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Tags : | Electronic | 8.41 MB
Description : I bring you here a track new with the voice of Kamoflage.

I hope you like it (;

*Vocal: Kamoflage*
Tags : | Dubstep | 8.61 MB
Description : The second experiment with this vocal brings great changes in terms of both the rhythmic and melodic layers. The loops that I used are authored by - Flowcapn, Theofficialkatechism, Atlasblue.
Tags : | Weird | 16.37 MB
Description : hi!
here is a composition with an oriental flavor,the vocal comes from mathieu chevalier.
thank you for your attention ;)
Tags : | Rap | 5.82 MB
Description : hey people long time no heard no beat of mine ....come back with a new beat and some vocal sample ... tell me what you think #WeLoveMusic and happy new year to everyone
Description : Vocal: Minette
Tags : | Pop | 4.90 MB | Featured
Description : Practice instrumental and vocal recordings I made a couple days ago. Still tryin to make something different. What you think about it? Any interest?
Description : A lively upbeat track with crisp sounds and chopped up looperman vocal sample made with logic pro x instruments,plugins and sampled fx.
Description : We're like two wings,to rise ,what would then fall.We're like two wings,rush into the sky so that the blood-curdling.To the sun burning heaven, dying and being born again.(Vocal.Song.Melodic.Romantic.)
Tags : | Rock | 3.23 MB | Colab Request
Description : needs guitar and vocal
Description : instrumental

During a cold winter day in Norway, I dreamed about tropical beaches and palm trees. I was inspired and thought I should use the wonderfully guitar loops from HBSamples in a tropical / deep house song.
Here is the result!
hope u like it :)
if you use this track for anything, please cred us with (prod by Nezzey & HBSamples)

Comment, like & share !
!! If someone is interested in making vocal to the soundtrack, I'm super happy.

Tags : | Pop | 8.79 MB | Featured
Description : “TheLeach”, bass player with the German group, How to Loot Brazil, recently posted several acapellas here on Looperman. These are the actual vocals from tracks that the band has released.

The acapella for “Box Room” caught my fancy. You can find the pella here: https://www.looperman.com/acapellas/detail/11036/how-to-loot-brazil-box-room-full-acapella-by-theleach-148bpm-pop-acapella

I did listen to the band’s original version (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7r9zbgn8tU), which I liked a lot. For some reason, though, I found it really difficult to figure out the chord progressions used in the band’s version. I think that is because it has a very complex electronic arrangement that, for much of the song, is more about providing interesting counterpoint to the vocal melody than laying down a traditional instrumental bed. Not sure if that description makes sense, but if you watch their Youtube video, I think you will understand what I mean.

I started trying to work out the chords using a piano patch, and that seemed to set the tone and style for my remix. I use Logic Pro and it was telling me that I was playing all kinds of crazy chords (11ths, and 13ths, and diminished). Had no idea what I was doing, frankly. Just searching for chord sequences that sounded right. Spent a bit of time chopping up the vocal and time-aligning it. Added a bit of processing. Dropped one whole section of the vocal because I just couldn’t find a way to make it fit with the style and feel of the remix. (It worked fine in the original and also in other remixes that have been done by Looperman members.)

So, this remix is very different from the band’s original version. And, I hope that TheLeach, who wrote the song, won’t be too upset with where I took it. He wrote it on an acoustic guitar, apparently, so it clearly evolved quite a bit to get to their recorded version. Anyway, doing something different is what remixes are all about. Right?
Tags : | Electronic | 5.46 MB
Description : This song I made as a theme for valentine's day mix. I also made it for anyone who spports me on my journey. Downtemp ;) Enjoy!

Also I used this loop, created by a superb Looperman member YOgeshST! ^.^
Description : Vocal Sample From Kamoflage with a beat Produced By 4TwinNee
Tags : | Trap | 2.36 MB | Adult Content
Description : Beat/Melody From Looperman Scratch
Not Remeber Producer Names Sorry... :(
Special Thanks Vocal Art: Micah Byrnes
Track Name: Sain
Mix & Master: (Xhmeio 22)GR
I search for more project contact with me or comment ty
Tags : | Trap | 5.16 MB
Description : loop used "vocal special 12" by MINOR2GO

would love to hear what you think, and hear if you make something with it :D
Description : An acoustic mix for the amazing vocal Footprints by the outstanding singer Katrina Barr
Tags : | Pop | 5.18 MB
Description : Based on one of my real played drum loop and excellent vocal loop from Patricia Edwards.Also with loops from Megapaul, ZacWilkins, FerryTerry, Rhodesy. Bass guitar by Alex Richard and some guitars by Laurent Schwaar.
Tags : | Chill Out | 3.99 MB | Featured
Description : The vocal is from Steelyvibe and the synth parts are sylenth and spire . The lyrics remind me of the movie "They Live" when the sunglasses show the guy the truth
Tags : | House | 3.94 MB
Description : Various artists . Old acapella vocal plus new concept in my house track.
Tags : | House | 6.79 MB
Description : This recording was made spontaneously after hearing this Pallaso vocal. I did not even know that I had something so nice at home. I made a dance house for this. And that's all. Various artists.
Tags : | Rock | 11.53 MB | Featured
Description : Vst drums, synths and live guitar and vocal.
Description : I did a Remix to xxxtentacion's song Everbody Dies in Their Nightmares
Made the track just for fun
This Song blew up on my soundcloud.
I uploaded a video to youtube too, but needed to pitch the vocal down (copyright)
Description : Down tempo jazzy story. Vocal available in the Acappella section
Description : *** UPDATED 01-19 ***
Here is the instrumental version for you to download.
Lay some vocals on there for me, let's make something cool together! I can't wait to see what you can come up with.
Share with me what you end up with.

Have fun!

You can find some "vocal" versions here:
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