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Description : listen on soundcloud @enolidak

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Description : I made this using lofi piano, leave your music in the comments for me to listen :)

I did this using BandLab.

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Description : Happy valentine's day
Whipped up this little Lo-fi diddy this morning.

Overthinking (as well as overstimulation) has become all to common in today's world. I made this with my journey through those struggles in mind.

I'd love to hear what you think

Description : I wanted to produce some LoFi sounding Music. I guess it turned out quite catchy. Feel free to use it on your VT videos or elsewhere but please give credit to Vintage Nights

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Description : Hi all. I decided to try myself in something new, namely I made LoFi, a bit crooked, but I did it myself. Happy listening everyone.

Description : Take a moment to reflect on the simple things.

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Description : A track I recently finished I thought I would share with you guys. I'd say this is more Lo-Fi?Hip-Hop than anything. Leave a comment on what you think.

Description : made with fl studio. my first lofi chill beat. all but vocals are mine. let me know what you think and how to make it better

Description : Experimental Lo-fi Hip-hop inspired by Earl Sweatshirt, Blockhead, Kenny Segal and Quelle Chris. Another one that I fixed up in the workstation and then running it through a turntable. The turntable mix is far more noticeable on this one and gives it a more Experimental improvisational feel.
Contains sample of 'The Wrong Button' by The Microphones

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Description : As Lo-fi as Lo-fi hip hop gets. Made through the workstation and then ran through a live sampler and turntable for semi-improvised feel. It's kind of a regular part of my process because I've gained a fair appreciation for turntablism lately. Sort of a underutilized instrument now-a-days. Keeps it interesting.

Sound inspired by Kenny Segal, Blockhead, Paul White, Aesop Rock, DJ Shadow, J-Dilla, Jonwayne and Alchemist

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Description : decided to make some lofi yesterday

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Description : Voice by JesseMurias
guitar by RamsusOskar
inspired yesterday produced today

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Description : It's pronounced cockney 'ello. Lo-fi psychedelic what's it. Hip-hop.

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Description : cold weather

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Description : inspired in star shopping and joji (i guess)
btw the loop is from the song "late night calls"

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Description : Open tuned steel string Taylor Guitar - multitracked, treated, with harmonica and spoken word samples

One more day, one more week, its so hard when youre alone, and growing old just shows the truth, of the life we knew, we live, we love, we fall, and your deeds on earth are no longer seen .. 10, 9, 8, 7, ... never mind, never mind


Description : Can anyone tell me how this track sounds I have asked my friends but they don't understand music they want louder beats which can destroy their speakers XD

My Instagram Id : @laali_tits

Description : Hello Lopper's Artist and Merry Christmas to all Loopers

Description : This is a poem by my daughter - she used it for an art project, but when I heard/saw it, I felt I really wanted to sing it.

So here it is - my Christmas Project, sort of.
Happy holidays everyone, whatever your background, culture, religion or lack thereof - make it a great time, and if your time isn't so great right now, then I hope your music helps you.

Description : If anyone use this sample in any of your track I would like to have a listen :), you can send me on my Instagram Id - lalitgehlot_69

Description : This is a track inspired by a challenge in reddit, in the "produceweekly" subreddit (the challenge was to create a piano track of less than 125 bpm).
It so happened I still had a snippet that wanted to become a track... and today this is what happened.

Description : Another track on the upcoming EP... several of you have already added my account on your Spotify or iTunes or Deezer or Sneezer or whatever they're called and thank you so much, keep doing that please!

Oh! And if you are on Spotify... spam your track to mne here and I add you to my playlist!

Description : This is a track I wrote a couple months ago, inspired by a poem on an open mic night. The lyrics are mine, but based on their story... and maybe a bit of my own history ;)

I'm not fully happy with it, but after working on it again for a full day I decided it's time to let it go. Well, unless you have a bright idea where to take it?

Description : Owen Who x Arufi - Time Alone

!Available on all platforms!

Tags: Lofi, Lofi beats, chillhop, study beats, Lofi Sleep, Sad, guitar

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Description : Loop by Paganini

Loop name The Sphere - Trap Rhodes And Strings - 140BPM

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