious instrumental

Used loops :
Keys Main Melody 110
Dababy Type Trap Stringz - The Refugee - M4hhe
Sad Guitar Keys 110
Sad - Guitar
BASS Fretless Loop
World Beat
Tropical Pack 3 Soft Drums
Perc Loop 7
African Percu
Afrobeat Percussion 2

Tags : | Lo-Fi | 5.64 MB | FL Studio

Description : Used an amazing piano loop from KeroSann, enjoy.

Tags : | Trap | 7.48 MB | FL Studio

Description : This is my second beat so let me know whatya think
also thx for the vocal loop @NoLanBeats

Description : Feel Free - rhythmic base seeks acapella

If someone likes and wants to put their voice, be free to do it, just let me know about your work.

It is structured in 3 blocks in case you want to put a acapella

SergioBeatz - sax-o-phone-layer-1-120bpm-house-clarinet-loop
SergioBeatz - sax-o-phone-layer-2-120bpm-house-clarinet-loop

Description : Pop Smoke loop flip.

Description : This is my first beat, hope you like it

Shoutout to prodHybrid that made the loop of the beat, fire.

Tags : | Dance | 2.01 MB | Acid Pro

Description : New Pope feat Falling Hook by Mansas World
it's just a small idea taking advantage of a very good MansaWorld acapella I hope you like it

MansasWorld falling-hook-140bpm-ambient-acapella

Description : Hard, gritty, screech dubstep.
This is in a set, you can find the Drum loop, the Build Up loop and the Bass loop on my profile.
I'm looking for a Riddim producer to help me make the last song in my EP.

Tags : | Acid | 1.15 MB | Has Lyrics | Reason

Description : just a loop in reason to b chopped n used in a drum machine or looper im currently putting a selection of loops to use later in a mix tripppy precurser to a heavy rythm next

Tags : | Ambient | 4.08 MB | Featured | Reaper

Description : Percussion loop by danke. Piano loop by abelouis.
Synths SM 2.9 player, SM 1, Massive, & Serum. Vocal FX are from all over the web.

Tags : | Chill Out | 8.80 MB | FL Studio

Description : a beat i made with fl studio and these loops:






Tags : | Rap | 4.20 MB | FL Studio

Description : ngl this beat craeee. dm me on IG: @gabe.lost if you want it. used a loop from sushilbawa

Tags : | Chill Out | 7.54 MB

Description : Chillout/Lofi. Pretty Much used Loop 95 by BgHbeats for the whole thing minus the drums.

Description : Usual, playing with loops and came up with this.

Thanks for listening :)

Thanks to below mentioned loop creators.

Track Genre : House/Dance Track

Paradise featured Loops
looperman-l-2270494-0167711-deep-house-chords (1)

Tags : | RnB | 10.26 MB | Has Lyrics | FL Studio

Description : This is not the first track that I made, but I think it's the best one. If you want to use it, but it's very short or long for ya, just let me know about it on my gmail (Just go to my page and you'll find it).
Thanks to Quicks for the "Bells Dreams" loop.

Tags : | Classical | 4.41 MB | Mixcraft

Description : hand done no loop's used done all in one go classical styled with some edm echo with it.It is about my strugle with D.I.D goggle it if you do not know what that is.4 year's ago I could not play any music at all now I can and I was never taught it just happened.Even I feel cheated out of learning such an art from this mental illness.I do not see it as a gift more a curse.

Description : Hi guy's, to make my quarantine go faster, i'll take that very great vocal made by Bigrojo and this simply but effective loop(by yinte) here on looperman and i add some drums on it, but i leaving it simple.

and now i'm breaking my neck alone with this non official banger.

s/o looperman guy's doing fire things.
s/o coronavirus.

contact on tt(@3v4nos) or here on looperman.

take care !

Description : This beat is produced by Me (V Beatz) and Nash.
You must credit us if you use the loop.
(Prod. V Beatz x Nash)

Tags : | House | 7.70 MB | Featured | Acid Pro

Description : As I have said before. Sometimes I like to build up a track from just one loop. This loop is an awesome bass loop recently uploaded by Joe and prefaced by some house and 90ś snap like sounds.

Description : This track produced by me and I used amazing minor2go piano loop crown-1 and crown-2 as well. I tried to make piano melodies synched with minor2go loops and I wish you enjoy it. The music ideas came from the coronavirus global pandemic.
please by your comments help me to learn more.

Description : Sampled Biggie's Suicidal Thoughts acapella and used a loop or two found on here


Tags : | Trap | 3.43 MB | FL Studio

Description : Loop by: xunizon
Prod by: POSTM4N

Share your thoughts.

Contact me for beats.

Tags : | Rap | 5.25 MB | FL Studio

Description : Loop from: PXTRIK

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