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Description : sintetizadores

Description : chiptune + hiphop drums. might upload a drum-less version later?

Technically my second track I've uploaded to this site, but the first one was purposefully terrible. I deleted it because I didn't want it taking up my track space, lol. Enjoy

Description : Author: krotan AKA Rozantsev
Music by: krotan
Development tool: Impulse Tracker 2.14p5
This is my very old track...

Description : I made a wheel of different music genres including games and chiptune etc. Spun it and level game came. Wasnt too hard to make since it pretty much contains a synth bass and and arp + Fx. This sounds like an old game like Bricks Breaker which is a very addicting game to me fsr.

Description : This is my first attempt at this kind of track. Enjoy


Description : SORRY ABOUT THE INTRO. lol I was practicing risers and just thought that intensity to release was nice. That's def something I could work on is risers.

Hope you like this Chiptune piece. Made with Magical 8 bit Plugin mostly. Highly recommended to anyone looking to compose Chiptune in FL or a DAW.

Description : thanks to bosemose for providing a vocal loop, yeah i thought this sounded pretty cool! nice little 8bit song that gets intense and intense, and then ends chill

Description : space musak

Description : my friend tried making a beat like me for my birthday :3 its very accurate


Description :

Description : Made with loops form LooperMan

Description : song for the first round of the audio tag team competition on Newgrounds. Some chiptune with a tense theme in d minor

Description : beepboop

Description : Late Night Freestyle beat

Description : uploaded in a minor 808 instrumental free to use let me know if you ve used send me link pretty please .

Description : happy 8 bit track

Description : MKR - Midnight Blue

Description : Hello!
I am always looking for collaborations.

Description : 140bpm Chiptune Track

Tags : | 8Bit Chiptune | 1.17 MB

Description : Author: krotan AKA Rozantsev
Music by: krotan
Development tool: Impulse Tracker 2.14p5

Description : soundcloud- bloobeatz

Tags : | 8Bit Chiptune | 1.97 MB

Description : If you want to download the song, credit me and send the link on the comment section :)

You have no right to use it without my authorization. This track is FREE for non-commercial use.

Description : Hey guys I'm back with another song. i hope you enjoy:)

Description : since i cant post the sample link go to my soundcloud from my profile

Tracks 1 - 25 of 113