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Description : Hot off the rack.

Description : They told me it's a ut99 track.

Description : This is a track I have written to go with vocals I found on looper man by Natjameswor

This is pretty Different than most other remixes I have hear of the vocals. this is in a drum&bass style. written using Cubase and the ASM Hydra synth.

drums comming from the Roland SH-32


Description : Drum and Bass Track

Thanks for listening :)

Description : PLAN COVER

Description : This just came out recently, as a a/b side to AM Radio.

This was actually my first drum and bass song fully produced in FL. The potential I saw in it varied until I liked it again and finished it.

AM Radio and headlights will be up on bandcamp soon. Truthfully I'm having some issues with bandcamp.

Description : I hope you like it, write in the comments

Description : Drum N Bass Track

Thanks for listening :)

Description : after 6 years, im back

Description : This is a new track I am working on. It is just a skeleton at the moment the last part which is the build will go into a rolling snare drop but I have not worked out how I want it to drop so I left it at half a drum roll then end.

Drum and Bass neuro vibe tune play out loud and update coming soon

Description : I hope you liked the track.
Send the result in the comments if you will use it in your projects. It will be interesting to see :)

For any questions, suggestions or collabs, write to me by mail (it is indicated on profile page).

Description : An agressive dnb track. free to use as long as you
credit me

Description : Jungle into DNB tune hits hard very synthy in nature

Description : Hard & Heavy Drum & Bass

Description : Heavy dnb tune with a good buildup very energetic and heavy hitting

Play out loud and on good speakers too or good headphones

Description : An upload of a old track of mine from soundcloud

The sound is minimal has a neuro type vibe as always

Play out loud

Description : A little Drum and Bass

Description : Positive Vibrations

Description : My version of the track.

Description : rough draft hope you are all bless

Description : Good challenge for me.
playing with 128 and 174 BPM

Description : Oxus & Jaxartes - Spectru

Description : A new DnB track written on the MPC Live using the Novation Peak as a sound source.


Description : damals

Description : Drum N Bass Track

Thanks for listening :)

Tracks 1 - 25 of 3995
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