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Tags : | Trap | 3.72 MB | Featured | Logic Pro

Description : Referencing the recent 'quitting' of the UK prime minister. Nasty hurting suspense and trap/grime feel. Cross hip-hop genres 85 BPM. Emotionally lead instrumental for 3-4 different flow vocal rap melody. UK political rap to follow.

Description : I saw Vocal Chop Loops and Edit it into a track and made some cut to it, Im working in doing Future Bass so wait till my next upload, Anyways have fun listening. Im out

Tags : | Trance | 13.54 MB

Description : Fantastic vocal work. Definitely a fan of his acapellas.

Description : A hard hitting drum & bass hip hop like beat with elements of dubsteppery and vocal sample chops in the hook part of the song.

#Drum & Bass
#Hip Hop

Tags : | Trap | 7.33 MB | FL Studio

Description : With Freeverses for artists. My friend Ben did some of the vocal chops and arrangement with me. Sampled used looperman.com/acapellas/detail/12991/full-version-with-backing-vocals-cant-let-you-go-100bpm-dance-acapella

Tags : | EDM | 4.04 MB | Featured | FL Studio

Description : Still Trying to make 2010 EDM/Progressive. Beautiful vocal from Junior Paes(djoctx herre on looperman)

Description : Was feeling ill the last few days, but started to feel better today and thought, well hell, I'll make a tune to celebrate.

Indian chant vocal is from 2nick8.

Chill, bloomonkey

Description : Distorted, heavy on the vocals, lots of swearing. The words are based on a satirical poem I wrote a few years back. It's restructured to fit into the song & be more sinister in feel. I used Vocal finalizer, Scheps 73 compressor, Electric Sunburst, Massive & both synthmaster 1 & SM/KV331. Did my best to D-s the vocal. A new mic is definitely on my short list.

Description : i guess make sure you comment if you use it i want to hear it :} be safe out there ladies and gents

Description : A cover of a song written by Doug Sahm and and recorded by Uncle Tupelo. It's off the great alt country album Anodyne. This and my last song are both off this album. Drums, bass, acoustic guitar, harmonica and a couple vocal tracks. A song about a breakup. As there are limited options for real music in the gernre category, I put this under country. It's Alt-Country or Americana.

Tags : | Pop | 7.17 MB

Description : My Version using the great vocal by Patrica Edwards

Description : This is my best House Song, With Female vocal

Description : A wobble bass driven track and heavy vocal chops to comprise most of it. Kind of dubsteppish kind of hip hop, i still don't know. But its heavy. Was made all using FL Studio Mobile believe it or not

Tags : | Deep House | 4.36 MB | Mixcraft

Description : I like to dance.

Main Loop: Dubstep/Future Bass drop with growl by Tubulum

Additional Drum loops and vocal snippets by Looperman members

Didn't use a DAW, just used Audacity

Tags : | House | 11.65 MB

Description : Minimal house/techno 2019

Vocal credits to Steelyvibe

Tags : | Trance | 10.38 MB | Logic Pro

Description : Another attempt in my continuing efforts to learn how make a trance track. Is intended to have a vocal doing the melody. Would try to find a singer but need to work out lyrics first. For this track I tried to make the melody not too repetitive. I limited it to four bars max of the same melodic phrase.

Description : Description : New beat. Do you like it?

Contact with me for collab and etc.

Tags : | Chill Out | 4.56 MB | FL Studio

Description : Credit to Sergi Yaro for the acapella.

Was unsure of what category to place this in as there isn't a beat....just 2 piano variants and a guitar. Really liked the vocal regardless.

Tags : | Deep House | 4.45 MB | Mixcraft

Description : Didn't use a DAW for this. Just used Audacity to work out ideas and decided to post this version.
Loops used are by the great Joe Funktastic, various vocal chops I've collected from Looperman and another loop that I used for the middle that I need to search for the creators name. I'd always wanted to use it, and felt it fit here.

Description : I did This Progressive House Track a while ago, I didn't finish it, but now I'm hoping to do a vocal version

Description : vocal boi

Tags : | Ambient | 2.64 MB | Acid Pro

Description : A friend once said there are two faces to us kind of stuck in my mind after he said this it made me feel like expressing these feelings. Atmosphere with back beat and vocal voice repeated

Tags : | House | 6.31 MB | Garageband

Description : demo, no mastering

Tags : | EDM | 4.34 MB | FL Studio

Description : Tried experimenting with so many different acapellas but couldn't seem to find one that worked.

You're welcome to download and add your own vocal (would love to hear) or if you like the track just how it is.

Description : Grotesk uploaded this vocal in 2009, but it still seems relevant today. NSFW!

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