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Tags : | Drum And Bass | 4.19 MB

Description : Just a little something I've been working on. Still pretty rough right now and I'm only just gettin started on it but maybe soon I'll have it done.

If you'd like like to use the chords for yourself I've posted them on my loops page. Feel free to take a shot and send me your stuff.

Description : Deep chilled liquid vibes ,soulful male vocals deep sub basslines flowing atmospheric and smooth liquid drum&bass cool pianos and soothing soundscapes throughout enjoy.

Description : half step bass -half timed drum and bass- with kinda neurostep twist style

Description : bit of a mashup hiphop/dnb track

Description : Real deep lovers liquid flowing smooth and atmospheric beautiful soulful female vocals thanks Beth.Chilled beats and rolling subs enjoy.

Description : Saidi Loop made in FL Studio

Description : This acapella isnt mine, but i cant find who posted it on looperman when i first downloaded it. Please if you know let me know XD.

Also this isnt completly finishied but im putting this out here because im lazy.

Description : liquid drum and bass,
the single release off my dnb ep coming soon

Description : chill vibes work in progress will update it soon

Description : atmospheric, melodic, liquid w/
vocals by 'Lily Und Wolf'

Description : Intelligent Drum and Bass. Produced and Engineered by AK47OG. Thx and respect to :

Description : A bassy upbeat type of song with a darker hook break.Its an up beat verse just instrumental. A hook with a dark sound being that the love juice is good for a while but soon turns dark

#Drum n Bass
#Voice Sample
#Hip Hop

Description : This is a little preview of something I am working on. It is a dark drum and bass tune levels still need tweeking but it is a good track

Description : Liquid Drum and Bass Produced by Engineered by AK47OG. Re-upload as last upload was bugged.

Description : a blend of reggae sound with drum and bass and k19 on the vocals ..

Description : Mrable2learn - Ride (Director's Cut) (Explicit) ft. Loopermann, Flipsey

Description : Reece.

Description : Rough edit needs a bit more flare and a little more variation but can get what im going for im hoping to get someone off here to vocal this track if you like the sound of it and think you can do something over this let me know open to ideas

Description : devilman over my lost in time instrumental what do you all think will be able to download soon i know the devilman song is old but had to do it

Description : work in progress let me know what you think so far has it got potential or scrap it ?

Description : vocals used from billy eilish's live cover of You Don't Get Me High Anymore.

Description : A Drum & Bass track made in LMMS with use of Camel Phat 3's excellent filters.

Description : Old school D&b 174BPMs this is my 2nd d&b production the genre is quite a bit different TR8 had to be tuned different it's just a whole different ball game

Description : Drum n Bass track made entirely in LMMS with stock plugins. With respect to the original influence, Unfa - SharpBlur

Description : FunMaking :)

Tracks 1 - 25 of 3783
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