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Tags : | Trap | 704.15 KB | FL Studio

Description : Melodic Lil Uzi Vert, SoFaygo Type Loop.

128 BPM.

Description : Shout out to Grafezzy (Feezmusik) for sharing his talented works on the Loop. ENjoy

Description : Shout out to PrettyBoyBeats for sharing his talented works on the Loop. ENjoy

Description : I uploaded the pieces of the chorus to the loops section, when they'll become available there, I'll put the links here. The mix might be a bit too loud, but it's a demo.
The drums can be found here:

I did everything else on my own. If you like it, you can put your own vocals on it. Feel free to use it!

The song is 100 BPM and A Minor (or C Major)

I need some feedback please ^_^

Tags : | Chill Out | 7.16 MB | Mixcraft

Description : Next two tracks are made up of loops from here and myself enjoy. Forgot to mention some of these loops are from 2012/13 and some uptodate ones.
TyWayne psuedex2 HarmTN SuperStellarMusic

bass rhythm guitar melody
scottsims1970 johnny808
lead guitar loop placements and manipulation

Description : Produced by yours truly using a loop from a user RUC here on the site..
Profile # : 3109920

Regarding the track, I started writing some bars and realized I didnt want to take the track anywhere too serious..
To be honest I havent produced a track myself in well over a year so getting back into it a bit and just trying again....
This a little experimental/freestlye if you will..
hope you enjoy, thank you so much to all the ones coming back for more

Much love

thanks again RUC


Description : My friend is completely into hardstyle. So I kept trying to make something like it. And couldn't put together anything like it. Then I remembered Looperman. And found loop #209150 hardstyle-kick-150bpm-hardstyle-drum-loop, Thanks TunedOfficial... -- Thanks for the feedback. Bass is harder, but still could be even harder! Workin on it

Description : when i was a kid you could go down and buy acid drops at the dairy - sour boiled sweets....Bass a LM loop by megapaul which I used already in an ambient piece called Nothing's Gonna Happen. But that's a bit different to this...

Tags : | Lo-Fi | 13.88 MB

Description : lofi electro garage jazz
Loop from looperman-l-1319133-0258953-blowing-tiny-blip 60bpm aflat minor. A rework of last deleted track dropping acapella as didnt work,adding bass line and remixing guitars etc. Hopefully this works a litte more! Still a bit odd. MPC as Daw
Feedback Appreciated

Description : added vocals (by melsen on looperman) are more of a test/vip of the instrumental, not intended to be added in final run. eventually this track will likely get pitched to a VN game.

Description : Shout out to KMRS for sharing her talented works on the Loop. ENjoy

Description : Shout out to JBbeats for sharing his talented work on the Loop. ENjoy

Description : acapella junior paes

music loop by looperman

Description : Shout out to Prettyboybeats for sharing this acapella on the Loop. ENjoy

Tags : | Deep House | 4.28 MB | Acid Pro

Description : ...

Loop and Acapella - Afro medusa - Dreams
Piano - House Vibes 4UR
drums- cp808 - ch808 -
kick - Deep house ZG kit

Description : Shout out to Frank Yola for sharing this acapella on the Loop. ENjoy

Tags : | UK Drill | 1.94 MB | FL Studio

Description : Just a short beat :p
Used loops:
Downtown - Pop Smoke Sheff G Stormzy

Thanks @bladersbeats for this loop :)

Tags : | Pop | 8.89 MB | Logic Pro

Description : Gentle song with great vocals by Sergi Yaro.
Drum Loop by "TyWayne"

Description : Shout out to OG7even for sharing this acapella on the Loop. ENjoy

Description : Beer Can Vampire
"Ca Dingue ft. D Tacita & Virginia Slimm"
Additional guitars: Fouzi Hader

Looperman loops used, mangled and re-played:



Great lyrics from D Tacita ;)


Description : Now the cannabis gets the best of me at times when I think something is Hotta then Fish grease! So please respectful criticism is welcome. Also if anybody knows the name of these vocals from the Loop, created the beat around him. Gotta credit the talented youngsta. ENjoy

Description : Shout out to TyGets for sharing this acapella on the Loop. I'm feeling some Mojo lately lol. ENJoy

Description : Special thanks to Annemakestuff for sharing this acapella on the Loop. ENjoy

Description : This is an unfinished sample I made with full inspiration from Stupid poopy head's version of my lo-fi piano sample/loop. credit where credit is due!

Description : Shout out to Lypse for sharing this acapella on the Loop. This one here is part of my new way of creating. Still trying to get the hang of it so I created this little Stunna right here. ENjoy

Tracks 1 - 25 of 4539
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