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13th Jun 2024 03:18 -  5 hours ago
Description : Rekqo sample vocals. ENjoy
13th Jun 2024 02:59 -  5 hours ago
Description : Beyonce - beautiful lair
Nonchalant-5 o clock
Eminem- -nail in dis coffin
13th Jun 2024 01:54 -  6 hours ago
Description : I wrote and produced this viral Ai song that got over 2M streams and started an "ai trend" during the Kendrick Drake beef. A lot of people even thought "Push Ups" was Ai- largely due to this song dropping while fans waited for Drakes official response. Another Tik Toker made an Ai Kendrick Lamar in direct response to this track called "Owl Hunting" which also went viral during the Kdot Drake rap beef and was featured on Dj Akademics, No jumper HipHopDX ect.
13th Jun 2024 01:41 -  7 hours ago
Description : Americana : Bluesy
13th Jun 2024 00:50 -  7 hours ago
Description : RUMBLE
12th Jun 2024 23:53 -  8 hours ago
Description : Keep it locked in!!!!
12th Jun 2024 22:06 -  10 hours ago
Description : for interrest in getting the beat contact tash4876 on discord
12th Jun 2024 21:34 -  11 hours ago
Description : I'm not perfect in all genres (which is a good thing) but I made something.

Yes, long intro, transition maybe too long.

Don't forget, I'm doing this for fun

Cheers Franky
12th Jun 2024 20:35 -  12 hours ago
Description : Description : This beat is free to use Please give creadits
Prod. by- Psych Beatzz
For any queries

Instagram - / deadkid_2001

Artist - PSYCH For Any Queries message me on
: deadkid_2001

( If You're Using Give Credit in The Discription )

SoundCloud :- kiranuttekarb45
12th Jun 2024 20:22 -  12 hours ago
Description : old project from my hard drive made with sounds from this site.
12th Jun 2024 19:48 -  13 hours ago
Description : 142bpm Hard Drum and 808 Loop
12th Jun 2024 16:46 -  16 hours ago
Description : It's actually flew but it needs to be 5 characters.
Oh yeah and the genre is bs but hey I needed to pick one
12th Jun 2024 15:16 -  17 hours ago
Description : Lofi Boombap beat, improvised on keys in FL Studio
12th Jun 2024 14:41 -  18 hours ago
Description : vocal by SPEOH
12th Jun 2024 13:55 -  18 hours ago
Description : Hip Hop Song About Behave I Trow To God To Help Poor Familys,To Reptilians To Exchange Technolagy Between Celestial And Terrestrial Dimensions,To Greys To Make Hibrids,To Vatican And Tibete To Heal Diseases In The Universes
12th Jun 2024 09:49 -  23 hours ago
Description : Track was created based on a true feeling I had after I made plans with my ex and she left me without a reason, the last words she told me was "I see you like a stranger now" then I let her go and then decided to make this song for closure in tribute to the dead relationship with finalized plans that weren't successful
12th Jun 2024 08:01 -  1 day ago
Description : Enjoy
12th Jun 2024 02:56 -  1 day ago
Description : never finished this beat just putting it here not going to work on it anymore.
This beat was supposed to be on cybernova but never got to it.
hope you like it
12th Jun 2024 02:46 -  1 day ago
Tags :
Description : Tinashe - Nasty
Alicia keys - girlfriend
Paramore- big man little dignity
Elizabeth lail- instagram story song

All on piano by rickeylynn
12th Jun 2024 02:31 -  1 day ago
Description : "My Mind" synth rnb loop with vocals the vocals say "Always on my mind baby" made with love :).
12th Jun 2024 02:27 -  1 day ago
Description : the first song i recorded after being on a break.
12th Jun 2024 02:00 -  1 day ago
Description : This is based of a melody from - Sergio - Without U
12th Jun 2024 01:27 -  1 day ago
Description : lofi space
12th Jun 2024 00:55 -  1 day ago
Description : **Always credit (prod. Morgan Bee)
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Billie Eilish type beat, Bella Poarch type beat, Audrey Nuna type beat, dark type beat, Halloween, spooky beat, scary beat, freestyle type beat, dark freestyle, bells
11th Jun 2024 23:35 -  1 day ago
Description : Prod. by 1983
Tracks 1 - 25 of 5,000