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Description : Hey guys, looking for some artists to put some vocals on some beats.

You can find all of my beats here: soundcloud.com/jessejames106

This beat is at 100BPM

If you want a version without the vocal chops you can find my contact info on my profile.

Tags : | Chill Out | 7.14 MB | Featured

Description : Track no.3 off the EP!

This one is one I've very happy with and the first track that I started the EP with, I've been working on improving vocal melodies and lyrics this year and I think it's starting to show.

If you like it there's a free download on my Bandcamp!

Tags : | EDM | 3.73 MB

Description : Hey guys,I've been producing for 3 months now and i made this song for learning purposes only(so the vocal from the track is from an interview i got from Armin van Buuren). I would love if you guys could comment what do you think about the track and some constructive criticism.

Description : Mentioning the fact that this track includes a Michael Jackson vocal that has been sampled and has a fat gabber bass mixed over it!

Tags : | Trap | 7.15 MB | Colab Request

Description : No lyrics, just a couple of lovely vocal chops.

Tags : | Punk | 7.41 MB

Description : Music Punk comme le chanteur voulait entendre c'est la 1ere fois que je fais du Punk en espérant que la chanson lui plaise

Tags : | Pop | 10.38 MB | Featured

Description : Samples of guitars,some vocal, sound of the ocean and seagulls...

Tags : | RnB | 3.35 MB | Colab Request

Description : This a track i put together in about 35 min, laid a freestyle vocal over and it feels promising, im looking for someone to lay vocals and give me a lil help with this one, enjoy looperman.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 5.78 MB

Description : A reverent instro blessed with the vocals of Looperman's own Minor2Go... Good look on the vocal stylings...

Description : First song on here enjoy!

Vocal samples taken from god of war.

Serum is my best friend i suppose!

Description : Here is the song which I produced the beat and used a dope person's Vocal which I refer to right down below with link.
I can do this with your vocal too
just send right to my email and I deliver a song to you
of course your vocal must have a good quality I mean it better has
Tempo : 145 bpm Flstudio 20
Shared by k19

thank you for good rapping

Tags : | Indie | 8.36 MB | Has Lyrics | Featured

Description : Remix
Vocal by: Sad Boy Hour

Tags : | House | 5.74 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : you can download vocal looperman.com/acapellas/detail/12453/dance-130bpm-house-acapella YT youtu.be/qSA372HCRPA

Tags : | Dance | 6.90 MB | Featured

Description : Borrowed a track from Alien, check out this 90-esque style of my vocal techniques

Description : Vocal /mc norad
Prod /durban poison beatmaker

Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.49 MB

Description : A LyricLaden rendition created with a vocal sample from Looperman's own AngelSounds... Thank u 4 lending your gifts to the world via this platform...

Tags : | Trap | 7.46 MB | Colab Request

Description : Just made for fun, in 1 hour, hope you'll find it cool, if you have some advices or ideas, comment.
I used:
ferdelar's vocal trap loop
update 20.oct218:
Adding some better effects and loops

Description : Vocal:
Live Hard Die Fast by steelyvibe

Description : minuse one of 3eesh besho2ak tamed hosny by hussein 01224919053
karaoke of egypt

Tags : | Trap | 3.68 MB

Description : Enjoy this freshly cooked powerful beat!
I wanna do something crazy now.

If you donate your vocal for this beat, I will add it and re-upload the music (320 kbps quality and untagged) for all to download for FREE! I'll credit you.

One or more rappers for the 3 verses and one singer for the chorus.

If you're interested, PM me the link to your vocal. Leave your vocal unfiltered/raw. I will choose the best.

Let's kill this beat!
Note: No violent rap, please.

Tags : | Chill Out | 12.03 MB

Description : Electric and classic guitars, choirs, some vocal..

Tags : | Pop | 5.77 MB | Colab Request

Description : Latest production still need a singer to lay down down some vocals, feedback appreciated.. feel free to download and record a vocal over it i only ask to hear it..

Description : I rapped the first 40 seconds of this And I need help finishing, I can do the vocal edits if you send your part over or you can edit them yourself

Description : First draft on the track, I'm really enjoying this track and I want to make it a vocal track so I need a vocalist, I'll try and finish it as soon as I have a vocalist for it.

Tags : | RnB | 7.82 MB

Description : hello guys
I am not sure about precies genre of the track but something between r&b and rap i think
the beat made by the fl Studio and Mj
intro vocal by

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