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Description : chilled liquid vibes

Big thanks to Junior Paes for great vocals

Description : just a quick demo track

Description : chilled smooth liquid vibes

Description : Dark, progressive and most of the synths used throughout come back at the end which made it feel a bit hectic to me and i'm not too sure if works well, or, even a good idea to have a listener feel that way.

Description : Vocal by bigkk767
drum and bass by BigB24
Synth and piano by TuesdayNight

Description : New material.

Description : KICKIN' IT DnB STYLE...

Description : Relatively low BPM, synth heavy.
First track I made that experimented with human vocals.
Don't remember what plugins were used.

Description : Very short mini techy roller.

Description : Just some loops around looperman

Description : A dark haunting heavy drum and bass track.

#drum & bass
#trip hop

Description : ---------

Description : Just playing with some bass and drums and this comes out

Description : This is a DRUM and BASS preview of something i am working on i like to run on the darkside of dnb

If you like my track then please feel free to leave a review anyway one love and all

Description : remix on Palasso acapella

Description : D&B track for long journeys

Description : Just some beaz

Description : Came up witha fun idea to make a synth sound like sweep from sooty and sweep and went with a dnb vibe, hope you guys find it fun!!!

Description : Chilled Liquid Drum&Bass

Description : On my little holiday when i can't sleep i was sitting outside in the cold nights with my coffee and cigarette's and my fl studio and make this 1

Description : Looperman loops samples:

"Another Pad" by GhostGangBeatz
"Night" by davidmarkus00

Description : My size

Description : NASA (Neonow Remix) by AAP Featuring Lonestar AP

Description : Drum n Bass with vocal from Patricia Edwards

Description : .........

Tracks 1 - 25 of 3877
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