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Description : mix of blues & urban...

Tags : | Blues | 3.18 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : Just a bit of fun putting together this vocal bluesy thingy. I sure do luv to sing.

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Description : Down Tempo Blues

Description : Acoustic blues. Martin D10 and me singing. I want my life back.

Description : instrumental with drum, guitar and bass
It is very basic and could use an extra guitar and vocals please help me i am just a bass player

maybe someone can send a guitar line or vocal

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Description : A few of us CBG builders did a swap recently. I recieved The Gunslinger 3 string fretless. This is the music I was asked to record for the video showing off the swaps. Rythym and intro is The Gunslinger, lead is The Lone Rider both fretless 3 stringers played with a brass Mojobone slide.

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Description : blues, rock and roll and loops

Tags : | Blues | 4.33 MB | Pro Tools

Description : Blues y rock and roll

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Description : Here's a collaboration between me and BaoBou featuring Jason Little on the drums.

BaoBou - Guitar slight right, Bass, Elec. Piano, Organ
bringerofDOOM - Guitar slight left, Rhythm guitar, mix
Jason Little - Drums

We would do this all day if possible, any feedback appreciated, enjoy.

Description : BLUES

Tags : | Blues | 7.96 MB | Samplitude

Description : A little rock blues song.

Manu with Band

Description : Langsamer melodischer Blues
Vocal Jani Milfsson
Musik Manu Band

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Description : Took JoeFunktastic's colab request and improvised a bunch of lines in the style of BB King... sort of :)

Recently remixed, gave it a lofi feel, took a bunch of the harshness out, pretty much an overhaul. Let me know what you think, any feedback appreciated.

Description : Being in lockdown for a few months has become a roller coaster ride of emotions. Turns out its a perfect environment for a blues man. So yeah I figured it was time for a new Neo track. Here's hoping you will...Dig my Groove.

(Thanks to Big Bujoe for the spoken word)

Description : Made On Fl Studio, Hope You guys like it.

Description : Something on the Blues tip.

Description : passion the best of the best by contortion

Description : passion the best of the best

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Description : I've been recording/playing alot of downtempo clean tone stuff so thought it's about time for something a bit more upbeat. Played on my 3 string fretless Lone Rider homemade guitar with a wine bottle neck slide By J. Ross Guitars, Boneshaker 2 string cigar box bass, addictive drums. Love it or hate it, I'm having way too much fun and that's what counts :D

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Description : This was a 5 track recording of a blues tune I wrote a very long time ago. I play all guitars and used digital loops for all drum tracks and a couple of bass lines here & there

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Description : The vocals of Snowflake over some slow blues

Description : Melody 130 BPM

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Description : A few years ago I had a request for a cigar box guitar album. Alot has changed in my life since then and I've returned to working on it. Going through some recordings and selecting the ones I like. This is played freely on my Lone Rider 3 string fretless electric home made guitar. I recorded the train passing behind a bank I used to take care of, the beeping is me entering the building with a code and my keys jingling. I think it's a good into or outro piece.

Description : passion the best of the best

Description : breathing boi

Tracks 1 - 25 of 457
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